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Never Forget to Say I Love You

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Gerard and Monica find a car for Kara. Fate plays a part in their trip home.

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True to his word, Gerard got up early and drove Kara and Kelly to school. Monica tried to sleep in like he had told her to do when he had kissed her goodnight but she couldn't. Now she sat at the kitchen table with Donna drinking her second cup of coffee waiting for him to return.
"So what do you two have planned for the day?" Donna asked over the rim of her coffee mug.
Monica took a drink before answering, "We are supposed to go car shopping. I told Gerard I want to find a nice used car for Kara."
Donna agreed, "We definitely don't want them at the bus stop with that woman around. Did he have any idea how to handle this? I hate to say it but the police don't seem to be much help and I'm worried sick about you and the girls."
Monica nodded, "He said he was going to talk to Brian but I don't know." Monica lowered her voice, "she called last night"
"What? Jenn called here? How did she get this number, it's unlisted."
"I don't know but I'm really tired of this all. She threatened me again and I recognized her voice. I guess she isn't even trying to hide the fact she is threatening me anymore." She took another sip of coffee and tried not to let the memories of the phone call upset her.
Donna however was visibly upset, "Monica what did she say?"
"Basically she called me a whore and said that soon I would be with my dead husband." She couldn't make herself add Jenn's last comment, that Kyle had been the only man who had really loved her.
"How upset was Gerard?" his mom asked quietly
Monica sighed, "He was so upset he wanted to call the police and have them send someone over to make a report. I talked him out of it; I can't see what good it would have done. Jenn is just trying to scare me, trying to make my life a living hell and I won't let her."
"But Monica she is threatening your life. Honey, you don't know just how insane she is. What if she really tries to hurt you?"
"Donna, I won't live my life in fear. Gee and I have been through so much in the short time we've been together. Sometimes I wish she would try something so the police could get her and lock her away where she belongs."
Gerard walked through the back door carrying a pastry box from Castelli Brothers. "Good morning" he said as he placed the delicious smelling treats in the center of the table. "I took the girls by the bakery on the way to school and brought you two home some treats too."
"Fresh pastries on the way to school. They are gonna want you to drive them every morning" Monica said opening the box and eyeing the pastries.
"Hey I would be happy to but I told Kara about how we are gonna get her a car and so I'm pretty sure having your own car to drive seems better to her than having me drive them." He crossed the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee before joining them at the table. "She is still pretty upset about Bob. I tried to call him on the way back here but he's not answering."
Monica looked over at him, "Do you think his feelings have changed towards Kara?" She sincerely hoped that wasn't the case. At first she had been against their relationship but once she got to know Bob and saw how much they were in love she had been won over. Now doubt was starting to creep into her mind. Was the love she thought she saw in his eyes for Kara real?
"There is no way. Bob is so far gone in love with Kara. I just hope nothing bad is going on. It's not like him not to answer his phone." Gerard leaned over and kissed her. "Sorry, forgot to do that"
She laughed, "Forgot to kiss me good morning. I see, just got back and already tired of me."
He smiled, "You know that ain't the truth." he kissed her again this time longer, with more passion.
Donna cleared her throat, "Excuse me you two."
They both laughed. "Sorry, ma." he took another sip of coffee and asked, "Did you tell mom about the phone call?" his tone became serious.
Donna answered, "She did and I'm worried. It just feels like we are sitting around waiting for a crazy woman to strike. Isn't there anything we can do?'
Gerard frowned, "I've already talked to Brian and he is going to make some calls. See about hiring someone to keep an eye on the girls." he saw Monica's upset glance and quickly added, "just until she can be found. The police will bring her in for questioning. Monica you gotta know she can't just keep threatening you. If they get her we will press charges."
Monica let out a long breath, "I understand that and I want the girls to be safe. But I don't want anyone following me. While you are here it's your job to watch over me." she looked sadly into his eyes. "When you're gone I can take care of myself."
His earlier good mood was fading, "I don't even want to think about leaving again." He reached out and took her hand in his, "I wish you could go with me."
"I know I do too," she told him, "but I've got to stay with the girls, Gee." she hoped he understood.
He nodded, "I understand but that doesn't make the thought of being away from you any easier."
Donna spoke up, "I talked to Carla, Gerard."
He looked at his mom, "and did she have anything for us to look at?" Noticing Monica's confusion he explained, "Mom's friend Carla is a real estate agent. I asked mom to see if she had any houses for us to look at in the area."
Monica smiled, "A house of our own, that sounds so wonderful." she glanced over at Donna, "not that I won't miss living here. This is the only true home I've had since I left my mom and dads house".
Donna gave her a heartfelt smile," Thank you, Monica. This will always be your home." she continued, "She said she has quite a few houses for you to look at that she thinks will be idea for you."
After polishing off several chocolate éclairs Gerard and Monica set out to find a car for Kara. He still wanted to get Monica a car too but she told him one car at a time and getting Kara one took top priority. Their first stop was a Dodge dealership in Newark. Monica was surprised and pleased to see Gerard's dad come out of the dealership to greet them. He and Gerard exchanged a quick hug. Don then turned to Monica and gave her a hug, "So you still haven't changed your mind, you're going to marry this guy."
Monica laughed, "Yea, well I guess I will. I kinda like him." she teased as Gerard put his arm around her.
"So my son tells me you need a car for Kara." He started walking towards the showroom full of beautiful new cars.
Monica spoke up quickly, "We need a nice used car for her." Gerard and his father looked at her. "I mean it," she said to Gerard seeing his frown.
Don looked at the two of them and laughed, "Son let me help you out here. Just agree with her it will make your life so much easier."
Gerard still was frowning, "Monica it's not like I can't afford to buy her a new car." He looked at his dad hoping for some moral support. Don just smiled.
"Gerard I already told you. I don't want you buying a new car for her. We are just supposed to get her a nice, dependable used car."
"But honey" he saw her determined look and shut his mouth.
"I thought I heard something about your daughter and Bob. Aren't they planning on marrying after she finishes school?" Don asked trying to break the staring contest that was going on between Gerard and Monica.
"Well yes, I think that is still their plan." Monica admitted. At least it had been their plan until recently. Now she wasn't so sure with Bob disappearing to Chicago.
Gerard looked at his dad and smiled,"Hey good point. Bob can buy her a new car when he marries her. So what do you have in a newer used car?"
Monica rolled her eyes at him. "Gerard Arthur"
He looked at her innocently, "What?"
Her cell phone went off before she could answer him. Looking at the caller ID she was surprised, "It's Bob," she said.
She answered; "Hello" Looking over at Gerard she noted the concerned look on his face.
"Monica it's me, Bob." he sounded hurried, "I need to talk to you about something do you have a minute or two?'
She noticed that Don was motioning for them to follow him out of the cool morning breeze to the warmth inside the dealership. She followed," Sure what is it?"
Inside Don led them to his office where they each took a seat. She waited for Bob to continue but he seemed to be saying "UH" instead of anything else. "Bob what's wrong?"
"Nothing is really wrong. I just think I should have talked to you first"
Gerard was looking at her wondering what was going on, well so was she, "What did you do?"
"I decided I wanted to surprise Kara with a gift." he paused again, "Uh, a ring that belonged to my great-grandmother." he hurriedly added, "I know that Kara and I agreed not to talk about marriage until she is out of school but I just wanted her to have it before I left for Europe. I mean you know I gave her that ring at Christmas but this one is different. This one is special it's really an, uh its uh." He paused then added "an engagement ring"
"I see" Monica said slowly.
Once more he sounded flustered, "Well we don't have to call it that. I mean I really just want her to have it. So I decided kind of last minute to fly home and get it but I didn't plan on losing my cell phone or getting mugged on the way home."
She gasped, "Are you alright?"
"Yea I'm fine. Just pissed it happened. I would have called Kara yesterday but by the time I got to Chicago without my cell phone, got mugged then made a police report I was felling pretty shitty. Add to that the fact that I realized I should have asked you before making plans to give her the ring, well.."
Monica smiled, "Well I can tell you she has been pretty damned upset. She thought she did something to make you mad."
He sounded horrified, "Oh hell no. I'm sorry I upset her. Monica I love her more every day and I didn't think that was possible."
She smiled to let Gerard know everything was fine. "Bob get yourself to Jersey and we'll talk but I don't think there will be any problem with you giving her your gift."
There was relief in his voice, "Thanks Monica. Don't tell Kara you talked to me OK. I want to surprise her. My plane will be in around 7 tonight and Mikey is gonna pick me up. She will be at Donna's won't she?"
"I will make sure she is, have a safe trip Bob" She disconnected after he said goodbye.
Monica gave Gerard and Don a recount of the conversation. She didn't tell them it was an engagement ring just that it was a special gift. Gerard laughed, "Well hell he should have told me what was going on."
"Well now are we ready to find a car for Kara?" Don asked standing up and heading out towards the used car section of the lot. Gerard linked his fingers with Monica's as they followed.
"So do you think you are always going to win every argument when we get married?' he asked her in a hushed tone. Not quiet enough Don didn't hear.
"Son I told you, just let her win it will make your life so much easier." he laughed.
In the end they chose a very nice used 2005 red Dodge Stratus. Monica knew this was the make of car Gerard favored so she teased him about choosing it. He took her teasing in stride. "Hey you gotta admit it's a nice car."
"It is a nice car" she agreed, "Kara will love it."
"Maybe she will let me borrow it," he said as they drove back to Donna's. "Now all we have to do is replace this piece with a car for us and it will be all good."
"You keep calling my car a piece and I won't let you drive it anymore" she said faking a frown. "This car has gotten me by for years." she told him looking fondly around the interior of the old Ford Tempo.
He smiled, "It's still a piece."
She wished the car didn't have a center console so she could snuggle up to him. "Why haven't you ever bought yourself a car?'
He shrugged, "I've been on tour so much I just didn't need one. Same reason I never bought myself a house."
She looked over at him; "The girls and I are bringing big changes to your life aren't we?"
He looked over at her and smiled, "Yep, but they are good changes. I want these changes, Monica. I don't wanna be alone anymore."
"I love you Gee," she said softly.
Her words were rewarded with the lop-sided grin, "I love you baby"
He started to say more when the sound of metal hitting metal reverberated through the car. Gerard swore and struggled to keep the car under control. Monica who had forgotten to fasten her seatbelt was thrown foreword her head hitting the dashboard with a sickening thud.
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