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Gerard finds out Liv and Elena visited Donna. Frank and Jamia share their news.

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Monica looked out her window at the passing blur of buildings as they traveled home. After the emotional encounter they had faced, taking about Liv and Gerard's true feelings towards her, time had slipped away from them as they had simply held each other. Gerard had said he wished they could just stay at the hotel for the rest of the day but they couldn't. Donna and the girls were waiting for them with a special dinner planned by Donna for her son's return. But before they arrived home Monica knew she had to tell Gerard what has happened between Liv and his mother. However the thought of bring up Liv again seemed almost too much.
"What are you thinking about?" he asked glancing over at her briefly. The traffic was brutal and required his complete attention. He knew by the way she was looking out her window and not meeting his gaze something was troubling her. When she didn't answer right away he spoke again, "I'm sorry we didn't have time to talk about the situation with Jenn."
"It's not that, Gee. We can talk about that tonight." She turned slightly in her seat to face him. "It's about Liv and your mom."
He cut her a surprised look, "What are you talking about? I mean I sort of figured you had told mom about Liv and Elena." Guilt caused him to add, "I'm really sorry I didn't handle it myself, I should have called mom and told her."
Monica reached over and placed her hand on his thigh. "I didn't have to tell her. Before I got back to Jersey Liv had gone to see your mom. She had Elena with her."
"Oh, fuck" he said watching the traffic which had slowed down due to a wreck. He sighed, "She took Elena to mom's? What did she say?" He quickly glanced over, "What did mom say?"
"You mom said she just showed up on her doorstep. Donna said at first when she saw Liv she was just going to slam the door in her face but then she saw Elena." Monica watched his face trying to gage his emotions.
"Well shit. What happened? I can't believe Mom didn't call me about this"
Monica tried to explain, "Gee, your mom has been worried about you. She didn't know what to do and when I got back she and I discussed the whole situation. She decided to wait until you got back instead of calling you to talk." She chose her words carefully, "Donna said that the few times she had talked to you, you had sounded sort of depressed. She thought that you and I were having problems."
He shook his head slowly, "What a fucking mess I've made. I should have just handled all of this head on. So what did Liv say to mom? No, actually I want to know what mom thought about Elena?"
Monica's voice was gentle, "She said that as soon as she saw Elena she knew she was a Way. Gee, I don't understand why Liv did it. Donna said she and Elena came in and sat down. When your mom kept looking at Elena, Liv smiled and said that she didn't think it was fair for her not to know her grandchild."
He let out a long sigh, "What else did Liv say?"
Monica shook her head, "That is the weird part. When your mom asked her what she was doing she said Liv looked like she was about to cry. Then she suddenly stood up took Elena's hand and told your mom that she was sorry she had come. They walked out of the house while your mom just sat there wondering what the hell had just happened."
"God, what a mess." Gerard said again, "What you just described doesn't sound like Liv at all. When we were together I only saw her cry once." His voice echoed a deep sadness, "and that was when I told her I loved her, the day that picture was taken. The day we spent not fucked up on drugs or alcohol."
"The wildflowers" Monica added sadly.
"The wildflowers" he confirmed in a whisper. His mind flashed back to the dream about the field of wildflowers and Monica. He tried to get the image out of his mind, "Yea that day." He saw the Belleville exit and slowed the car. "Has anyone talked to her since she was at mom's?"
"No, not as far as I know." Softly she asked "What do you think is going on? Why did she act like that?"
He frowned, "Hell, I have no idea. Did mom say if she looked like she looked like? Is she still doing drugs?"
Monica shook her head, "She didn't mention it. I'm pretty sure your mom would have said something if she thought Liv was high and had Elena with her. Donna would have tried to stop her if she thought Elena was in any danger."
He ran a hand over his face, "Fuck, I need to find Liv and handle this once and for all."
Monica reached up and touched his cheek. Softly she asked," Gee, you do believe she is your daughter don't you?"
They were almost home. He thought a few minutes before answering. "It seems as if everyone who had seen her thinks she is mine."
"Your mom is sure. She said the likeness between you and Elena is uncanny. Gee, maybe Liv is really trying to change her life for the better. The way she talked with Bert the last time he saw her and the way she was with your mom sort of makes it seem that way."
"I don't know, Monica. Something seems so wrong. I mean if Liv has gotten her shit together than I'm really happy for her. Still I need to see Elena and decide what is best for her. I want to make she is safe and being taken care of."
"What is she isn't? What if Liv is still on drugs? Then what will you do?"
He pulled in front of the house and killed the engine. "Then I have to figure out how to handle it. Figure out what is best for Elena."
Gerard turned to her and she looked into his eyes, "Figure out how to be a dad."
He took her hand in his, "Yea, figure out how to be a dad to a little girl I've never met."
They got out of the car and walked towards the door. Gerard had his arm around Monica; he pulled her close and stopped before the reached the front steps. "I love you," he told her tenderly.
She smiled up at him, "Love you too" she kissed him wishing they were alone once more.
They were lost in the kiss when the door opened. "So my prodigal son has returned" Donna stood with her arms crossed looking at Gerard.
He looked at this mom sheepishly, "Hay ma, sorry I didn't call much." This was the conversation they always seemed to have when he was away. He moved to her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She surprised him by putting her arms around him and hugging him tightly.
"Ok mom I wasn't gone that long" he smiled at her when she released him. "How come you never give Mikey the guilty treatment?"
Donna laughed, "Who says I don't? I've already talked to him on the phone." She stood back so they could enter. "He and Alicia will be over in the morning. Then I will give him the complete guilt treatment."
Kara was standing right inside the door when they walked in. "Hey, Gerard welcome back. So what is going on with Bob?"
"My daughter is direct and to the point." Monica said to Gerard.
He laughed, "For sure." He knew Kara wasn't going to be pleased with his answer. "I'm sorry but I really don't know. All he told me was there was something important he had to handle in Chicago. Hasn't he called you?"
"Not since yesterday. I mean we has been making plans for when he got back and we had even talked about how I was going to be at the airport to meet him. Then all of a sudden I get a call from Jerry telling me that Bob is gonna fly on to Chicago."
Gerard felt terrible. He could tell by her voice alone she was very upset but still trying to understand. "He told me he will be back in Jersey tomorrow night. I'm sure he will call you as soon as he can."
Kara's bottom lip trembled, "If he wanted to talk to me he could call anytime. I just don't understand. Did I say something to make him mad at me?"
"Kara, really he didn't seem mad or upset. He probably just has something he has to take care of back at his house." He took a few steps foreword and put his arm around her. "I'm sure everything will be OK"
She looked up at him and nodded, "I hope so, Gerard." She gave him a quick hug and headed towards the kitchen.
Gerard noticed that Kelly was now standing by her mom. She smiled at him "Hi Gerard."
He walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, "Hey, Kelly did you miss me?"
Monica was touched to see how the hug made Kelly look so happy. "Yea sort of I guess," she answered shyly.
"So I'm betting you want me to make you breakfast in the morning, right?" he released her and looked down at her young face.
She giggled, "Oh no I don't. Besides Donna won't let you."
"Amen to that" Donna said rolling her eyes. "Come on dinner is ready," she announced as they all moved towards the kitchen. The dinner and the conversation were excellent. Donna has made one of her son's favorite meals, spaghetti with homemade meatballs. He told her more than once how happy he was to be home.
Afterwards Kara and Kelly offered to clean up the kitchen making Monica very proud of them. Donna, Gerard and Monica moved into the living room. As soon as they were seated Gerard who was sitting next to Monica looked over at his mother. "Mom, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Liv. I should have called you and I'm sorry you found out the way you did."
Donna shook her head, "Son, I'm more worried about you than anything else. How are you, really?"
He smiled "Mom I love you, always worrying about me. Really I'm OK. Monica and I are strong and together we will face anything that comes our way." He put his arm around this fiancée and hugged her to him.
Donna smiled, "She is the best thing that has ever happened to you and you have no idea how happy I am that you two are together." she paused a moment before continuing, "So how are you going to handle this with Liv? Gerard, that little girl is your daughter. You have to take responsibility for her."
He nodded, "Mom, I will. You have to understand it was a little hard for me to find out I had a daughter from Bert. I never even knew Liv was pregnant. I would have done something if I had known."
Secretly Donna was glad that he hadn't known. She was sure Gerard would have tried his hardest to convince her to marry him. While she was happy to have a grandchild the idea of Liv as a daughter-in-law was unthinkable. "Monica told me that she has moved. Do you have any way of finding her?"
Gerard shook his head, "I've tried to call Bert to see if he has any idea how to find her but he's still in England and I haven't been able to reach him. Liv never really had any friends, just the people we knew when we were together but by the time she left me we weren't really hanging with anyone."
The doorbell rang followed by rapid knocking. "Who on earth?" Donna said as she stood and walked towards the front door. She opened it to see a grinning Frank and Jamia. Frank launched himself at her, throwing his arms around her to keep her from falling. "Mom, did you miss me?"
Donna laughed at him, "Oh, Frankie my favorite son of course I missed you." He released her and she hugged Jamia. When the door was closed, Frank put his arm around Donna's shoulder. "So mom, Jamia and I have something to tell you but you better sit down."
Donna's eyes grew wide. "Oh my God you're gonna have a baby" She rushed to Jamia and hugged her again.
Frank frowned, "OK, so much for me getting to tell you."
Donna pulled him into the hug, "Well what did you think I was going to think? Jamia is positively glowing." She pulled Jamia over to the sofa, which had been vacated by Gerard and Monica. They had gone to stand by Frank. "Sit, sit," she told her. "Now have you had any craving?"
Jamia smiled at her, "Well I kind of wanted a slice of pizza on the way over here but Frank said I didn't need it, cause he had just eaten at my parents house." she shot Frank an evil look.
Donna gave him the same look. "Frank, you and Gerard go right now and get this girl pizza."
"Mom is this one of those weird Italian superstitions?" He was going to say more but when he saw his mom's face he shut his mouth.
"Gerard Arthur, this is not a stupid superstition. I wish I had listened to mom when I was pregnant with you."
"Oh, do tell" Jamia was excited at hearing any story that concerned pregnancy.
Donna sat down on the sofa beside her, "The belief is that a pregnant woman should always satisfy her cravings of else the baby will be born with a birthmark in the form of the desired food. My mom told me this when I was pregnant with Gerard but I didn't listen. I was tying not to gain too much weight so I didn't' t want to stuff my face with strawberry bagels but that was what I was craving."
Monica looked over at Gerard and tried not to laugh. She knew about Gerard's birthmark but had never really thought about it looking like a bagel. However now that Donna had said that..She burst out laughing. Gerard shot her a silencing look but it didn't work. "Oh my God, Gee. It does look like a strawberry bagel," she was laughing so hard she had tears.
Jamia giggled, "Hey Gerard, can we see this birthmark?"
He turned to push Frank towards the door, "Better go get her some pizza. It would be bad to have a kid with a pizza shaped birthmark."
Frank laughed, "You're right bagel butt. Lets go"
Jamia laughed harder than Frank, "Oh poor Gerard, a bagel birthmark on his butt." She yelled out as they were opening the door, "Don't forget I need more than one slice. I don't want either baby to have a pizza birthmark"
Her remark caused Donna to gasp, "Oh my Jamia, twins?"
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