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Like Being At The Paramour

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Gerard, who is still upset about the accident, has an ominous dream. Monica receives and unwelcome gift.

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It was just a bit after midnight when all the guests departed. Kara came back into the house with a huge smile on her face. She had walked Bob out to Mikey and Alicia's car. "Mom isn't this the ring beautiful?" she asked again while holding out her hand for her mother to see.
"It is very beautiful," Monica told her. "Remember to thank your sister for keeping you here. She knew Bob was coming to see you."
Kara nodded happily, "I'm heading to bed. See you in the morning." She stopped as she neared Gerard and surprised him by giving him a hug, "Thanks for giving Bob permission to give me the ring."
He returned the hug, "Actually I was still gonna grill him some more but your mom stopped me." He laughed.
She looked at him seriously, "What I really mean is thanks for thinking of Kelly and me as your family." She walked away before he could respond.
Monica smiled at the look of happiness on his face. "They love you, Gee." She said softly.
He walked over to the sofa and sat beside her. "Monica would you mind sleeping here tonight? I really would like to keep an eye on you, just to make sure you're OK. You can sleep on the sofa and I'll sleep right her on the floor beside you."
His request didn't surprise her, "Let me go change into my gown." She said rising from the sofa. A sudden wave of dizziness hit her and she sat back down.
Gerard stood, "Stay right there I will get it for you." He took off before she could protest. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes hoping the pain would lessen. He returned quicker than she thought possible. Slowly he helped her to her feet holding her tightly in case the dizziness returned. First he undid her jeans and helped her step out of them. Before she could stop him he lifted the hoodie over her head. She held her breath waiting for his reaction.
"Fuck Monica" he whispered when he saw the angry purple bruises covering her chest and shoulders. "Why didn't you tell me it was this bad?"
"Actually I haven't looked in a mirror. I just knew it hurt." She told him honestly, "How bad is it?" He didn't answer but she could tell by the look in his eyes it looked as bad as it felt.
Carefully he removed her bra. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry." He brushed his lips on her collarbone. Gently he lowered the gown over her head. She sat back on the sofa and he helped her position her body so she could lie down. He pulled the blanket over her and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "I'll be right back I'm just gonna put on my sweats." He said. Within a few minutes he was back. She watched as he came in and turned off most of the lights leaving just a small light on so he could still see her. As he lowered himself to the floor beside the sofa he murmured once more how much he loved her.
"Gee what are you doing?' she asked.
"I'm gonna sleep right here beside you. If you need anything you can just reach down and touch me."
Monica smiled to herself then closed her eyes. She waited a few minutes then reached down and nudged him.
"What do you need, honey?" he sat up and put his hand out to touch her cheek.
"I need you, Gee." She sighed.
He stared at her. "I'm right here."
She shook her head, "No I need you here" she told him with a smile. She had moved over on the sofa making room for him.
"Honey, you are too bruised, if I try to lay with you on the sofa I'll hurt you." He was trying to make her see reason.
Monica was in no mood for reason. "Gerard Arthur get yourself up here with me right now or I'll come down there. Cause I don't' care where but I'm gonna sleep in your arms."
He grinned, "Being bossy again, I see" He stood and very carefully positioned himself on the sofa behind her. He made sure to put his arm around her waist so he didn't cause her any more pain. She snuggled her body to him. "Are you sure about this? I'm not hurting you am I?"
"This is prefect" she said her eyes starting to feel heavy. The pain pill she had taken earlier was making her very sleepy. "Now I feel safe."
He kissed her neck just below her ear, "I love you Monica," he whispered.
"I love you too Gee" she whispered back before being claimed by sleep.
Gerard watched her for several minutes before closing his own eyes. The day had taken its toll on his nerves. He couldn't remember the last time he had been so scared. For a brief moment right after the collision he felt like he had died. When he saw her head hit the dash he felt his own life was over. It was several hours before he could relax enough to sleep.
Deep in sleep the dream came for him. He stood in the familiar field of wildflowers and once more Monica was with him. She stood looking so sad, so lost as tears coursed down her cheeks. She wasn't looking at him; her eyes were locked on something just behind where he stood. He turned and there was Liv, she was also crying. His mind kept telling him this was only a dream that he needed to wake up but he couldn't. Suddenly the sunshine was gone and in it's place dark ominous clouds blanketed the sky. Closing his eyes a moment he was surprised when he opened them both women were gone. He turned around wondering why he was alone then he saw the tombstone. The earth covering the grave was fresh, a bouquet of flowers thrown on the dirt. Once more his mind was screaming for him to wake up. He slowly took a step foreword; he couldn't see the name written in stone. Fear tried to keep him from moving any closer but he couldn't stop himself from edging even closer. He could almost make out the words etched in the stone, just a few more steps and then....
"Gee, wake up" His heart was racing as he opened his eyes.
Donna stood by the sofa looking down and him. Monica stirred but didn't wake. He tried to calm down before speaking. "What's wrong?" he asked his mom.
She smiled, "Nothing, honey. I just wanted you to know your dad's almost here. He called to say he is driving Kara's car over." She saw his wide eyes and realized he looked terrified. "Gerard are you OK?"
He took another deep breath, "Yep, just a bad dream. I'm glad you woke me up." Carefully got off the sofa trying his best not to disturb Monica. "What time is it?"
"Just a bit after 8:00. Don't worry I drove the girls to school." His mother was still staring at him. He looked terrible. "Honey, are you sure you're OK? Maybe the accident shook you up more than anyone realized. We were all so worried about Monica I just assumed you were fine."
"Mom, it has nothing to do with the wreck, I told you it was just a stupid nightmare. I'm gonna get dressed before he gets here." He started towards the bathroom but stopped and asked "Mom, do you ever have dreams about people dying?"
Donna smiled sadly, "I think everyone does, honey. I'm sure the accident caused your nightmare. The thought of loosing Monica is on your mind"
He ran his hand through his dark black hair, "Either that or I'm going crazy, having terrible nightmares like I did when we were staying at the Paramour. Shit, I haven't had a dream about death since I left that place."
Looking over at Monica to make sure she was still sleeping Donna asked quietly, "Was is Monica who died in your dream?"
Gerard exhaled loudly, "I don't know. She and Liv were in the dream and then they were both gone and I saw a grave. They were both crying, shit maybe it was me in the grave. Maybe that is why I felt so alone."
His mom walked over and took him into her arms. "Honey, dreams don't always mean something. Most of the time they mean nothing. I really think all the stress from yesterday just caught up with you. Put it out of your mind."
He knew it was silly but he felt safe with his mom's arms around him. She kissed his cheek, "Now go get dressed and don't forget you have to go to the police station to fill in your part of the accident report."
He nodded and wandered off to get dressed. Donna watched him with a concerned look on her face. She wished there was something she could do to help her son. He had so much stress in his life she worried about him handling it all. She heard the back door open and Don's familiar footsteps.
"Morning" he said walking in with a long white box under his arm. "This was on the ground right outside the door. You would think a florist would deliver to the front door." He handed the box to Donna. She notice the card had Monica's name neatly printed on the envelope.
"Good morning" Monica said sitting up very slowly. Her whole body ached not just her head and chest.
"Well good morning to you" Don said with a smile. "Heard about the accident, sorry I couldn't get by last night. How are you feeling?"
Monica smiled, "The truth? Pretty sore but my head actually hurts a bit less than yesterday." She slowly stood and was pleased she wasn't dizzy. "Where is Gee?"
"He's getting dressed" Donna said. She realized the box was still in her hands, "Oh, this was left for you." She handed the box to Monica." I'm guessing Frank and Jamia sent you get well flowers. They felt so bad they couldn't make it over last night."
"Thank you" Monica said. She removed the envelope but was surprised there was no card inside. She slipped the red ribbon off and lifted the lid. Inside were a dozen black roses. She stared down at them a moment before anger set in. "They are from Jenn"
"Fucking bitch" Gerard had walked back in just as she had lifted the lid on the box. "This is gonna stop."
Monica looked up at him, "Gerard don't get upset." She looked back down and saw that the note card was tucked between the stems. She lifted it out and began to read it silently. Before she could stop him he grabbed it from her hand.
His voice shook with rage as he read the words written in red ink- "Monica heard about your accident. God almost did the job for me but He wants me to bring vengeance upon you myself. I will not fail. Now is the time to pray for your damned soul. Soon Monica"
Don looked over at Donna. "What the hell is going on?"
She put her arm around him and led him into the kitchen. Gerard took the box from Monica and threw it down. "I am going to the police to fill out the accident report and I am taking this" he held up the note. "I want this fucking woman found and put away."
He pulled her to him forgetting about her injuries. She tried not to flinch. "Oh fuck I'm sorry" he said when he realized what he had done. He loosened his hold, "Monica promise me you will not leave this house until I get back."
She nodded, "I promise. Gee please try to calm down." She kissed his lips.
He saw the concern in her eyes, "I will try honey but this has to stop now. She is just getting crazier each day. I want taps put on the phones; I want someone watching this house. I want her caught."
His mom and dad walked back in, "Son get down to that police station and take care of this. We will stay with Monica until you get back." Don told him.
Gerard nodded, "Thanks dad" He gave Monica one final kiss and left. No matter what it took no one would ever hurt Monica as long as he had breath in his body.
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