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More Surprises

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The Final Battle is over. Harry has left Britain, leaving a devastated magical community, a lost Hermione, and a blinded Luna. Hermione becomes Professor McGonagall's apprentice while she cares f...

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Chapter IX

The trio did not make it back down stairs until slightly after noon. All three were very satisfied, but by that point, they were also very hungry.

Dobby and Winky had cooked the trio a truly Dickensonian feast, which would have easily fed a family of Cratchets, or even Weasleys for that matter. There was a large goose and a small turkey with gravy; mashed potatoes, dressing, Yorkshire pudding, and nine different types of breads and rolls; nine types of vegetables; three different wines . . . and it looked like if any of the trio had still felt peckish, Dobby and Winky had more ready.

The trio made certain they sampled nearly every dish (Harry wouldn't try the beets).

When they finally pushed away from the table, they insisted they would sample the nine desserts, and the cheese plate, nuts, and port, later that afternoon. At that point, they went to finally open their gifts, such as they were.

Dobby had given all three handmade socks, of course, and Harry, knowing Dobby would be present had given him silk socks so colorful they would have given Dumbledore momentary pause. Winky got a nice silk pillow case.

Hermione still felt a bit guilty that she and Luna hadn't gotten Harry anything. The fact that there was a present for each them (both obviously books) from Harry made her feel worse. Luna, of course, would have liked to have prepared a present, but Harry understood why it was not possible, as she had not been certain of his identity.

It was therefore Luna who opened her present first. She was pleased to see it was an old, hand-copied codex, describing Tibetan magical plants and animals.

Hermione approached her book in a bit of trepidation. She frowned as she opened it, trying to figure out what it was. "What language is this?" she asked. "It looks familiar, but I can't quite place it." She frowned.

"The start is in a late ninth-century northern variant of the Northumbrian dialect of Anglo-Saxon," Harry replied. "Other parts are in medieval Welsh and Old Norse, but probably half is in medieval Latin."

That ended her confusion. "Well, I can read the Norse and of course the Latin," Hermione said. "What is it?"

Harry shrugged, as if it was merely a curiosity. "Notes on the founding of Hogwarts by the Four Founders," Harry answered. "Not in their own hand, but transcribed by the third Head."

Hermione looked at the thick codex in her hand, then up at Harry. She repeated the gesture twice, carefully laid the book down, and yelled something which sounded rather like "SQUUUUUEEEEEEEE!" and launched herself into Harry's arms to hug him.

Severus Snape sat in his rooms, determined to avoid the holiday celebrations. He looked at the bottle of cheap Muggle gin. At the end of the next term, in just about six months, he would be gone from this place. No more annoying children, no more melted cauldrons, no more reminders of Potters, no more Headmasters or their portraits who kept asking him about his feelings.

Snape up-ended the bottle and drank down a fifth of it.

He wondered what he should do for a send-off.

He wanted to leave something behind which would show the people like Granger and Zed what he felt for them.

Late that evening, Hermione, Harry, and Luna sat on a large, soft sofa they had pushed near to the fireplace in the sitting room of Harry's suite of rooms. As a thought crossed Hermione's mind, Harry smiled and Luna snickered.

"What?" Hermione demanded.

"I think we both recognized that look. You have questions," Luna pointed out.

"I didn't think you'd settle for just ten," Harry agreed.

"Very droll," Hermione said with dignity.

"Go ahead," Harry said.

"I knew you had developed an affinity for wandless magic," Hermione said. "It didn't seem anywhere near what you can do now. Were you keeping how good you were secret, or did it develop over the years?"

After setting his glass of port down, Harry answered, "Oh, it developed over the years. You probably had a good estimate of my power and abilities up until the kidnaping. When I heard what happened, though, something inside me snapped. I know you think I went in as a berserker, but I didn't. I grant you, considering the carnage I left behind, I understand why you would think that." He made a slight face.

"No, for the first few seconds, I was a berserker, and that allowed me to leave Headquarters, blasting through the wards on the house. But where would I find Luna and Ginny? Frustrated, I apparated to the mountains north of Hogwarts, and sent all my fury into the side of a mountain." Harry's mouth twisted. "There's a cliff there now. I knew anger wouldn't solve anything, and I collapsed inside of myself, looking for any clue I could think of, hoping I could find that thread that Riddle, the one that linked the scar to him, the one he was sending visions through. The visions were still coming through, but I couldn't grab a hold of it. Voldemort was exerting too much control."

Harry looked into some inner distance. "So, I didn't find it. I found instead three threads, one linked to you, Luna through the feelings I had for you. I found another linked to you, Hermione, because of how close we were. I also had one linked to Ginny, from the life debt she owed me from the Chamber of Secrets. The two to you, Luna, and Ginny were inflamed from the tortures you were both undergoing. And I felt your despair, Hermione." Hermione struggled to hold back her tears.

"And then I felt something else from you. It wasn't the fury I had felt. It was righteousness, the ire of just. I took that feeling inside me, and it was as if the dam that was still holding my magic back a bit had been swept away, and the river of my magic was flowing in a torrent." The two women looked at Harry, slightly awed.

"I rode that torrent, and it took me to Luna -- Ginny was killed just as the dam broke. I unleashed my power on the Death Eaters and Voldemort. But the torrent died down to a rushing river, and I was physically exhausted. That's when Zed showed up."

Harry's eyes moved to the fire. "He told me everything I needed to do before he sent me back, what I would have to do to get there, and what I would have to do back in time. Those few weeks, between the end of the so-called last battle and being sent back, were the hardest of my life."

Harry shrugged. "Still, I blasted through the Ministry, threatened the Governors of Hogwarts, and made certain that most of the surviving Death Eaters were convicted. Zed told me that Snape would get off, and how to deal with that. Knowing that Zed was taking care of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and such made things easier."

Harry suddenly smiled. "That doesn't answer your question about wandless magic though, does it?" He almost smiled.

"No," Hermione admitted.

"We still wanted to hear it, though," Luna agreed.

"During the attempted rescue, I just started using it, mostly casting shields and minor hexes. At the August Offering, I was even more adept. I was casting so much power through my wand that I burned out the core." That made both women gasp in astonishment. "I have never found a wand that could sustain real concentrated power. I use a stick to teach, and also because that is a good way to direct my mind with precision. I do have a staff I can use when necessary. That has nine cores working together, and can easily carry the load." Harry again gave his brief smile. "Fawkes actually appeared and donated a feather when I was making it."

At that moment, Fawkes flashed onto the mantle, and sang a few notes. "Yes, you silly bird, we were talking about you," Harry teased.

"Harry. . . ." an awe-struck Hermione started. Fawkes hadn't been seen since Dumbledore's funeral.

"No, I am not Fawkes' companion," Harry answered. "I suspect, however, he might be interested in Luna." Fawkes sang a happy little song, looking at Luna.

Luna looked back, and then nodded. "Yes, I would be honored."

Fawkes sang some more, and Luna said, "I . . . I can understand him! He said that now that I have healed my soul, I am worthy, if I will have him."

Harry nodded. "My understanding is, Fawkes came to Dumbledore in the 1920s. He prefers scholars of great heart. That Dumbledore later became a warrior and manipulator distressed him, but he loved the Headmaster anyway." Fawkes cooed an agreement.

"Well, my love, you are a brilliant, if unconventional scholar," Hermione teased lightly. "And you have the greatest capacity for giving love of anyone I've ever known."

Fawkes again made sounds of agreement, but then sang for over a minute. At the end, Luna nodded and said, "Yes, I understand and agree." She turned to Harry and Hermione. "I will sleep apart from you, just for tonight. Fawkes will watch over me and sing, which will bond us together. I suggest you two bond yourselves again."

Luna disentangled herself from her partners and stood. Fawkes glided onto her shoulder. "Fawkes said that he would help me carry our mutual child, for his magic can be life-sustaining. I leave it to the two of you to make arrangements for anytime after I take my N.E.W.T.s." With Fawkes on her shoulder, she couldn't bend to kiss her lovers goodnight, but she held out her hands. Harry and Hermione took one each and gently kissed them.

Fawkes trilled happily, and a smiling Luna went off to bed.

Hermione directed a mock glare at Harry. "Any more surprises, Mister Potter?"

Harry was unaffected. "Considering all the years we spent apart, at least from my perspective, I would imagine so." Now Hermione frowned for real. "Is that going to bother you? That instead of the oldest and most informed in a relationship, you. . . ." He broke off, unsure how to finish.

"I can't be the know-it-all, with either you or Luna." She sighed and pouted. "I acted like that with Luna after Har . . . after you left and she was blinded, didn't I?" She grimaced att he realization.

"If I need to save people, you need to know as much as you can," Harry said simply. "We won't love you more or less as you study. You will always understand theory better than I do, and know more than Luna does in most areas." He smiled. "What do I tell all the students?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "'Feel the magic within you'?"

Harry nodded, and added, "'Magic can be logic, as in Arithmancy or Potions. Magic can be music in your soul. Those who are in touch with both will be the true mages. Those who obsess only about the music or the logic will become lost. Those who try to force magic to do their bidding will lose their soul. True understanding of magic does not come through blood, it does not come through mere study. It comes through practice and study, and then you must feel the music of magic inside you'."

He looked at Hermione. "You are the logic in magic. Luna is the music in magic. You two were my inspiration. I love you."

Hermione smiled. "Luna was right. Let's go bond."

Harry looked concerned and asked, "Do we need a safe word?"

Hermione smirked and lightly smacked Harry's arm. "Git."

The next morning, Harry took his two lovers aside and reapplied their oaths, meaning he would be adding new information to be covered by it. Needless to say, this made the two young women very curious.

"Eventually, we'll talk about most if not all the different things that happened to me between August 1981 and this past August," Harry said. "Well, those things not covered by the oaths I took then, anyway. Although I haven't formally asked, I do wish to marry the two of you. . . ."

Hermione and Luna threw themselves into Harry arms, yelling, "Yes! Yes!"

When he was released, Harry said, "I'll formally propose when we're done here, then." He smiled his slight smile and reminded them, "I doubt you want the actual proposal covered by a secrecy oath."

The two had to agree that that would not be good. Harry sat them on a sofa and conjured a straight chair for himself, so he could sit in front of them.

"Those two chairs you conjured back in September still haven't faded," Hermione complained.

"True," Harry agreed. "Like many things in magic, that is a function of power and will. I have a great deal of both. Now, as for why we're doing this, well, as I told you I was technically a virgin before last night."

The two women nodded.

"I do have to tell you then about my three daughters."

That made them blink.

"It starts off with the fact that goblins only come in one gender. . . ."

Hermione broke in, disbelievingly. "Harry. How can all goblins be male?"

Harry shook his finger at her teasingly."I didn't say they were," he reproved.

"I believe a great deal," Luna said slowly, "but I find it difficult to believe that the goblins we see are female."

Harry shrugged and retorted, "Well, they are. Their DNA is so dominant, however, that over 99 percent of their children are female goblins. Every once in a while, a cross is produced. Those are usually sterile males, but about a quarter of the time that happens, the cross is a fertile female or male. Still, neither is a goblin. Flitwick's descended from one of those."

Seeing that the amazed pair were still listening, Harry went on, "Now fortunately, the female goblin doesn't have to be, well. . . ." He stopped, and made a slightly rude gesture.

"Injected?" Luna suggested.

"You mean 'impregnated'," Hermione corrected.

"Fine," Harry said. "They don't have to be either of those things the old-fashioned way. They've had a magical means of artificial insemenation for a few centuries. In any event, one rather clever goblin figured out my secret. She made a deal with me. So, about thirteen years ago, a Veela took me in hand, and gave most of the results to a team of goblins. The result, two of the daughters of the goblin I had made the deal with had little goblins five months later, which I have been told is normal for them." He looked to see if they were following him.

"And the Veela took the rest?" Hermione asked, skipping ahead.

Harry nodded. "She then reverted to her avian form, and laid a large egg three weeks later. Three months later, a half-Veela hatched. The goblins were very angry with her, but we worked out a deal. In any event, little Dian Hermione Vase started Beauxbatons two years ago."

The two women nodded, knowing that 'Dian' came from the Greek name of the moon goddess, and that to Harry, in this case a vase was something beautiful made by a potter.

"I don't know the two goblins well -- the rare donors who know what happened are largely kept away from their children. Still, as part of the deal I do know them slightly, although they don't know I am their father. I know Dian better, and that's one reason why I selected that Catholic monastery after my time with traveling about, instead of going back to my druid friends."

Hermione asked gently. "Will we get to know her?" Luna nodded her hope.

"Well, actually, although her mother does love her, she wouldn't mind if Dian lived with me," Harry confessed. "She's made herself the darling of a Continental group of lesbian Muggles." Hermione wrinkled her nose at the thought of the 'smart set'.

"You do attract oddity to your life," Luna pointed out.

"Does she, Dian I mean, know you as Harry, or just as Zee?" Hermione asked.

"Just as Zed," Harry answered. "Her mother still doesn't know I'm Harry, either, just a wealthy, powerful wizard."

Luna and Hermione exchanged a look. "Luna and I need to talk about this," Hermione said. "Go to your room. We'll join you shortly. Do try and remember anything else we need to know."

When Harry left, Luna turned to her lover and said, "I presume you are doing this to remind Harry to tell us his secrets, not because you are angry or don't want to know his daughter."

Hermione winced. "I can more easily forgive not knowing about the goblins than I can about Dian. He should have told us yesterday," she stated firmly.

"Ideally, yes," Luna agreed. "Harry is not ideal, and neither are we."

Hermione had to agree. "True."

Luna suddenly smiled. "We're going to be a family."

Hermione returned the smile. "We are." All three wanted family.

"Maybe I can undergo the treatments later this coming summer. Dian needs a sibling," Luna said hopefully.

"So she does," Hermione agreed. Then the two looked at each. Neither was a traditional young witch, but the same thought occurred to each of them.

"Uh-oh," Harry muttered as soon as he saw them. "Yes?" he asked, ith touch of fear.

"Harry, we're not technically going to be marrying you, are we?" Hermione demanded.

Harry frowned. "What?" he asked, confused.

"If we marry you, what will I be called?" Luna asked. "Luna Zed? And wouldn't a son of yours inherit the magical property? Harry Potter cannot just disappear, Harry, as much as you might like it," she stated.

"Yes, he can," Harry answered. "There isn't a Potter trust, and nothing is entailed. Harry will endow your children, and Dian for that matter. The old family of Potter will disappear, and the Lovegoods and Grangers will rise on the ashes of the Potters and Blacks. After all, Harry can't easily appear this summer looking over thirty, he reminded them.

"Then I think you owe it to Remus to explain that to him," Luna said.

Harry sighed, and agreed.

"And I presume you'll start having your students call you Professor Zed?" Hermione asked.

"I suppose so," he agreed.

"And shall we talk about his wardrobe?" she teased.

"No," Harry answered. "I am not ashamed to love the two of you, but does it have to be advertised, as opposed to acknowledged?"

The two women frowned. "Why, Hermione asked.

Harry shrugged. "A determination to keep out of the limelight, I suppose," he admitted.

"I can understand that," Hermione acknowledged. She looked at Luna, who nodded. "Can we meet Dian over this break?"

Harry nodded in return. "She's staying at Beauxbatons," Harry answered. "There's a magical village nearby which is larger than Hogsmeade. If there are rooms available, we can go at any time," he added.

"And how do we find out if there are rooms available?" Hermione asked archly, which made Luna smile slightly. Hermione just couldn't help being bossy.

"Dobby!" Harry called.

That night, as Harry and his lovers made their plans, Severus Snape went to sleep, content.

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