Review for The Real Epilogue

The Real Epilogue

(#) Alorkin 2007-08-22

Unfortunately, I can easily see Dumblemort performing such a bonding and then obliviating them 'All for the greater good', of course. It appears to me that his version of the 'greater good' is both the one that will benefit his own vision the most, and the only one he will allow.

Barbi-Sue...erm, Ginny, is not my favorite character. Her willingness to do anything to get her way is really rather Slytherin. It is also not unlike Molly's own, and of course, plays right into the chess-master's hands. She is not free of guilt, but her participation might be likened to that of Jane Fonda in the hands of experts in psychological manipulations. (KGB/GRU) Until Book five, se wasa non-entity, then she became 'SuperGinny!'

Ron and Hermione is just ridiculous. Only Ralph and Alice Kramden can live like that!

Molly deserves to be furious. Her children's stupidity has guaranteed they will be virtual slaves until they die, (and if the truly ancient laws are enacted, their children as well.) Watching her haul both Ron and Ginny up by their ears was a nice touch.

Isn't it always the greatest secrets are discovered by the unlikeliest people? Dumbles had to know of Luna's gift. Almost everyone else did. (But there's that arrogance thing again!)

As pissed as Harry is, about the bonding, Hermione is going to be FURIOUS! It wouldn't surprise me to see her march into the headmaster's office with a box of matches.

I am writing a Harry/Hermione/Luna threesome. It ain't all that hard, but one has to 'feel' the harmonics of the grouping. Grins

Luna's curse was really nasty. Dumbledore is gonna fry...'until he learns what he done wrong!' Ain't likely, as Dumbeldore never seems to understand the idea that he can actually be wrong. GASP!

I have already placed this on my alerts list and hope to read more soon. Alorkin