Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-09-15

Ok I didnt actually say 'sweet' but yeah i meant sweet. What was sweet about it? I dont know. It wasnt so much the way it was written or the events in the chapter as it was the overall feeling. I mean her trying to piss him off and him not getting mad? thats sweet. I can imagine her dropping something of his kinda intentionally and then going to him with it waiting to be reamed out and he just smiles like its okay cause he loves her. THAT is super sweet. (to me). What happened in the chap wasnt. It couldve went alot worse. He couldve taken it the wrong way(which he did) and over reacted and left the bar and did god knows what! So sky got off easy. But I think this chap mostly showed a lot of insights into Gerards head, like the whole 'I tied you down so you couldnt leave'. That was good. And Sky kinda blew it off cause shes like p'sah Id never leave. She doesn't realize the depths of his insecurities, which is also shown by the way he wont get up an perform kareoke! I mean a lead singer who's afraid to sing? wtf? Anyways. Youre charac.s are really coming along nicely. Keep it up. =)

Author's response

i adore your reviews so much!! i mean it, you always see deeper into the situation, i mean i swear i didn't thought about everything that you said, i just kinda wrote it based on how i see Gerard and how i see Skyler and you totally kinda hit the spot which is great!
oh and by the way, i read somewhere an interview with Gerard saying that he would never get on stage without drinking so i based that chapter on that interview, so it's pretty interesting, right?. Gerard is also insecure.
I'm still amazed on how much you read between the lines!