Review for Here Is Your Verse

Here Is Your Verse

(#) petewentzlover69 2007-09-23

Grrrr that's just plain mean!!

ok and the "Yes but pete" has plenty of significance! Meaning...
"yes I love tyson but Pete... I'll always be in love with that man no matter what. I have to Tyson that it's over soon before it's too late"

because we all know that Pete is way hotter and always going to be a better boyfriend... I'm just saying!

And we all know Pete doesn't have the balls so he either has tp grow them,buy them,or rent them from Patrick!

and yes we'll find out soon... like tomorrow or the next day soon! -wink wink-

Muchoz love... ME!!!!!!! =]

PS... you should have someting about a glow in the dark penguin in one of the next chapters... THEY ROCK!!!

that is all