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Fear of Flying

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The trip to Vegas Begins.

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"Why didn't you tell me you were afraid of flying?" Gerard asked Monica over the roar of the engines that were powering up for takeoff. He reached over and took her hand in his giving it a squeeze.
She smiled at him trying not to appear as frightened as she really felt. "I didn't know".
He was shocked, "You haven't flown before?"
Monica looked out the window to see the ground passing by faster and faster. She quickly glanced over at him, "Just the one time before when I had to come back from Vegas with Alica and Jamia. I guess I was so worried about the girls I didn't hace time to be afraid of the flight."
"Oh my God, why didn't you tell me? Honey just close your eyes and it will be OK." he whispered in her ear, "I'm right here with you."
She gasped as the plane lifted off the ground. "OK that wasn't so bad." She told him while trying to convince herself. Opening her eyes she saw Gerard studying her face.
"See, you're gonna be fine."
She gave him a shaky smile, "You forget how unsophisticated I really am. I've never flown First Class on a plane, never been in a limo, never had caviar." she trailed off.
He laughed, "You're not unsophisticated. Hell, limos aren't that exciting and as for caviar, just fish eggs." The seatbelt light blinked off. He removed his and stretched out enjoying the comfort of First Class. "You'll be getting another "first" today cause Mikey hired a limo to take us from the airport to the hotel and then on to the chapel."
"They look so excited." she smiled while glancing at Mikey and Alicia across the aisle from them. "So in love."
Gerard followed her gaze. "For sure, they are so in love. He knew as soon as he met her that she was the one. I'm glad they decided to do this. Just knowing she is his wife will make going to Europe easier for him."
She looked down at their hands, which were once more joined, "Are you upset I wanted to wait to get married?"
He leaned over and kissed her lips, "I won't lie, I want to make you my wife as soon as I can but I understand you want to wait until I get back and we have the break. Have you decided where you want to go on our honeymoon? Milan is nice, I think you would really like it."
"I don't have a passport," she reminded him, "not a world traveler like you."
"Well that's gonna change. I have gotten to go so many places cause of the band and I want to share them with you. There are so many things I want you to see. When we get back we will work on getting you a passport. The girls will need to get them too. They will love Japan, it's one of my favorite places on earth."
She felt a pang of anxiety, "Sometimes I forget how exciting your life really is. Here I am 35 and my first time on a plane."
He reached over and unfastened her seatbelt then raised the armrest between them so he could pull her close. "My life is exciting sometimes but remember my life is gonna be you life too. I can't wait to share it with you."
Monica pressed her lips to his. She was still nervous about the flight but being near him, inhaling his scent made her feel safe.
"Ok you two, no PDA's" Alicia said from her seat with a giggle.
Monica looked over at her, "PDA's?"
Gerard glanced at his future sister-in-law then back to Monica, "Public Display of Affection" he grinned, "It seems all the canoodling they're doing over there is OK I guess."
Mikey smiled, "We are just practicing for this afternoon." He gave Alicia another kiss before adding, "Gee, are you gonna sing the song for us?"
Gerard nodded, "I wasn't sure of all the words so Monica sang it for me. If you're sure you want me to I will but I'm no Elvis."
"Do you want him to wear a white sequin jumpsuit?" Monica asked leaning over Gerard to talk to them.
Alicia's eyes lit up, "Oh that would be insane-o. Wonder where we could find one?"
"Oh hell no. I gotta draw the line on that one. I'm not wearing a fucking white sequin jumpsuit for anything not even my baby brother's wedding."
"Ah Gee, come on it would be so rad."
Gerard narrowed his eyes; "No Michael put that out of your mind." He turned to Monica, "No more putting idea's in their heads." he said smiling.
She smiled back and leaned her head on his shoulder, "I'll be good Gee"
He leaned down, his warm breath tickled her ear, "Oh honey I don't want you to be good. I'm hoping you'll be a bad girl for me later at the hotel."
Desire surged through her, she turned to gaze deeply into this beautiful hazel eyes, "I think that can be arranged."
The remainder of the flight passed with talk of the impending wedding and the upcoming European tour. For all the comments he made about hating to leave her, Monica could see the fire in his eyes when he spoke about the concerts. Performing was in his blood, he lived to get on the stage and pour his heart and soul out to the crowds.
The weather in Vegas was sunny and cool when their plane touched down. Gerard had held Monica's hand and helped her brace for the landing. He whispered in her ear how much he loved her as the wheels touched the earth. With her eyes closed she pictured their future, imagined their lives together and it got her through.
The deplaned and walked into the Las Vegas Airport. Monica was shocked to see the slot machines. "Is this for people who just can't wait to loose their money?"
Gerard grinned, "Yep, I think so. Want to play one?"
She shook her head no. "Last time I tried I just kept loosing money. Only Alicia won."
"I did" she smiled. "Eight hundred dollars." she reminded them proudly.
"Honey you spent the thousand dollars I gave you, so if you figure that in" Mikey's mouth was quickly covered by her hand.
"You are never supposed to figure that in. All I know is the slot machine I was playing gave me eight hundred dollars." She removed her hand from his mouth and replaced it with her lips. Monica was touched at how sweet they looked together.
The limo was waiting at the curb and they were whisked off to the Bellagio, a beautiful hotel and casino that was home to the world famous dancing fountains. They had only an hour before the wedding ceremony was scheduled. Mikey and Alicia took a different elevator to the Bellagio suite the best suite in the hotel, which Gerard had booked and paid for as his wedding gift to them. Gerard and Monica boarded the elevator that would take them to the Salone Suite. As the elevator doors closed, Gerard got a call. Monica noticed he was frowning.
"Got it Ok, Friday morning." he listened then spoke again, "I'll tell him he's with me." More listening then "Uh, we are in Vegas. The girls wanted to do some gambling. You know Monica had to leave we were here before so I brought her back." He frowned listening to the caller, "We'll be back tomorrow night. I'll talk to you then." He closed his Sidekick and turned to Monica.
"That was Brian. We have several interviews he lined up for Friday. We all told him we didn't want to work while we were home but he thinks we need to do them."
"We were supposed to meet Carla to look at houses," she said putting her arms around his waist. "Guess we will have to reschedule. Besides the interviews won't take all day will they?"
He sighed, "I suppose not. But I really just wanted to chill while we were back home. I know Frank won't be pleased. He and Jamia need all the time together they can get. Ray will be OK with it I'm sure. He is all band all the time."
Monica wasn't so sure that was the case but she didn't say anything. "Bob probably won't mind if it's during the day."
"For sure cause Kara is in school. Monica, are you really OK with him giving her the engagement ring?"
She nodded, "I really am. I see how much they love each other and I know Bob will always take care of her. I won't lie it does still bother me cause she is so young but I guess when love finds you, well you have to grab it and hold on."
"Love sure found me," he said. He started to add more but the elevator door slid open and they were soon exploring their suite. It was so luxurious it took Monica's breath away.
"Oh Gee this is so beautiful." She twirled around taking it all in. She took a quick tour, "It even has "His" and "Hers" bathrooms. Mine has a soaking whirlpool tub."
"I thought you would like this place." He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. "I can't wait to get back here later. I really wish we had more time now."
"But we have a wedding to get ready for." she agreed. Their bags were delivered and Monica pulled out the simple pale blue lace dress she had packed for the ceremony.
Gerard was preparing to dress in the simple black suit he was wearing when there was a knock on the door. Alicia stood there with tears in her eyes. "Gee, it's Mikey. I think he has changed his mind. He is locked in the bathroom and won't talk to me."
Gerard looked at her sadly, "Come in and stay with Monica. I will go talk to him, don't worry. " He gave her a quick squeeze and left.
Monica went to her, "Alicia have a seat." she led the younger woman to the living room area of the suite. "I'm sure Gee will talk to him, he's probably just nervous."
A stray tear ran down her cheek, "I really thought he would be OK with this. He seemed so happy on the plane." She looked at Monica, "You know he's had some problems?"
Monica nodded, "I've heard he had some problems while the band was staying at the Paramour."
Alicia nodded, "He's been taking the medicine the doctors gave him and doing so much better. This was probably a bad idea." She began crying softly.
Monica walked over to her chair then bent down to give her a hug, "I know he loves you."
It was fifteen minutes later when Gerard walked back in the suite. He was smiling. "Alicia you need to go get ready. Mikey is fine now."
"Are you sure Gee? Am I doing the right thing marring him right now?" She stood and he took her hands in his.
"He needs you Alicia and he loves you. Everything just sort of hit him a once but we talked. Now dry your eyes and go get ready. We will meet you in the lobby in ten minutes." He pulled her close for a hug before letting her go. "Just remember how much he loves you.," he whispered to her.
When she was gone Monica waited to see if Gerard wanted to talk about the encounter he had had with his brother but he didn't bring the subject up. Instead he hurried to dress and so did she. They arrived in the lobby just minutes before Mikey and Alicia walked off the elevator.
Mikey looked a bit pale but very handsome in all black. He was wearing black slacks and a long black jacket. Alicia's dress was short, white and all lace. "What a beautiful couple" Monica said when she spotted them.
Gerard agreed, "They are."
When they were seated in the back of the limo and on the way to the Heartbreak Hotel Wedding Chapel Mikey spoke to Monica. "I'm not sure if you understand about me but I want to explain." He looked directly at her, "What I have is close to being bipolar and sometimes I have trouble handling it. I take medication and it helps."
Gerard looked upset Mikey was explaining, "Mikey it's OK"
He looked at his brother, "Gee, I love Monica she is gonna be my sister-in-law and it don't seem right that she is here with us and probably didn't understand what was going on with me." He looked back at Monica, "He is always trying to protect me. Guess that's the Big Brother in him."
Monica reached out and took one of his hands, "Mikey thank you for trusting and caring about me enough to share your problem with me. I have had my own mental issues in the past, mostly anxiety attacks and depression and I realize how much it means to have people around you who love and understand you."
He smiled at her and squeezed her hand, "Gee always seems to be able to talk me through. I don't know what I would do without my brother."
Gerard looked at Mikey, "I love you bro, you know that." He said softly.
"Gee has helped talk me through an anxiety attack so I know what you mean." She let go of Mikey's hand and moved closer to Gerard, "and like you I don't know what I would do without him."
While he was touched by their words he wanted this wedding to be a joyous celebration. "OK enough of the wonderful Gerard stuff. We got a wedding to get to and I gotta channel Elvis so I can sing a song."
The limo pulled up in front of the Heartbreak Hotel Wedding Chapel. The doors opened and a very realistic looking Elvis walked out to greet them.
"Shit, can I channel dead singers or what?" Gerard said in awe.

Authors Note - Tomorrow I will be out of town on business so no new update. Next update will be on Tuesday. Thanks to you all. SanDee XOXO Oh and Steph, Milan is for you!
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