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Ranting leads to re parking....

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"Come on, dude", Amy moaned.
Gerard shook his head.
"Please! It would be so much fun!",she nudged him.
"Then go ahead while I sit here and watch you having fun", Gerard pouted.
"You're such a chicken!", Amy protested loudly.
"I'm not", Gerard argued back.
"Amy, it's not like he's ever been on stage", I smirked, "I mean, I can get it if he was in a band with 2 records on the shelves but he's not so what's the point", I turned to Gerard with a pitiful expression on my face, "That's OK, honey we understand your stage fright".
Gerard looked amused, "Oh shut up guys, I haven't drank enough to do it yet".
I elbowed him.
"Well", Frank hiccuped, "If our front man doesn't do it, we will do it, right Mikels?", he flung his arm around Mikey's shoulders.
Mikey gulped and nodded.
They both emptied their glasses ,got up and made their way to the stage.

I watched Mikey and Frankie make fools out of themselves on stage and completely killing a Sting song.
We all clapped when they were finished, the other karaoke fanatics in the restaurant, gave them cool looks.
"Let's go to the bathroom", Amy tugged on my sleeve.
"I'm going to the bathroom", I whispered in Gerard's ear and stood up.
He nodded and kissed me.
We managed to make our way through the busy restaurant and I swear every female in this place was waiting in line for the bathroom, "Shit".
"So, how's it like to live with Gerard?", Amy craned her head to try to gain a view on the bathroom door.
"I love him", I sighed, "I really do but he drives me insane!".
"That good!?", Amy giggled.
"I mean, first he took over my room and trashed it, tore my closet apart and built drawers from it, ugly looking drawers, then he keeps knocking off my fairies and putting his action figures instead, he occupies the bathroom more than all of us combined together. And he turned Marta Stewart on my ass, baking and preparing meals and Ray's encouraging it!", I took a deep breathe, "And he prepares me sandwiches with whipped cream and tuna to work, I mean apart from him and Mikey, I haven't heard of anyone eating that shit, and he draws the curtain before we go to sleep but then I can fall asleep because I'm used to street lamp when I fall asleep,"I waved my hands around, "And he always all over me when we sleep and sometimes it gets really hot or he watches TV with the guys until the dawn and then come to bed and wake me and I can't fall asleep after that", I sighed, "Sometimes it's so hard not to snap and I really try my best cause I know he does that cause he cares but sometimes it's like argg I need my space, you know?", I turned to look at her, "and you know what's the worse thing? he leaves the cap of the shampoo open!"
"Oh the horror!", Amy exclaimed sarcastically.
"I know!", I ignored the obvious sarcasm, "People who leave the caps open should be banned!".
"Totally", she rolled her eyes.
"Oh. Oh", I jumped up and down to see if the line is moving, "He fucking takes my stuff and forgets where he puts them and he doesn't even ask first!"
"That bastard", Amy shooked her head, amused.
"Tell me about it!", I exclaimed, happy to find somone who understands my logic,"Oh and have I told you about him leaving his stuff all around my room?! And I actually tripped over his coat once!".
"Unbelievable!", Amy gasped.
"How am I supposed to deal with this shit?!", I sighed, shaking my head.
"Beats me", she shrugged, still smirking.
"Fuck, what have I put myself into, I can't survive another comic admiration night", I rolled my eyes, feeling the annoyance flash over every organ in my body.
"I'm sorry I'm such a pain in the ass", I heard Gerard's voice behind me and spun so fast I got dizzy.
"Gerard", I mumbled and the look in his eyes staked me like 100 little knives.
"Forget it", he walked on Amy and I.
"Crap", she said, still staring ahead.
"Major crap", I sighed and wanted to go after him when Amy grabbed my arm, "Let him cool off".
I nodded.
"It's not easy living together and you might drive each other crazy", Amy rubbed my back, "But it's normal".
"The annoying part is that I don't seem to drive him insane", I frowned, "And I catch myself trying, you know, make him lash out on me so I won't feel so fucking guilty, I hide his stuff in random places, eat stuff he saved for himself, turn up the heat when he's hot, drop his razor in the toilette, spill his aftershave down the drain, wear all his clothes to the point he has to borrow Ray's, mess with his Cd's. Nothing seems to work, he's just too fucking patient with me".
Guilt was all I felt these days, guilt for not telling the guys about our marriage, guilt for being annoyed with Gerard just guilt guilt guilt wherever I turn.
"Maybe he's more ready than you are or maybe he's trying harder than you are", Amy was prepared with an answer, "But he's bound to lash out on you sometime".
"I hope it would be sometime soon", I sighed heavily.
Amy began laughing, holding her sides.
"What's so funny?", I smiled. I couldn't help but smile when somebody laughed and Amy had such an addictive laugh. Whenever she laughed, the entire room laughed with her, even if no one understood the joke, all you need is Amy to laugh and everybody laughed with her.
"It's just", she giggled some more, "It's just that I never heard of someone who actually wanted to fight with their boyfriend".
I smiled widely, "Gerard and I can't have everything peachy, if it's too peachy someone is about to snap".
"God, I can't wait any longer", she bounced a little on one spot and then grabbed my arm and pulled me through the line of girls who were waiting, "Coming through, she's about to throw up".
Murmurs of disagreements flowed through the line, someone cried bitch.
"Your mama is a bitch", Amy flipped someone before pullinh me into the bathroom.
"Never heard you swear before", I leaned on the sink while Amy rushed to a cubicle.
"The need for pee gets the worst out of me", she called through the closed door, "Could you believe we stood in line for nearly 30 minutes. Even if I didn't need to go, I would by the time I get here".
I stared at my reflection and combed my hair with my fingers and smudged my eyeliner a bit, I didn't like looking in a mirror, Gerard said I was like a vampire.
"God, I feel better", Amy came out of the cubicle with a big smile on her face, she washed her hands and applied a fresh coat of mascara, "Let's go. You have some bagging to do".

"Where's Gee?", I asked Ray after scanning the entire table and not seeing him anywhere.
Ray pointed to the bar where Gerard stood, swaying a bit with a little shot glass and studying the crowd with his unfocused stare.
"Fuck", I mumbled.
I waited a couple of minutes before going after him, "So what's up?", I approached awkwardly.
"Me. Up your ass", he slurred his words.
"Gee, I didn't mean it that way", I rested my hands on his knees.
"Ah forget it", he dawned another drink and signaled for the bar tender to bring him another, "I'm always in your way", he laughed bitterly, "Get it? In your way? I'm a Way!".
I smiled, "Yeah".
"And I knew it too. That it wouldn't last, that's why I tied you down", he rested his forehead on mine, "I'm sorry"
I took the drink the bar tender placed in front of us and drained it so he wouldn't, "We'll work it out. I'm just so used to being alone and there you are caring for me, that freaked me out".
He exposed his teeth in a wide drunken smile, "I always cared for you Skyler Way, always".
I hugged him, "I know. But there was always a distance and now that we don't have that anymore, I'm scared you'd get too close, too tight, that I'd get hurt. I'm so done with getting hurt Gerard, don't hurt me".
"OK", he hiccuped.
He began fiddling with the zipper of my jeans, I slapped his hands away, "Wanna know what brand it is?".
"More than anything", he kissed my neck, more like bit it.
"You'd have to wait", I teased him, pulling away.
"I want to do bad things to you now", he pulled me back to him so his knee was between my legs.
"We're in the middle of a restaurant now", I whispered, his lips were inches away from mine, I blew on them gently, barely touching.
As a respond he moved his knee so it rubbed me between my legs.
"Gerard", I smirked. He was so rough when he was drunk, I couldn't walk for days at a time.
He moved it harder and moved his hands up and down my waist, "Let's go home then".
I could feel the bump in his jeans and shook my head.
He pouted and squeezed my waist, "The van is in the parking lot".
I decided to tease him a little and play hard to get, "I know, I saw Bob parking it, FUCK, I was in it when he did".
He closed his eyes and smirked, "Let's go re-park it"
I laughed, I know it killed the mood a little but come on, re-park it?!, "It's the best line you've got?".
He didn't reply, he jumped off the bar stool, grabbed my hand and pulled me through the restaurant to the parking lot.
I glanced at out table, Frank murdered another classic on stage and the rest sat around the table, stuffing their faces with our orders, I felt a flash of hunger in the pit of my stomach but honestly, I rather fuck Gerard than eat.

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