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Episode Four: When Sluts Attack

by Lizzard 3 reviews

Emo Boy is actually really guy-ish sometimes...

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"Scene Girl, I hear the utterly disheartened cries of a girl in trouble." Emo Boy said one evening as they were partaking in their evening ice cream sandwich break. "Do you think that we should help her... I mean, them... or leave them to face almost certain peril?"

Scene Girl sighed. "But... but... my sammich!" she looked at Emo Boy with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine." He let his breath out in a huff. "You can take your damn ice cream with you. But let's go!"

"Fine, Mr. Bossy Weisenheimer..." Scene Girl grumbled. She put her cape back on, and jumped out the window after the already far-away Emo Boy.

She finally caught up with her friend just as he landed before a pair of blondes. "Good evening ladies. How may I... I mean, we... help you?" he asked in a silky voice.

"Well... we WERE going swimming... but we both lost our friendship bracelets." Keltie Colleen said, and tossed her absurdly dry hair over her shoulder. Her friend Ashlee Simpson nodded in agreement.

"They got caught in the drain, and we can't get them free..." Ashlee simpered.

"Oh, shoot. Past your bedtime, Emo BOY!" Scene Girl glared at Keltie and Ashlee.

"Scene Girl... just give me a fucking hand already..." Emo Boy snapped at her.

"No. I refuse to help you jack off." Scene Girl glared coldly at him.

"What's the matter with you, Scene Girl? You're always so bubbly and happy!" Emo Boy asked his bestest friend.

"Because I fucking don't like them." She growled, pointing at Ashlee and Keltie.

"Why? They haven't done anything to you!"

"Besides be whores, and wastes of space. So I'm not going to help them get their uber retarded 'friendship bracelets' back. SO THERE!" She shouted at the annoying blondes who were comparing tan lines.

She bent her knees, and took off straight into the air. She then zoomed down, and shoved Ashlee and Keltie into the water. They screamed like no tomorrow, and matching wooden half hearts floated up out of the fronts of their shirts, trailing short cords.

"Looks like you never actually lost your fucking bracelets Come on, Emo Boy." Scene Girl laughed at the floating bitches, and grabbed Emo Boy by the back of his cape, and dragged him upwards.

"Call me!" he mouthed at Pete and Ryan's girlfriends. They giggled, and waved goodbye to him, before getting into a splash fight.
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