Review for Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

(#) Alorkin 2007-08-13

Luna's question bears investigation (By the dedicated reporters of the Quibbler, of course.) Which chocolate frogs are boy frogs and which are girl frogs? Interested minds want to know!

Harry's lectures are well thought out and presented. I read your notes and disagree with your assessment. Odysseus is not being preachy. He's simply trying to get his students to think for themselves rather than simply take the Ministry's thoughts as their own. I think you should have used precedents, including the Nazi Party, Grindelwald and possibly Rasputin, but that likely would have garnered you a whole bunch of trouble.

Your last cliffy is almost expected. Odysseus has been harassing Ginny enough that Tom would be getting nervous. Maybe that's what he planned on, or they just got lucky.

I eagerly await the next page of 'Like a Song...'. Alorkin

Author's response

The problem with beating a dead horse is that the meat gets tougher to chew. Next chapter is well on its way if I can figure out the formatting problems I've got now. BJH