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Episode Three: Your Face WILL Stay That Way

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A brush in with some evil, evil muscles, and we discover Scene Girl's weakness. Dun, dun duuuuuun!

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A bright light depicting a bleeding heart being cut by a Unicorn shone against the clouds. Within mere moments, two shadowy figures flashed across the bright disc.

At the source of the light was a mega-powered flashlight being held by an extremely jittery and extremely thin guitarist. His eyes were ringed with fantastical makeup, and he was wearing extremely old-fashioned, yet somehow modern clothes.

"You lit?" an overly cheerful voice asked from behind him. Ryan Ross jumped, and turned the flashlight on the very super heroes he had been trying to summon. They stood side by side, as different as night and day. Even as different as black and white, which sort of made sense, since one was wearing all black, and the other was dressed in various bright colors.

"Scare me out of my pants, why dontcha!" Ryan asked, clutching theatrically at his heart.

"I wouldn't mind..." Scene Girl said, staring at him. Emo Boy elbowed her in the side, and cleared his throat.

"Yes, the light! So what did you want?" Scene Girl asked, blushing.

"It's actually Brendon... Well, you'd better see him for yourself." Ryan led Emo Boy inside, with Scene Girl trailing after them like a lovesick puppy.

When they got to Panic! At the Disco's dressing room, Emo Boy paled. "Scene Girl... don't look. You'll be too euuugh to be your happy, annoying self..." he blocked the doorway from his companion.

"Emo-ey! That's bull, I wanna see!" Scene Girl cried, worming her way around Emo Boy. "Whatever, there's nothing he..." she sank to the ground, her eyes glazing over.

"Shit, not again..." Emo Boy muttered. "Okay, quick. Does anyone have a Sidekick?" Emo Boy peered around at the rock stars in the room. Ryan reluctantly pulled out his Sidekick under his piercing glare. Emo Boy hurriedly shoved the compact electronic device into Scene Girl's hands. Within moments, she was typing away on it, before finally handing it back to Ryan.

"Sorry. That happens all the time... Her only weakness is the first sight of a half-naked guy. It's like her Kryptonite. The only thing to make it better is a sidekick. It's really o--" Emo Boy explained to the confused people in front of him.

"Okay, enough of my secrets! What's the problem here?" Scene Girl cut off Emo Boy.

"Well... Brendon... He was making funny faces at a camera again. And, well... You can see the results." Spencer said. He was hanging upside-down on a couch, and was playing imaginary drums in midair. He had ditched his pants somewhere, or had not yet put them on, and was wearing black, flamingo covered boxers along with his ruffled shirt and vest.

"Besides, we need to be onstage in five minutes, and Brendon can't move his face to sing." Jon pointed out. Brendon nodded vigorously, and tried to move his mouth from its vicious scowl.

"Oh, is that all?" Scene Girl asked, tossing her hair back. "In that case, just pay us our normal fee, and we'll make it better!"

"Fee?" All four band members asked at once. Well... Brendon made a noise, but it counted.

Emo Boy rolled his eyes. "Here we go again..."

"Yes! We come with a small service charge! Autographs! One each, fork 'em over!" Scene Girl grinned, and passed around her notebook and a Sharpie. The boys of Panic! signed it, and handed it back to her.

"Excellent!" Scene Girl exclaimed. She stepped up to Brendon, and prodded at his face for a moment.

"Need some help?" Emo Boy asked, an amused almost-smile on his face.

"No!" Scene Girl prodded Brendon's face for a few more seconds. Then her shoulders slumped. "Okay, yes..."

Emo Boy walked over, and breathed in Brendon's face, which immediately became normal looking.

Brendon moved his jaw around, and then punched the air. "I'm cured!"

"Uh huh! Now, get your clothes on, and have a great show!" Scene Girl grinned, waved at them, and dove out the window, followed at a slower pace by Em
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