Review for Spencer did what?

Spencer did what?

(#) i_heart_cliches 2007-09-24

haha. Yeah, Spencer needs a little love! :D He's my fave, anyway ;)

Brendon, Ryan, and Jon exchanged glances.
“T” from Brendon,
“M” added Jon hyperly, forming the letter with his arms as one would during the YMCA dance,
“I” Finished Ryan.

^bahahaha Oh my gosh! Best ever!!! I laughed SOOO hard!!!!

very awesome story! -eats cookie- :3

Author's response

MY FIRST REVIEWER! hands out double the cookies hehe XD

I'm so glad you loved that part XD blesses Jon My friend and i kept joking about how spencer is almost never there during a fiction story, so wouldn't it be funny if at the end it turns out he was married and no one even knew (sad, i know) and that just sort of inspired this XD