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Episode Two: The Case of the Tight Pants

by Lizzard 3 reviews

A certain rock star has some problems with his pants coming off over certain parts of his body.... *ahem*

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"HEEEEELP!!!!" Shouted a certain rock star, in search of his saviors.

"Never fear, Scene Girl is here!" Scene Girl said, popping up behind the egotistical rock star.

"And I'm Emo Boy... woo..." Emo Boy drawled, standing next to his comrade.

"And we hear that YOU have a problem, Mr. Pete, Sir!" Scene Girl grinned, surreptitiously pulling out a notebook from her back pocket.

"Well, DUH! I mean, just LOOK at my pants! I can't get them off over... THAT!" he motioned downwards. Scene Girl's eyes widened.

"Wow... That's the biggest I've ever seen..." she said, her eyes growing wider by the second.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just want these pants OFF so that I can get some relief!" Pete growled.

"Do we HAVE to?" Emo Boy asked Scene Girl.

"Of course we do, Emo-ey! It's out duties as super heroes!" she shouted at him.

"Super Zeroes, more like..." Emo Boy mumbled.

"Oh, hush! Mr. Wentz, we'll do as you ask, but only so long as you give me your autograph, and let us poke your bartskull tattoo!" Scene Girl laughed evilly as she thrust her notebook and a Sharpie at Pete.

"Agh! Anything to get these pants OFF!!!" Pete groaned, and scrawled an autograph for Scene Girl, who was caught in paroxysms of giggles. She accepted the book back, and did a little happy dance.

"NOW will you get these things off!" Pete gasped.

"Sure thing! Emo Boy! Grab him, and don't let go!" Scene Girl said, going directly to business.

"I hope you don't mind if I accidentally yank your arms out..." Emo Boy pessimitized.

"All righty then! One, two, three!" Scene Girl cried, and pulled Pete's Pants off of him. Pete immediately sat down on the ground whimpering.

"You didn't suck too horribly with your getting-guys-out-of-their-pants powers..." Emo Boy congratulated Scene Girl, who nodded in enjoyment.

"I'm delighted to find that my powers work in this scenario, too! I mean, who'd have thought that I'd be able to get pants THAT tight over the biggest..." a truck roared past outside obscuring her words. "...that I've ever seen!"

"All right, are you going to kiss it and make it all better or not?" Pete asked.

"Of course! Another of my super powers are kisses that can do absolutely anything!" Scene Girl said.

Pete scooched himself towards Scene Girl, who leaned down and kissed his...
Big toe.

Suddenly the story stopped in a tableau, and Scene Girl looked over at you. Yeah, you, the one reading this story.

"My Gawd, you sicko! This fanfic is only rated PG-13! I can't BELIVE you were thinking that! Like I would EVER give Pete Wentz a blow job!" she said, a disgusted look on her face.

"Awww.... Please?" Pete asked.

"No! And we are done discussing this!" Scene Girl exclaimed while the story returned to where it was supposed to be.

"Thank you, Emo Boy and Scene Girl! I can put my pants on again, now that the bump on my toe is gone!" Pete grinned, and gave the super heroes a thumbs up.

"I believe you still owe us two pokes..." Scene Girl reminded the bassist of Fall Out Boy.

He sighed, and pulled up his shirt a little. Emo Boy and Scene Girl both squeed, and poked Pete's bartskull tattoo several times each before Pete got sick of it.

"Okay, OKAY!" Pete snapped, and pulled his shirt down rather sharply.

"Time for us to be going, then!" Scene Girl said, standing up, and dragging Emo Boy with her out the window.

Once they were a decent amount away, Scene Girl said confidentially to Emo Boy, "I'm just glad he was wearing underwear today... or else we both would've been even more fucked up than you are, now..." Emo Boy nodded in agreement as the pair flew off towards their next adventure.
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