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Gerard Way- Interior designer.

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I watched Gerard put his entire room and then some into 5768 carton boxes, "Would you really need all your comic books?".
"Off course", he looked at me like he's surprised I even asked that.
"And absolutely all your 572 markers?", I peeked in one random box.
"Couldn't live without them", he wrote 'really important' on the box with a black marker.
"Come on Gerard, action figures?", I shook my head in disbelief, "How old are you again?.
"My precious", he wrote 'extremely important' with the same black marker on that box too.
"Gee baby, we share a room not a mansion", I tried to talk some sense into him.
"That's OK, I'll use Mikey's room too", he gave me a reassuring smile.
"You can't do it", I smiled back politely.
"Because..?", he stopped his box labeling and stared at me with his marker open and ready to roll.
"Cause it's Mikey's room", I said simply, "And Bob's moving with him"
"He's my brother", he dismissed me and went back to writing on boxes.
"Don't be selfish Gerard and leave some of the 545 comics in your parents house", I tried to reason with him
"But I need this stuff", he pouted.
"Do you really need all your books? And all you Cd's even though Mikey have the same Cd's?"
"Yes", he crossed his arms on his chest.
"Gerard", I smirked at him.
"I need all my shit".
"I can see that", I threw my hands in defeat, it was a lost battle.
He will move all his stuff into my room.
He will find space for it.
And I will find myself on the sofa.
Frankie moved a few months ago with Janet and Gerard and Bob are moving in with Mikey, Ray and I.
Bob will share a room with Mikey since he has the bigger room and I will share a room with my husband. Who insists on taking all his comics, markers and action figures with him.

"Hey dude", I closed the door behind me, it was one hell of a long day.
"Greetings", Mikey waved, he was watching sci-fi flicks again.
Seriously, these movies are so unbelievable, so OK they're aliens.
Smart aliens do research and know that no human being says greetings nowadays, they would be exposed in like seconds. Stupid aliens.
"Where's everybody?", I looked around. It looked rather quiet.
"Ray's out. Bob's out. Gerard's decorating", his eyes never left the screen with the stupid-greetings-saying-green aliens.
"Decorating?", I frowned, "What can he possibly decorate?".
Mikey gave me a small smirk when a loud bang came from my room, "Fuck".
Mikey shook his head, I ran to my room and flung the door open, "What the fuck?"
"Oh you're home", Gerard sent me a guilty smile.
He stood in the middle my room.... OK, what used to be my room.
The bed wasn't where it used to be, the closet...Wait, there was no closet, my drawer was..somewhere and Gerard stood in the center of the wreck I once called my room, it looked like a war zone.
"What", I stepped inside, jaw hanging low, "Why".
Gerard giggled, "I tried to make it more home-y for me".
"So you lived in a dump before?", I exclaimed.
"Why is the bed there?", I pointed to where the bed stood.
"Well, you see I don't like how the light falls on my eyes in the morning", he held a hammer.
None of the Way brothers was allowed to have a hammer, I mean if I wanted to risk my life, I would just skip down the road during lunch break in New York.
Seriously, a Way brother plus a hammer means so much trouble it's not even funny!
"That's why I have a curtain", I motioned to where I USED to have a curtain, "Where is it?".
"I removed it. no, wait. Listen", he said when he saw my face expression, "It's just uncomfortable, you forget to draw it at night so I have to wake at 5 AM to close it and besides it isn't pretty".
"I choose it", I exclaimed.
"I brought my own curtain", he dig throw piles of junk on the floor.
No wait, after a close look, it appears to be my clothes, "See? That's pretty", he held up a red curtain with black bat pattern.
I didn't mind changing the curtain but not after he just insulted my curtain ,"So my curtain isn't pretty enough for you".
"No offense", he shrugged.
"And...umm where's my closet? It wasn't pretty enough too?", I put my hands on my hips.
"You see", he scratched his head with the hammer, "I had a little technical obstacle with it".
he had a hammer in his hand, talking about technical obstacle and my poor closet, what's wrong with this picture, "How little?".
"I though the closet would make great drawers and shelves we can fit there", he swung his hammer to the left.
"No Gerard", I cried.
"We researched the shit on the Internet have a tiny problem executing it", he gulped.
"We?", I hissed.
"Mikey and I", he mumbled.
I lifted a wooden stick off the floor, "You want to tell me that this is my closet?".
"Sorta", he smiled widely.
"You idiots tore my closet apart?", I closed my eyes and dropped the stick, "To make pretty drawers".
"Yeah, I even sketched it", he crouched on the floor and went through couple of papers, "I had it here somewhere".
"Gerard you wrecked my room", I stamped my feet.
"I wanted to make it mine", he sighed.
"You fucking wrecked it", I pouted, "And where's my fairies collection and my posters and my coffin lamp and my photography crap and my books?".
"Relax, it's in the basement", he waved his hands, still looking for the fucking sketch.
"What basement?", I stared at him.
"The building's basement", he shrugged like it's not a big deal.
"The one with mold and fucking human size rats?", I screamed.
"There's no rats", he said calmly, "The street cats are scaring the rats off".
"Gerard", I threw my hands in the air.
"What?", he moaned, "Just let me find the sketch".
"Leave the fucking sketch and get my stuff back", I ordered.
"But there would be no room for my stuff", he pouted, still looking for the sketch.
"It's your problem and it's MY room", I hissed.
"Don't you mean ours?", he stopped looking for the damn sketch.
"No, I mean my fucking room", I shrieked.
"But Skyler..", he mumbled.
"No butts and asses! I want my shit back NOW", I stamped my foot again.
"Fine", he grunted and dumped his hammer. He walked past me with his head slightly hanging and slammed the door on his way to bring my shit back.

"What's up?", the slightly amused Mikey appeared in the doorway.
"Not my closet. Look", I exclaimed, stretching my hand to show him the damage, "And you helped".
I couldn't be upset with Mikey, I still felt guilty about getting married without telling him, especially when his respond to Gerard and I appearing the next morning, announcing that Gerard moves in with me, all Mikey did was to meet my eyes, smile and hug me tight, he knew and didn't resent me for it but I felt that I have to be extra nice, extra friendly, extra everything to him.
"He was trying to decorate", Mikey shrugged.
"But Mikey", I moaned.
"Just saying", he smiled at the room and left.
I could tell he was enjoying this, this was his way of revenge, just let Gerard and I bang heads and see that he was right, don't let the innocent geeky appearance fool you, he was a bad motherfucker.
The door slammed again, announcing Gerard's return, "Here are YOUR stuff in YOUR room, I'll just sleep on the sofa", he looked like a punished school boy, all pouting and upset.
"Gerard wait", I sighed, "But you can't just take over my room without saying shit".
He looked down.
I came closer, and wrapped my hands around his neck, "We'll work it out, OK?".
He nodded innocently.
"You own me a closet though", I kicked a few wooden sticks, lying under my feet.
"No", he lead me to the center of the room and grabbed his hammer again, "I have this vision"

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