Review for Brother Z

Brother Z

(#) BJH 2007-06-24

That guy Snape just never learns, does he? I assume whatever plan he is hatching will be a bit of a surprise to the neo-trio plus one but will ultimately fail. I also assume Dian will transfer to Hogwarts? Perhaps she will be the one to toss the spanner in Snivellus's works?

I have to admit however that I am still a tad confused with the interactions of Harry and Zed during the time between the death of Voldemort and Harry's going back in time. It seems that somehow knowledge just sprung into Harry's head from the ether rather than being taught by Zed to Harry with the caviat that he learn it later in his travels so that he sees the original source. The release of the Power I can understand but not the details, such as how to destroy the dementors.