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Actions Not Words

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Monica is touched by all the concern from her friends after the accident. Bob returns from Chicago.

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Much to their disappointment, Mikey and Alicia arrived just after dinner. However, Donna warmed the pot roast and served them being the great mom that she is. At least that was what Mikey told her over and over as he stuffed his mouth full of the delicious food. Donna had called and told them about the car wreck and they had come over as soon as possible. Brian had volunteered to pick up Bob at the airport when Mikey called to tell him about the accident. Frank and Jamia had also called as soon as they heard. IF they hadn't had plans with her parents they would have come by too and Ray was on his way over. Monica was touched by all of their concern. She smiled each time she was asked how she felt, lied and said she was just fine. Truth was she was sore as hell and her head was pounding.
Kelly had completed her mission of keeping Kara from leaving the house. She walked upstairs an hour later and came into the living room. "She is downstairs moping but she isn't leaving the house tonight." she told Gerard with a grin.
"How exactly did you get her to stay?" he asked looking away from Monica. He couldn't keep his eyes off her. She looked so frail and he was worried. He didn't believe for one minute she felt fine, he saw the pain in her eyes.
Kelly sat down by him on the sofa and he put his arm around her. She smiled at him, "Well first I asked her to help me with my Algebra. I could do it myself but I pretended not to understand it."
Gerard laughed, "That kept her here for awhile. Well done Kelly."
She basked in his praise, "When we were done she said she was still gonna go over to Hope's house so I pulled the guilt trip out."
Gerard looked at her waiting for her to explain, "I said to her that mom had been in a car accident and how could she even think of leaving."
He nodded, "Oh"
Kelly noticed the look in his eyes, "Gerard, mom is fine. We have to thank God that she wasn't hurt badly but you can't keep dwelling on it, O.K.?"
Monica looked at him hoping Kelly's words were getting through. He glanced at her and smiled. "We have a very smart kid here, don't we?"
"Yes, we do." Monica said happiness filling her heart as she watched the two of them together.
The doorbell rang and Kelly went to answer it. Ray smiled at her. "Hello, Kelly."
She returned the smile, "Hi Ray, come on in."
He walked directly over to the sofa, leaned down and kissed Monica's cheek, "Don't you dare scare me like this again. Mikey called and said you had been in a car crash and I freaked."
"It wasn't that serious" she told him. "I wish everyone would stop making such a big deal out of it.
Ray laughed, "OK but you gotta understand. I got the message from Mikey and sometimes he is pretty vague. He left the message on my voice mail and all he said was Monica and Gee were in a car wreck and Monica got hurt. Now tell me wouldn't you worry about a message like that?"
Gerard rolled is eyes, "Mikey isn't the best at leaving messages."
Mikey looked at them, "Hey you guys were in a car crash and Monica did get hurt."
Alicia put her arm around him, "Honey maybe you should have added that she was OK."
"Ray could have called me back and asked." Mikey said still defending his messaging skills.
"Why didn't you call me?" Ray asked Gerard choosing to ignore Mikey. "You didn't get hurt did you?"
"Nope, I'm fine. Sorry but I was too worried about her to call."
Ray took a seat across from the sofa, "So what happened?"
Gerard gave him the short version of the accident. He finished the story telling him how Monica insisted on talking to the kid. "She told me I could come with her or just stand there and wait" he laughed, "She has gotten so damn bossy."
Ray laughed, "She needs to keep you in line, dude."
Monica was trying so hard to ignore the pain in her head but it wasn't easy. Gerard leaned over and whispered in her ear, "How bad does it hurt?"
She turned, his face was inches from hers, "Pretty damn bad but I'm OK so stop worrying." She kissed his lips briefly, "I love you," she whispered.
Everyone was still sitting talking in the living room when Bob arrived. Brian came in with him to check on Monica. He only could stay a minute but wanted to make sure she and Gerard were OK. After he left Bob told Gerard to move because he wanted to sit by Monica for a minute.
Gerard stood up, "I'm going outside for a cigarette" He gave Monica a quick kiss before walking out of the room.
"Man, is he shaken up," Mikey said watching Gerard walk through the kitchen.
Ray agreed, "He really is, are you really OK, Monica?"
All eyes were on her, "OK my head hurts and so does my chest but really I'm OK. I wish he would stop worrying so much."
"He can't help it, he's so in love." Alicia said, "I think it's sweet how he keeps staring at you. Since we've been here this is the first time he's left your side."
Monica noticed Bob was looking over at her, "OK Bob what do you want to ask me?"
He ducked his eyes under his bangs, "Uh, well first I want to say I'm glad your OK. Brian told me about the accident as soon as I got off the plane. I wanted to call but I was afraid Kara would answer."
Monica noticed how he kept looking around for her. "She is downstairs moping. Seems her boyfriend disappeared on her."
"Yea, what the hell is up with that?" Ray asked. He didn't know why Bob had gone home to Chicago.
Bob looked at him, "I had to get something back home."
"And you have it?" Monica asked him. He nodded looking at her. She knew what he wanted to ask and smiled. "Kelly go out back and get Gerard."
Bob moaned, "Oh man, Monica do we have to get Gerard?"
Before she could answer Bob she saw Gerard, who had heard her tell Kelly to get him, come back in. "What is it, is your head worse?"
She smiled at him, "Oh calm down, Gee. I needed you to come in here cause Bob here wants to give Kara an engagement ring."
"He already gave her a ring." Gerard pointed out.
"This was my great-grandmothers. The other ring was just a promise ring."
An evil look came into Gerard's eyes, "So you want to marry my daughter."
Bob returned his look, "She's not your daughter yet."
Gerard looked over at Kelly who was watching the exchange, "Yea Kara and Kelly are already my daughters." Kelly gave him a heartfelt smile. "Now how to you intend to provide for her?" He was enjoying this so much.
Bob rolled his eyes but played along, "Well I'm the drummer for a band, that pays pretty well. It's a pretty solid gig other than the fact we have a really annoying lead singer the band is good."
Ray and Mikey both laughed, "Yea he's right about the lead singer." Ray said.
Gerard ignored them. "Well I'm still not convinced."
Monica glanced over at Bob who looked tired and frazzled, "She is hurt you haven't called."
He nodded, "I'm so sorry, I need to talk to her."
Monica smiled, "Yes you do. Go on down and give her that ring."
Gerard started to say something but Monica raised her hand, "Gee please remember what your dad said."
He sounded like a pouting kid, "OK"
That caught Donna's attention, "What did Don say?"
"He told me just to let her win it would make my life so much easier." Gerard answered.
She laughed, "If he had followed his own advice we would still be together."
Bob gave Monica a quick kiss on the cheek and headed downstairs. As he touched the banister he realized his hands were clammy. He told himself not to be nervous but he couldn't calm down. At the door to the bedroom he stood a moment and took a deep breath before knocking.
"Go away, Kelly. I told you I don't want to talk to anyone right now." Kara called out.
Bob pushed open the door and peered in, "Does anyone include me?"
Kara who was lying on the bed sat up, "Bob when did you get here?"
"Brian picked me up at the airport. I'm sorry I didn't call and explain what was going on."
"What is going on? She asked. Her eyes were full of unanswered questions.
He slowly walked into the room. "Right before we left California I realized I had something I wanted you to have but it was back home. I had Jerry change my plane ticket, so I could fly back to Chicago. I wanted to surprise you but now I've just made a mess of everything."
Kara stood and walked over to him, "Why didn't you call me? I waited and the more I waited the more I was afraid you had changed your mind about us."
"Oh Kara, no. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That is why I went to get this." He pulled out the small box containing the ring, "It was my great-grandmothers," he said softly.
Kara took the box and opened it slowly, "It's beautiful Bob"
"I talked to your mom" he rolled his eyes, "and Gerard. They know this is an engagement ring and they are OK with it."
Kara was still looking down at the ring with tears in her eyes. Bob felt a stab of fear. "Do you still want to marry me?"
She looked up, "Bob I want to marry you more than anything in the world. I love you." she held out the box, "Will you put it on my finger?"
He took the box almost dropping it because his hands were shaking. As he slipped it on her finger he said with deep emotion, "Kara I promise to always love and take care of you. Sometimes it's hard for me to put my feelings in words but I hope that my actions will always show you the love I feel for you." He put his arms around her and pulled her close. The kiss they shared gave promise to the life they would share together.

Authors Note - I just love Bob - Check out the new issue of Modern Drummer it has a great Bob article.
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