Review for St-st-stutter Something Profound

St-st-stutter Something Profound

(#) Geets 2007-08-15

OH MY GAD, Its been so long since ive been on here i didnt realise u wrote a sequel!! i feel awful now!! Why didnt u tell me?!?!?

Actually, I feel very happy :D That was AWESOME dude! I loved it! Up in the cabin... The beard :D Teehee. It was brilliant. But whats new?!

It took me a few seconds to realise they were on the phone, lol. How come Raquel's not feeling well on his birthday?! I hope she feels better! Geetsxx

Author's response

I did tell you! But my timing sucked a.k.a. ficwad was being a meanie. XD

Of course! The beard!