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Episode Five: My Watercolor Romance

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Scene Girl sees something online that very much upsets her.

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"This is despicable!" Scene Girl exclaimed, her eyes glued to the screen of her laptop PC.

"The current state of the human race?" Emo Boy asked, his own eyes glued to the news, which was flashing information about yet another war.

"No, silly! Frank Iero and Gerard Way are fighting! Ferard is having relationship issues!"

Emo Boy blinked at her. "Does this mean we have to go on another mission?"

"Well, of COURSE! It's Ferard for goodness sakes!" She stood up from her computer, and pranced over to Emo Boy.

"One of these days, you're going to kill me on one of these missions, you know..." he told her, as he stood up.

"Okay, okay, now out the window!" Scene Girl cried, and shoved him out the portal.

"You never let me say anything onstage anymore!" Frank Iero shouted at the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.

"Yeah, well you play off key! Which completely fucks me up!" Gerard defended himself against an evil glare from Frank.

"How can I play off key!?! I tune Pansy every night before we go on!"

"Well, maybe you have bad pitch!" Gerard poked Frank in the chest.

"Maybe your MOM has bad pitch!" Frank shouted, standing on his tiptoes so that he could be fairly eye to eye with Gerard, who gasped, and drew back.

"Oh, no, he DI-IN'T!" Gerard snapped his fingers in a Z formation at Frank.

"Wait... what about Mom?" Mikey asked Gerard as he walked by.

"Frank said that she has bad pitch!" Gerard whined to his younger brother.

"It's true, though, Gee... Mom is a really bad singer." Mikey pointed out to Frank's happiness.

"But that's beside the point! Let me at 'im!" Gerard lunged at Frank, only to be stopped by a teenage girl with bright, multicolored hair.

"Get out of my way!" he growled.

"No! Emo Boy, back me up on this!" Emo Boy shrugged, and motioned at her to continue. Scene Girl sighed in aggravation.

"Whatever. But you're still friends! Whether you are, in fact, gay lovers or not, you're still friends first and foremost!" Scene Girl shouted at Gerard and Frank, who both shrank down a little.

"Now, I want you to tell each other what the issue is! The REAL issue, not some retarded 'oh, you're off pitch!' Because you both help make My Chemical Romance what it is!"

Frank and Gerard glared at each other, as if each was daring the other to say something. There was silence.

Suddenly, Bob spoke up. "I think that we're all a little bit sick of each other right now... that, and Gee found Frank using his toothbrush to brush a giant plastic dinosaur's teeth." Frank laughed at something none of the rest of them could see.

"Frank, you're funny!" Scene Girl said. Frank grinned. Gerard stomped his foot.

"So everyone laughs with him! He never gets in trouble for anything stupid, but when I do something that's not considered all that cool or intelligent, I get a scolding! It's just not fair!" he crossed his arms, and pouted.

"Is that IT?" Emo Boy asked. Gerard nodded.

"You're acting like children. The both of you!" Emo Boy gave them both his patented Hypno-Glareâ„¢. Gerard and Frank both stiffened, and then got dreamy look on their faces.
"You WILL get along." Emo Boy told them.

"We will get along..." they chorused.

"You'll hug and make up! And a kiss! I wanna see a kiss!" Scene Girl grinned.

Gerard and Frank hugged, and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. Scene Girl clapped, and the two previously hypnotized members of My Chemical Romance snapped out of their trances and high fived each other.

"See? That wasn't so hard!" Scene Girl grinned, and took out her infamous notebook. "Now, it's payment time! Sign away!" She handed the book to Frank, and it slowly worked its way around to all five band members.

"Thanks for solving our problems, Emo Boy and Scene Girl. We really just need to keep Frankie away from everything. Or keep an eye on him." Ray said, and mussed his fro-like hair.

"It's out job! Come, Emo Boy, I need to go surf the web!" Emo Boy nodded, and followed Scene Girl out the window, after waving back to the wildly waving members of My Chemical Romance.
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