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Old and Gray

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After the accident

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"Miss the choice is yours but I suggest we transport you to the hospital to be checked out." the older EMT said to Monica. "Head injuries can be very serious."
"She will go to the hospital," Gerard said answering for her.
Monica who was sitting in the back of the care unit shook her head but for the effort was rewarded with pain. The knot that was forming on her forehead throbbed. "I am fine. I got a knot on my head, that's all."
Both men exchanged glances, "You are also going to have some bruising. Are you sure you want to refuse transport?"
"Yes, I'm sure." she said with conviction. She looked out the door of the care unit to the road where her car sat looking crushed and broken. "My poor car"
Gerard helped her off the gurney and down the steps. "Forget the fucking car, Monica." His words were strong but the tone of his voice carried his fear.
She tightened her grip on his arm, "Honey I'm fine, stop worrying. It was just an accident, the other car doesn't even look that bad" She glanced over to see the driver of the other car, a young boy, speaking to the police.
An officer approached them. "Mr. Way, we will need to fill out an accident report but if you want to take her home you can come down to the station in morning"
Gerard nodded towards the wreck, "How old is that kid?"
The officer frowned, "Sixteen and scared shitless" he looked at Monica and added, "Sorry miss."
She smiled at him, "How much trouble is he in?" While she asked she was looking over at the boy noting he kept staring in their direction.
"He ran the stop sign and hit you going 30 miles an hour. You were lucky the blunt of the hit was on the front of the car and not your door. I'd say this isn't a good day for him."
The officer led them to one of the patrol cars, "Officer Davis will drive you home" he said nodding to a second uniformed officer. He opened the door but Monica made no move to get in. "Excuse us a minute, please." She moved back to the curb with Gerard following closely behind her. "I want to talk to him"
He looked at her confused, "Talk to who?"
She looked over at the young driver who was still watching them a stricken look on his face. "Gee, he knows who you are. Don't you remember how it was at that age? He is probably gonna get his license taken away from him, his parents are gonna be pissed, and at sixteen that's the end of the world."
He was still shaken, "Monica the fucking kid ran a stop sign. He could have killed you. Now you want me to give him an autograph?"
She smiled, "Gee, stop it. I'm fine. Accidents happen and nothing can change that. Shit, I should have been wearing my seat belt. I'm always reminding the girls to fasten theirs and look at me. My head wouldn't have hit the dash if I had just remembered to fasten the seat belt. Now, I'm gonna walk over there and you can come with me if you want to or you can just wait here."
"Fuck, Monica since when did you get so bossy?" he asked trailing along behind in her wake.
She smiled knowing he was following her, "I'm not bossy but remember what your dad said about letting me win." They walked up to the young boy and the officer.
The boy looked even younger than his age. He was wringing his hands and kept stealing looks at Gerard. He finally spoke to Monica. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to run the stop sign. I was talking to my girlfriend and honest to God I didn't see the sign."
"There is always a woman involved" Gerard muttered under his breath.
Monica ignored him, "I just wanted you to know we are OK." she told him in a kind tone. "Just promise to try to be a better driver, talk to your girlfriend when you're not driving."
He looked relieved, "Hey Gerard I'm really sorry." He realized after he spoke that it seemed strange to call the man standing in front of him by name. Once more he looked on the verge of breaking down. He looked at Monica his eyes pleading for help.
"It's OK, we understand you know who Gerard is."
He nodded, "Shit everyone in Jersey knows Gerard. My girlfriend will never believe who I hit."
Gerard moaned, "It's not exactly an honor to crash into my car."
The boy looked surprised, "That piece is really your car? Man, I would have thought you would drive something better than that."
The look Gerard shot Monica caused her to smile, "Actually that piece belonged to me." She took one final look at her broken car as they prepared to tow it away.
The officer needed to get more information from the young driver and Gerard needed to get Monica home. "Come on" he gently put his arm around her waist.
Donna was looking out the window when the squad car pulled up front. When she saw Gerard get out then turn to help Monica she flew to the door. She met them in the yard. "What happened?"
"Car wreck" Gerard said without stopping. He moved Monica towards the front door. "A kid ran a stop sign and hit us. Monica hit her head on the dash."
Donna rush to keep up with them, "Monica, are you OK?"
She smiled at Donna, "My head hurts where I have a knot, but other than that I'm fine. Your son is being over dramatic." His grip tightened on her.
They went through the door and he led her to the sofa. Gingerly she sat down, she was beginning to feel stiff, especially her chest which had also hit the dash but she didn't want to let Gerard know. He was already upset enough. Donna reached over and picked up one of the blankets Gerard has used from last night when he had slept on the sofa. She covered Monica's legs. "What can I get you?" She was rushing around completely flustered, "Mikey and Alicia just left before you got here. I've got to call and tell them."
"Donna, calm down, I'm fine. You really don't need to call them. It's not that big of a deal."
Gerard sat next to her. "She's not supposed to sleep cause of the head injury," he told his mom. Looking over at Monica he asked, "What movie do you want to watch?"
She smiled at him and named a movie full of car crashes, "Fast and the Furious?"
Instead of laughing he stared at her, "How can you make a fucking joke out of this? He got up and crossed the room. "Monica I could have lost you. You could have died."
She sat up straighter trying not to wince, "Gerard you stop that. Don't turn this into something its not. We had a car accident, nothing more. Stop being afraid that something will separate us. Believe me if it had been my time to die I wouldn't be here right now." She noticed his stricken expression. "Gerard I'm not gonna die until it's my time. Only death could take me away from you and by the grace of God that won't be for a very long time. Don't you realize how scared I am every time you board a plane or travel on the bus? But I don't let the fear take over. In my mind I see us together when we're old and gray." He sat back down and she put her arms around him. "And let me tell you, you are still hot even with gray hair".
He put his arms around her and hugged her carefully. "Monica I'm sorry but I can't help how scared I was. I saw your head hit and I freaked."
She looked up into his eyes still so haunted, "Look at it this way, honey. Now you get to buy me a car."
He smiled down at her, "Yea, you gotta admit it was a piece."
Donna went to pick up the girls from school. She told them about the accident on the way home. Kelly ran into the living room and launched herself into her mother's arms. "Mama, are you sure you're OK?"
Monica tried not to show the pain she was feeling, "I'm fine, honey" she assured her. "But my poor car was totaled."
Kara who was standing next to the sofa rolled her eyes, "Mom that's really no great loss." she leaned down and kissed her mom's cheek, "just so you are ok that's all that is important."
Gerard was sitting at the foot of the sofa, "Amen to that" He paused the DVD they had been watching.
Kara waiting until he turned back around, "Did you talk to Bob today?'" He knew Kara had a wonderful surprise coming tonight and he didn't want to spoil it. "No actually I tried calling him but he didn't answer." He was proud he didn't have to lie.
"Is he still coming back tonight?" she asked
He shrugged, "Far as I know."
Kara turned and walked towards the stairs; "I think I'll go over to Hope's house." she called out.
Monica and Gerard exchanged a look, which Kelly caught. She looked at them and smiled "Don't worry, I'll keep her here. All I can say is he better have a good excuse for upsetting my sister." She walked out taking the same path Kara had.
Gerard looked over at Monica and laughed, "Damn that girl is smart."
Monica grinned, "Yep, she takes after me."

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