Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) zaberdeenz 2007-07-16

[ahem,this is fanfiction. FICTION. Alexsandee isn't even writing this with Eliza as his fiancee or anything like that. She has every right to write what ever she wants, cos its FICTION. What about Frerard? Or Waycest? Maybe that shouldn't be written either just cos they're not like that for real? Gosh, the whole point of fiction is that it's FICTION. >_O (cant believe i wasted time on that)]
anyhoo, YOURE BACK. waves* yay for that(its not like I checked this everday just in case!) I like how you make Frank in this. Seems that he's the only sound of reason in the band at the moment.
and now i feel bad for Gerard too. (so sue me for being such a woman sometimes) he should've just left the message! it would've been better than nothing, but oh well. I like this drama going on, cant wait to see how the "scene" finally ends. keep it coming^__^