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Doors and stairs

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I redefine idiotism.

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Cole dropped me off the stairs and looked down on me, his face was blurry, fuck everything was blurry and fuzzy…holy shit, fuzzy is such a funny word. I could repeat it all my life. The rest of the words are so overrated.
"What's fuzzy?", Cole laughed.
"Fuzzy", I repeated and giggled to myself.
"Are you sure you're gonna make it up?", he crouched in front of me. God he was so strong.
"Skyler?", he copped my face with his hands and made me look at him.
I tried to remember what he asked, "Yes", you can never go wrong with yes, either way the other person gonna be pleased with the answer, I just wondered what the hell is it I am agreeing too.
"Positive?", I could feel Cole's breath on my face, I closed my eyes. I'm supposed to be positive about something, well, that's not a problem, I'm a positive girl most of the time so yeah, now how do you do that head movement when agreeing to something? Is the head supposed to go down and up or to the sides? And how do you do it right? Up down or down up? Or maybe it's left right or right left? I'll try the down up shit, if only my head stopped spinning like a rocket.
Oh my god! Panic gripped me by the throat what if I'm some kind of monster and my head really spins around, "Fuck oh fuck", think rationally Skyler, the face is still copped by Cole's hands, usually the face attached to the face so if the face doesn't spin, that means that the head isn't spinning as well, I let out a sigh of relief.
But wait a second, if I'm a monster freak, which can mean that my head could not be attached to my face, I lifted my hand and touched the back of my head. Good news, nothing was spinning.
"Are you sure you don't want me to help you up?", Cole's breathed on me again.
"Am I going up?", I muttered.
He laughed loudly, I winced.
Some horn went off outside, "I gotta go but if you want me to stay just say".
I tried the left-right head motioned, it seemed to work cause Cole let go of my face+head and stood up.
He waved and left, I squinted and looked around, behind me was a huge staircase, I moaned, I can't possibly climb it right now.
I closed my eyes hoping that by the time I open them again the staircase would be gone. It didn't work.
I grunted and climbed up to my jelly legs, I climbed one stair at a time, mainly cause they were all fuzzy, then out of nowhere 2 doors came into view.
Maybe it's like that TV show where you're supposed to pick doors, I thought for a while, weighing statics in my fuzzy brain, door number one usually had shit behind them cause the producers know that people go for doors number 2, but 2 was such a good number, it's like one had a partner cause one and one equals 2, yet I want to win. I never win shit, "Door number two".
I stood there, swaying between door number one and two but nothing happen, maybe the producer didn't hear me, "Door number two, please", still nothing.
Maybe I picked the wrong door and if you pick the wrong door nothing happens, "Can I change my answer?". Nothing.
"How rude", I pouted, but what the hell it's worth a shot, "I pick door number 1, please".
Still nothing, "Ah fuck you", I screamed and marched to the stairs that appeared next to door number 2, maybe I won something after all, but there's so much stairs. I never get anything easily.
I got down on my hands and knees and climbed the next couple of flights of stairs on my fours, I passed more doors but didn't stop to command them, my mind cleared a bit, well enough to realize I'm almost home.
I finally reached a familiar door, well they all looked familiar I don't know what kept me from trying to open some of them but I finally reached a really familiar door and reached in my pocket for my key, I couldn't find it fast enough.
I grunted and collapsed on the cold floor, looking for shit in your pockets was always easier on your back.
I felt my front pockets, wriggled my ass while looking in my back pockets, than I searched my coat for the keys. I found shit and started laughing; Ray's face floated in front of me 'I can believe you lost another key! It's the 5th since we moved in! I swear Skyler next time you’re not getting one'.
I felt cold lying on the bare floor so I decided to test myself for telekinesis; I concentrated my gaze on the door and stared at it. Hard. Nothing happened.
"Would you just fucking open", I cried, frustrated and disappointed I don't have any hidden talents.
Suddenly the door opened slowly, my eyes widened and I lifted my head a little off the floor, "Holy fuck".
Gerard's angry face appeared at the door, I must be hallucinating, he couldn't be home, not until tomorrow evening. I'm never going to drink ever again.
"What the fuck?", his voice pierced my ears and echoed through the silent staircase.
I didn't say anything just dropped my head back on the floor, it made a thump.
"Aren't you going to fucking get up?", he hissed.
It felt like I weighted a tone, I climbed so many stairs it was unbelievable, all I managed to do was to do that left right head motion.
Gerard sighed heavily and stepped outside, he wore his black jeans and hoodie, he crouched near me limp body, "Come on Sky, let's go in".
I felt rebellious, "No".
He chuckled slightly, "You want to stay here?"
"I do", I rolled over at his feet.
"Baby, you can't", he put his hand on my shoulder.
"Why not?", I muttered.
"Give me one good reason", I pouted at the wall.
"Um…it's cold", he sounded a little impatient.
I shrugged.
"Come on, Skyler", he tried to scoop me up in his arms and carry me to the house I guess.
"Noooo", I screamed like a lunatic, my voice echoed in my head.
"You can't stay here, sweetie", he pleaded.
"I want to stay here", tears formed in my eyes, "Why can't anything be the way I want it to be?".
"Sky", Gerard tried to convince me with his eyes.
"Go inside, I'm staying here", I insisted.
He sighed, studied me for a while, "Fine. Have it your way".
he sat on the floor besides me,placed my head on his lap and him stroking my head gently was the last thing I remember before drifting to sleep.

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