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I Will Protect You

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Wedding plans are discussed but the safety of loved ones is in question.

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It was well after midnight when Jamia and Frank left the Way home. They had enjoyed an evening talking about babies and wedding plans. Frank wanted to get married immediately but now it was Jamia who wasn't quite sure she was ready to walk down the aisle, at least not within the next few days. The band would be leaving for Europe for a month and she wanted to wait until they got back. Frank wanted to get married before he left.
Gerard also wanted to marry before leaving for the European tour. Monica, like Jamia wanted to wait until the band got back. Her reasoning was that since they would have a month before they starting touring again after getting back from Europe, she and Gee could have a short honeymoon. He was still unconvinced. They had agreed on the fact that they wanted to find a place of their own before he left.
Monica and Gerard were sitting on the sofa just enjoying being alone. Everyone else had gone to bed, including Kara who was visibly upset because Bob hadn't called. When Gerard had suggested she call him she had shook her head sadly and told him that it was obvious Bob didn't want to talk to her. The subject was still on his mind.
"Do you think I should call Bob and see what is going on?" he asked Monica. "I mean it is pretty shitty he hasn't called her. I actually didn't know he was flying on to Chicago until this morning. He had Jerry make the arrangements without telling any of us."
Monica snuggled closer to him, "You don't have any idea what he's doing in Chicago?"
Gerard shook his head, "I have no fucking idea. She's right he had been planning on her meeting him at the airport. Fuck, it's all he had talked about for days."
"Are you sure he is coming back here tomorrow night?" she asked. Her daughter was hurting and she hoped this wouldn't result in heartache.
"That's what he said when I got off the plane." He looked at his watch, "actually he will be back tonight, it's after midnight."
Monica looked into his eyes and saw how drained he looked, "Honey you need to get some sleep. I know how early you got up."
He hugged her tighter to him, "I'm not gonna sleep until we talk about Jenn. Now tell me what has been going on. We gotta deal with this somehow." He reached for his pack of cigarettes and lit one. He exhaled a stream of smoke waiting for her to speak.
"Well, you know about the letter at Brain's and Jenn being at the school." He nodded so she continued, "there was another note left on my car."
He interrupted her, "When?"
"The day Jamia realized she was pregnant. Evidently Jenn had been following me because she mentioned pregnancy, she must have seen me buy the home pregnancy test."
He took another drag off the cigarette, "Wait I'm confused. I didn't know you had bought a home pregnancy test for Jamia."
"Yes, I went out and bought one. The note said, "So do you feel bad you can't have a baby?"
His eyes narrowed in anger "What else did it say?"
Monica sighed, "It said, "Don't worry about it too much. You wouldn't be around to raise a child anyway."
"Son of a bitch, Monica that is a direct threat. You took it to the police didn't you?"
She didn't meet his questioning look, "Monica why not?"
"I don't know Gee. I was just so pissed off. Jenn knows how much it hurt me when I found out I could never have any more children. I was just so angry I threw it away."
He snuffed out the cigarette and put his arms around her, "Honey, I understand how you feel but this is serious. That was a threat against your life."
"That's what Alicia said too." She laid her head on his shoulder.
"Well shit, Alicia saw the note? Why didn't she tell Mikey?"
Monica smirked, "Oh so he could have told you?"
His tone was angry, "Yea, he would have told me. I should have been told. What else has happed I don't know about?"
"Gee, please lets not argue OK? I'm sorry if I made a choice you don't understand but I was only trying to protect you. By not telling you I thought I was doing what was best for you."
He let out a long sigh, "Ok honey, I get that. Still you can't blame me for being upset. The woman I love is being threatened. How the fuck do you think I'm gonna take it?"
Monica was silent for a minute then she spoke, "Jenn also showed up at the girls bus stop. She didn't do anything but sit in her car and watch them. Kara knew it was her so they walked back home. Jenn followed them but took off once they were here."
"That is why we are gonna get her a car, so they don't have to wait at the bus stop anymore, right?" He had known there was a reason; he just hadn't realized it was such a serious reason.
"Yes, that 's why." She said in a small voice. "I did go to the police. They made a report about it."
"OK, anything else I should know?" he asked reaching over and pulling her onto his lap. He nuzzled her neck, "Anything else you are keeping from me?"
She reached up and pulled his face to hers. Her lips hungrily captured his. When they were breathless she told him, "I'm sorry if you think I made the wrong decision, Gee. I just love you so much, I was afraid to tell you. Afraid you would worry too much."
He closed his eyes a moment. When he opened them again she was watching him closely. "OK no more secrets. We tell each other the truth, promise?"
She put her head in the crook of his neck, "I promise," she whispered.
He kissed the top of her head, "I'm not sure how to handle this. I'll talk to Brian in the morning about maybe hiring someone to keep an eye on the girls."
Monica sat up. "Like a bodyguard, oh Gee do you really think that is necessary?
"I don't know that to think. All I do know is I want to know the girls are safe; I want to know you are safe. While I'm home I'm planning on guarding your body all the time" he tried to erase some of the fear on her face by teasing her. "I like guarding your body."
"Gee, I'm always safe when I'm with you." She told him.
He hugged her, "Yep, I will never let anything happen to you. But we can't watch the girls all the time. We will get Kara a car tomorrow. In the morning I will get up and drive them to school."
She shook her head, "No, you are too tired. You need to try to sleep late. I'll drive them."
He took her face in between his hands, "Monica, I want to do this for the girls. I want them to know that I'm gonna take care of them, do you understand that?"
His beautiful eyes were staring directly at her and she understood. It was important to him that the girls felt he was their protector. God, she loved his man. "I understand, Gee. Thank you."
He kissed the tip of her nose; "Don't thank me for taking care of you or the girls. It is what I want to do because you and the girls are mine. You, Kara and Kelly are my family and I love you all." He turned on the sofa so that he could lie down and pulled her with him. His lips trailed down her neck, his hands moved down her back gently pushing her body to his, molding her to him. The ringing of the phone startled both of them.
"Who the fuck would be calling this late?" He asked watching Monica get up quickly to grab the receiver. She said hello and as he watched he saw her face change. It was a look of pure hatred and something else, fear. She slammed the receiver back down.
"Monica?" he watched her simply stare at the phone as if it was the devil.
"It was Jenn. I know her voice." She sounded shaky.
He stood and moved towards her, "What did she say?"
"She said "I hope you're enjoying the little bit of time you have left with your lover you whore cause soon you will be as dead as your husband. The only man who ever really loved you."
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