Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-07-10

Explain! Explain!!!
This was a great chap! I was soooo not expecting this!
I cant even imagine a reason why mikey or Bob would be not happy.. thats why youre going to stick to your original story and tell us in the next chap okay? okay...
And going back to sky...yes! that was my point exactly. She cares for other but why not Gerard!!! okay she 'shows concern for others' but not for Gee... Thats so fucked up... You need to fix her... hey maybe thats why mikey and bob arent 'happy'
hmmm... the chapters called demoliton lovers (is that a clue)
ahhh...If she's one sick little girl...what does that make you? lol. ----xoxo

Author's response

oh that latest chapter left me sad, i really wanted them to get married but it totally screwed up the original plot, not that much but still it'll change some important events...blah, i keep repeating to myself that they are fictional but i can't over this whole thing...oh fuck, they're fictional and i'm sad, can you imagine how sad is gee? he had a real engagement and broke off! i should definitely fix her but where's the fun in that? she's fixed and he's fixed, no more drama? no more story? i think i'll gradually fix her by making her suffer evil laugh...i'm even sicker than Skyler lol, are you worried now?