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She'll Understand JULY 15

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Bob talks to Katlin, Gerard visits Frank

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm back!!! Great trip. Fun time had by all, but I'm so happy to be back posting. Missed you all!

Bob slammed out of Gerard's room. He started back to his room, thinking on the mess. Then it dawned on him. He knew who had taken the pictures. But who had posted them? He knew who might have the answers, who better have the answers.

Katlin was lounging on her hotel bed, catching up on e-mail when someone pounded on the door.
"Who is it?"
"Katlin, open the door. It's Bob. I need to talk to you."
"Bob, it's really late. Can't it wait?"
"Katlin, open the fuckin' door now." He pounded on the door again for emphasis.
Katlin stretched her legs, shut the laptop and casually strolled to the door, opening it but leaving the chain hooked. "I thought you guys were all going straight to bed. A long day and all that?"
"Katlin, open the door. Or do you want the whole fuckin' hotel to hear this conversation?"
"All right, hang on" She shut the door and unhooked the chain, then opened the door wide, inviting him in.
"Why'd you do it, Katlin?"
Katlin looked confused. "Do what?"
"You know damn well what, take all those pictures. And how the hell did they get on the Internet?"
"What pictures? What are you talking about? Come on in and sit down." She took his arm. "Tell me what's going on. What the hell has got your panties in an uproar?
He shrugged out of her grasp. "Knock it off, Katlin. I know it was you and Eliza. It wasn't too hard to figure out once I saw the pictures. There was no one else who could have taken them. I remember you taking some of them. I just want to know how the hell they got on the net and why."
"Bob" Katlin interrupted, "I don't know that you're talking about. What's wrong? What's going on?" She sounded genuinely distressed.
Bob hesitated.
"What pictures, Bob? I don't understand what you're yelling about." She started to cry. "Why are you so mad? Are you mad at me, Bob? Do you think I've done something? I'd never do anything to hurt you or Gerard, Bob. You're my friend." She was now sobbing.
Bob's head was ready to explode with confusion. Did she really not know what was going on? It was too hard to think right now. He had to get out of here. He just wanted to talk to Kara and make sure everything was all right. He started to turn to leave, but stopped. He looked as if he was going to say something, but instead he lamely patted her arm. "It'll be okay, Katlin. Don't worry. I'll get to the bottom of it." He left the room.
"Well, that was certainly interesting, wasn't it?" Eliza came out of the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel.
"Yes, it was. Let's see what happens next." Katlin went back to the bed, no hint of the tears she had just shed. She was happily humming, "Mama" to herself.

Frank ignored the knocking for as long as he could. He looked over at the clock noting it was almost 10:30 pm. Most people were trying to sleep. Besides if he didn't answer the other hotel guests were sure to call security. He threw open the door and glared at Gerard. "What?"
Gerard pushed past him, "What the hell is going on, Frank?"
"Way, that is the single stupidest question I've ever heard you ask. You know what the hell is going on."
Gerard sat down and pulled out his cigarettes. Lighting one he exhaled, "Bob says that there are pictures on the Internet of us with Eliza and Katlin."
Frank perched on the corner of the bed, "Duh"
Gerard ignored his sarcasm. "So what? We were out in public places with some friends. Big deal. Bob's convinced that Kara is never gonna speak to him again. That's stupid, he didn't do anything wrong. I'm sure Kara will understand when he explains it to her."
Frank just shook his head, "What color is the sky in your world? You and Bob were staying out most of the night with two women while your fiancées were back home waiting. Now the Net is buzzing with pictures and posts." He grabbed the pack of cigarettes Gerard had laid on the dresser, pulled one out and lit it. "You are even more screwed then Bob. Jamia says Buzznet and YouTube have great video of you and Eliza on stage. You remember that kiss you two shared? Well you fucking shared it with the world via the World Wide Web."
Gerard took a deep drag, "Look, she kissed me. I was fucking surprised when it happened but it didn't mean anything. What should I have done, Frank? Pushed her away?"
"How about not bring her on stage in the first place? What the fuck was that all about?"
Gerard stood and walked to the window. He has been so looking forward to being here in Moscow but now everything had turned to shit. "I told you she was upset. Fuck, she was crying, I just wanted to make her feel better."
"That kiss, did it make you feel fucking better?" Frank said turning on the bed to face him.
Gerard tried to control his anger. "It meant nothing to me."
"Yeah, well what about her? What did it mean to Eliza?" Frank stood and crossed the room. "Biggest fucking question Gee, what will that kiss mean to Monica?"
Gerard looking him in the eye, "She's gotta believe me, it meant nothing to me."
Frank shook his head and walked back to the bed where he sat down. "Eliza means nothing to you? Is that what you're telling me?"
"She is a friend, nothing more. This time I mean it." He felt guilt when he thought back to the conversation they had had after the Paris concert. "I told her that I love Monica and would never cheat on her."
Frank looked down sadly, "Yeah and I remember the day you told her the same thing about Liv. I was there when you told Eliza that you would never cheat on Liv."
"Fuck, would you stop bringing that up? Everything was different then. I was different then." He walked back across the room to find his cigarettes. "I was fucked up most of the time and Eliza was there for me. She took care of me and I was grateful."
"Grateful? Fuck is that what you call it?"
Gerard had taken enough, "Fuck it, I'm outta here." He got to the door and pulled it open. "Everyone has blown this out of fucking proportion. I was just hanging with an old friend and trying to make it through a tour that is fucking hard for me. I miss my brother and I miss Toro. Eliza understood and being with her helped keep my mind off it."
"So just explain that to Monica" Frank said sarcastically, "Just tell her what you were doing. Oh, and while you're at it don't forget to explain about the kiss. I'm sure she'll understand you were just trying to cheer Eliza up."
Gerard glared at him, "What makes you think that she won't believe me?"
"Stop and look at this from her point of view. You stay out late, party with Eliza and call her when you're through. Come on Gee, is that how you treat someone you love?"
Gerard turned, "I love Monica." He said, his voice like steel.
"Then start fucking acting like it." Frank moved quickly and slammed the door shut.
Gerard walked slowly down the hall towards his room. He let himself in and walked across the to the window in the dark. Pulling back the drapes he looked out. He couldn't believe how this tour had turned to shit. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to the cold glass. He missed Monica. He missed her smile, her laugh, and the way she smelled. I just fucking miss her, he thought. Pulling out his phone he pushed her number and waited. It rang and rang and rang. When it finally went to voice mail he started to say 'I love you' but he words stuck in his throat. He snapped the phone closed and lowered his head.
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