Review for These Are The Seeds We Sew

These Are The Seeds We Sew

(#) ladylolita 2007-07-15

Grrr. I've been waiting for a new chapter too long! I think my email is gonna lock me out the amout of times that I log in & look for an alert...
I love this new idea that you have created, it seems like a thing that Trick would fall into.
Also Fall Out Boy did a cover of The Police's "Roxanne", a song where the lyrics tell the singer's lover "Roxanne/you don't have to put on the red light/those days are over/YOU DONT HAVE TO SELL YOUR BODY TO THE NIGHT...
The song has a real Patrick feel to it, lyrics and vocal wise, they do a great job. I think that you could work it into the later chapters - after the angst of course! Well...yea, youprob heard it already, but just to give a heads up.