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About a girlfriend and manners.

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Desert with my bro.

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Most of the dinner past without anything special happening, Charlie turned out to be quite Charlie-ish but in a good way.
He wasn't really that cool or interesting, he was just normal...Average.
I wasn't surprised, that's what my mother liked, normal things, regular life, quiet and average.
Billy and I didn't talk after we got back from the bathroom but the edge was gone, the air wasn't full of nervous electricity anymore.
I caught horny Spenser staring at my chest several more times but each time I caught him he went awkward and blushing.

Our parents were busy picking out deserts when I whispered to Billy, "I thought your parents were in Sweden".
"They are", he scanned the desert menu, "My mom and step dad".
I nodded and looked at my menu, hoping I won't order something alive.
But then again, it was a desert, they don't move, not even in France.
I looked up to see Linda passing our table. She spotted Billy and came over, "Hey Billy".
I coughed, her fake smile disappeared, "Good evening Skyler".
I didn't like her at all.
I liked her until I met her, Mikey described her as the most wonderful human being on planet earth but then I got the pleasure of meeting her.
She was so fake! Paris Hilton was mother Teresa compared to her.
Everything about her was fake
Her long silky blond hair-Dyed extensions.
Her chest- Silicon
Her Cristal clear blue eyes- Contacts.
Her smile- Her eyes never smiled, they remained as cold even when she laughed her head off at something Mikey said. Or Gerard. Or Ray. Or Bob.
Her kindness-It was so nice of her to bring me a can of coke from the machine (Which she dropped and I would leave it to your imagination what happened when I opened it).
Her sweetness-she was so sweet to let me borrow her jeans after clumsy me spilled that coke all over myself but oopsy she forgot to mention the huge hole in them on the back.
She was so adorable to let the guys use her house for practise!
Even her teeth were fake, OK maybe her teeth weren't fake but I highly doubted the blood that runs through her veins was really blood and not some colored shit.
The annoying part of it was that I was the only one to see it.
Everyone were sooo fond of Linda it was disgusting! Even Ali liked her (They went shopping together) and who did she date? Mikey! The sweetest soul on planet earth! Just my luck!. I mean, his luck!
"Hey Linda", Billy shifted uncomfortably in his chair.
"Hello Billy's dad", she giggled her annoying giggle.
I wondered if it really embarrass my mother if I killed Linda in front of her Charlie.
"Hey dear, how's it going?", he smiled at her.
"I'm great sir, how are you?", she had the most annoying voice I've ever heard.
"Groovy", he winked at her and she giggled again.
"Well I've got to go. Nice meeting you all", she waved and turned to leave.
I wished she would fall on her ass but she didn't, she walked out of there gracefully, shaking her fake hips.

"You know Linda?", I whispered at Billy.
"I wish to forget", he shook his head.
I frowned.
"She's my ex-girlfriend. A complete gold digger. She charmed the shit out of me, made me spend money on her and then broke my heart when she decided she could get something better somewhere else", he looked sad.
I gasped, Mikey! she would hurt Mikey!.
"I completly fell head over heels with her but it turns out she dated me only cause she dates the rich and the famous. Glamorous whore we call them nowadays", he went back to scan his menu, "I even thought about marrying her when she left me. She told me she was stressed out and needed a break so I sent her to Paris to unwind a bit on my account. I decided to surprise her there and pop the question but when I got there I found she went there to unwind with her other boyfriend. The insane part was that I was willing to forgive and forget but she dumped me saying she couldn't be with somewhere who can't trust her and that I was spying on her in Paris. I ended up in rehab because of her.".
I felt sorry for him but my mind was racing, how would I tell Mikey?.
He's not going to believe me, he told me just the other night he never felt like this about a girl.
"Maybe she's changed?", I gulped.
Billy chuckled, "Don't think so".
"She's dating Mikey. He's not rich or famous", I tried to choke the panic by shoving piece of Spencer's cake in my mouth and looking casual.
My mother kicked me under the table for talking with my mouth open.
Spencer gave me a look, something like oh-sure-you-won't-let-me-look-but-steal-my-cake-biatch.
"That's weird. But he's in a band right? Maybe she sees some possibilities there?", Billy tasted horny Spenser's cake as well.
He gave us both a look, "Lay off my cake, will you?".
"You mean the other guys?", I asked, swallowing the cake down.
"I don't know. Maybe she thinks they worth something and tries to be the supporting girlfriend that's been there when they were nothing", Billy shrugged.
I wanted to bang my head on the table with frustration but in some cultures that is considered a rude behaviour.
"One thing I know for sure, she's nothing but troubles and heartache", Billy drank his wine.
I sighed, how do I break the news that the girl Mikey's in love with is the lying bitch I knew she was.
He wouldn't believe me at best, at worse he would marry her just to show me I was wrong.
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