Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-08-21

I liked this chap too. It was funny. Espec. the line about them not being allowed to have a hammer! No but I liked it cause its not really about those little things like him moving in too many action figures or tearing down her closet. (Although I wouldve freaked too!) Its deeper than that you know? Skys kinda freaking out now realizing what they did. Instead of things being hers and his, its 'thiers' now. I liked how you portrayed it. I really did. And I LOVED how Mikey didnt say sh*t about it. just stood back and watched kinda like I told you so! But im kinda confused if Mikey knows they are married or not. It wasnt quite clear cause you said. and Im quoting you I still felt guilty about getting married without telling him, especially when his respond to Gerard and I appearing the next morning, announcing that Gerard moves in with me... mmm annoucing that Gerards moving in but you never said why! so it could go either way you know? Im leaning towards no personally cause I just get that feeling but I could be wrong... Please clarify in the next chapter which is coming up in what like the next two minutes right???----xoxo