Review for The Adventures of Emo Boy and Scene Girl!

The Adventures of Emo Boy and Scene Girl!

(#) i_heart_cliches 2007-09-10

awesome update! I could imagine Bden getting his face stuck in a weird position. lol.

I thought about your story today in science. (I'm weird, I know.) My teacher was talking about how you breath in oxygen and your blood carries it through your body, etc. and he said "So, the oxygen comes from my lungs and it goes down to my big toe" My mind is in the gutter. I seriously almost busted out laughing. uh.. yeah. It was really hilarious :|
-end of pointless random story-

Author's response

It's not pointless! In fact, I rather enjoyed the fact that I'm putting you mind in the gutter.... with my story, I mean.