Review for Sakura's Secret

Sakura's Secret

(#) xObscurexOmenx 2007-06-30


I seriously don't know why you don't have more reviews for this fanfic. It is just GENIUS. Sure, I've read a few that involve Sasuke or Naruto finding a fanfiction of themselves and find out that he likes the other, but this is the first time that I've seen Sakura/Ino be the first to know about them.

But, seriously. This fanfiction was AWESOME. You did a really good job getting Sakura's feelings for Sasuke to slowly disappear and getting Sakura obsessive over the pairing.

But, I've got to say, my favourite part was the ending. I had to smother my laughter after Sakura started critiquing the pair's technique and immediately after Naruto grew angry at Sasuke for being paired with Itachi... Otherwise my parents might decide to investigate. ^^;

Good luck writing future fanfiction! ^^ You definitely have a knack for it.