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Mikey and the evil machine.

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when feeling guilty gets in the way of hanging up on the hysterical friend...

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My phone vibrated in my pocket, I was in the middle of my theoretical photography final, the class was still except for pens tips meeting the white paper, and occasional sweat breaking by people who didn't study, coughs, lip biting, page flipping, fingernails tapping, hair pulling and my phone vibrating.
By the 5th time it went off I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom.
Mr.Dickhead gave me 5 seconds.

it was Mikey, it's probably important, he won't call so many times knowing I'm in the middle of my fucking final.
"What do you want?", I whispered when he answered after the 2nd ring.
"The washing machine makes funny noises", he answered seriously.
I closed my eyes, "Mikey, I was in the middle of a fucking final exam. I thought something horrible happened".
"Something horrible is about to happen", he sounded scared.
"Mikey", I moaned.
"But Sky it's making these weird noises", he whispered panicked.
I cursed in my head, "What noises?".
"Like grr grr and then morr morr morr", he demonstrated.
If I wasn't stressed out because of my exam time ticking away I would have laughed, "Are you high, Mikey?".
"No!", he sounded offended, "Seriously it never did it before".
"What did you do?", I sighed, Mikey doesn't get along with appliances. If it wasn't for Ray, we would've left without a toaster. Or a fridge. Or the oven. Or the microwave.
The only thing he doesn't get the urge to tear apart is the TV.
"Nothing! I swear!", he yelled in my ear.
"Mikey", I rubbed my eyes tiredly.
"I swear Sky, I just loaded it and it went all grrr grr on my ass", he shrieked.
"Where are the other guys?", the not technology challenged I added in my mind.
"Out, without their mobiles", Mikey answered.
"Then turn it off Mikey!", I looked at my watch and was sorry for even looking at it, it was 30 minutes to the end of the exam and I still had plenty of unanswered questions.
"I can't", he whispered.
"What do you mean you can't?!", I was torn between hanging up on Mikey and finishing my test and leaving him in distress, my guilty ass was still feeling horrible for not telling him i married his brother, "Just push the button or unplug it. Whatever!".
"I can't go there", he squealed.
"Why not?", I was afraid to ask. Images of our place overflowed and Mikey hanging on to the sofa so he wouldn't drown.
"Told you, it makes funny sounds", he said like I'm so stupid.
"It's a motherfucking washing machine Mikey! Turn it the fuck off!", I was trying not to yell.
"I'm not going there!", he insisted.
I have to lure him there, so he turn it off, "Where are you now?.
"In my room", he whispered, "Behind the bed".
The mental picture made me smirk, 22 years old guy hiding behind his bed because the evil washing machine goes grr grr on him.
"I want to hear what noises it makes", I tried to keep the laughter out of my voice.
"I told you!", he screamed a little, "Grr grr and then morr morr".
"Yeah", I tried to think of the fact that I'm about to fail a final because my friend fears the washing machine to stop myself from laughing, "But I need to know what kind of grr grr it is. It can be a relaxed grr grr or an angry grr grr".
"It's something along the lines of grr grr", he explained, "Like not angry grr grr more like upset grr grr".
"I can't hear the difference", I sighed, I'm so screwed.
"Angry is like grr grr", he pointed out, "And upset is more like a soft grr grr".
"Mikey go there!", I hissed.
"No- ugh".
"Now Mikey"
He grumbled and grunted after a while he came back on the line, "Did you hear it?".
"What?", I was confused.
"You're not even paying attention! I let you listen to the grr-ing and you didn't even noticed"
Holy motherfucker! he actually let me listen to it, as if in he put the phone so I could hear what kind of grr it was. I swear I don't know what goes in that head of his, "Let me hear again"
He sighed, "Here".
I heard a soft humming and rolled my eyes.
"Did you hear? It was kinda grr grr but not really aggressive".
"Yeah, um, I heard", I mumbled, "I think you just need to let it rest and turn it off until Ray comes back".
He considered it for a moment, "Good thinking. Thanks", he hung up on me.
I looked up to the ceiling, "I've been a puppie torturer in previous life, haven't I?"

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