Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-09-25

oh and i just have to add this, i do understand completely that there's no explanation for her going out drinking with cole in "this chapter", cause the story is written in "her point of view", she was wasted, and when you're wasted you don't think about how you got to the situation you're now in or what happened 5 hours or 5 minutes ago. either you don't give a fuck or don't remember, so even though it was confusing i think it was also "natural" and "realistic". it would be a different case if the story was written in someone elses point of view but it's not =)=) excuse me for writing such a novel here, but i just had to point that out=)

Author's response

lol does your brother afraid he's head isn't connecting to his face when he's drunk too? anyway i agree when you're out of it you don't really care why and where are you but the Cole thing would probably be explained in the next chapter since it's kinda important...anyway thanx for commenting, review were being slow lately...