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Muffins rules!

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Ali's crush, my lost boot and a new job...

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"I'll have a coffee and a muffin", I placed my order with the blond waitress.
"And I'll have a chocolate cupcake and tea", Ali smiled at the waitress. I made a face, I couldn't hear cupcake without remembering how we baked these cupcakes and how they looked, I couldn't understand how people could eat them.
The waitress scribbled down our orders on her pad and left.
"So what's the big news?" I settled in my seat, "You and Ray are getting back together?".
"I said I had good news", she cocked her eyebrow.
"You seemed pretty united at my birthday", I smirked.
"Yeah, well…", she blushed, "How do you get along with HIM?".
"I love HIM", I got defensive, I was so tired to justify my love for Gerard, I mean sure, we have our rough patches but I love him and he loves me and we have good times too, it's not our fault people choose to ignore these and concentrate on our usually public ass kicking. I was thinking about it a lot lately, how come our relationship was every body's business? Everyone got a say in it, fuck, we didn't get married the first time cause our friends refused to give their blessing, they drove us to get married in secret, or maybe it was our fault for letting them meddle in our private shit, I mean couples have boundaries, but not us, anyone can tell us what they think about our relationship.
"Skyler, I know I love you…", I cut her off, "But you hate Gerard".
"Yeah that's true", she paused, choosing her words carefully, "But if he was right for you, I wouldn't say anything but he isn't, he treats you like dirt".
I rolled my eyes, "I honestly don't want to hear this".
"Ignoring the problems gets you nowhere", she sipped her tea that arrived at that exact moment.
"Ali, cut the bullshit", I snapped.
I saw her eyes flash with annoyance, "I care about you unlike your boyfriend".
"Fine", I sipped my coffee.
We sat in silence for a while, sipping our drinks and staring out of the big window, Ali sighed heavily, "Anyway, I got you a job on a tour".
She caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting it at all, "Are you firing me?".
Ali looked confused, "What?! No. You know the tour we're supplying instrument for? I was talking to the tour manager yesterday and he mentioned he needed an photographer assistant, they're doing this cool site to accompany the tour, kinda like the diary of the tour and they want photos and videos and shit like that, so they need 2 assistants for their camera girl and photographer so I recommended you, I told him you're a great worker and never late and other lies".
Throughout her speech I was sitting with my jaw open, "Wow".
"Yeah, I thought you'd like that", she smiled a typical Ali smile, "It's not fancy and it basically means a photographer slave but it would look good on your resume and would give you a chance to change scenery".
I knew she meant Gerard, "He's on tour".
"Whatever, I don't give a fuck about him", the anger flushed in her eyes again, "So anyway, the job is as good as yours but Tony wants to meet you anyway".
"Tony?", I asked.
"The tour manager", she waved her tea free hand, "He's a nice dude, kinda uptight at the moment but overall a sweetie", she wrinkled her forehead, "And whatever you do don't be late, he hates that".
"Got it", I nibbled on my cup; I used to nibble on shit when I'm distracted.
"So um call him to arrange the interview", she grabbed a napkin from the napkin holder, opened her cell phone, pressed a few buttons and copied a cell phone on the napkin.
"Interview?", shit, I'm so not good with interviews, I basically mumble most of the interview.
"Yeah", she squinted, studying my reaction, "Got a problem with interviews?".
"Kinda", I looked down my mug.
"Ask for a few advises from that motherfucker of yours", she smirked, "Even though I'm sure his only advise would be 'drink to obliviousness' ", she mimicked Gerard's Jersey accent.
"Alison!", I exclaimed, "Seriously stop it".
"Sorry, it slipped", she didn't seem that sorry.
"You're so bad", I shook my head to show her my disapproval.
"Skyler?", I heard a familiar voice and looked up to meet Cole's smiley face.
"What are you doing here?", I was surprised. I don't know why, I guess I expected to see him only in dark alleys, painting graffiti but there he was tall and handsome right in front of me in day light, I didn't really noticed before but he had blue sparkly eyes and a narrow month that seemed to be smiling even when the owner was dead serious.
He lifted the coffee cup, "Why else. You?".
I motioned on my mug and muffin. Ali kicked me under the table, rather hard.
I tuned my gaze on her, she widened her eyes and cocked her eyebrows, I frowned not knowing why the hell I became a target for her kicking, she cleared her throat.
"Oh yeah, this is my friend Alison", I smiled at Cole, "and this is Cole".
He smiled politely at Ali and shook her outstretched hand, "Nice to meet you, Alison".
She blushed and beamed, "you too Cole".
He slapped his forehead, "I almost forgot. I have a surprise for you", he put his coffee down on the table and settled himself on the chair next to me, he rummaged his back pack for a while and pulled out a box wrapped in a pink wrapping paper.
Ali watched us with a weird face expression.
"Ooh Cole, it's my favorite color", I mocked him, looking at the pink wrapping paper.
"Don't lie", he teased me back, "I just couldn't find any yellow".
"Open it already", Ali snapped at me.
I made a face and tugged on the pink ribbon and opened the box to reveal one of the boots I lost during our escape from the cops, "oh Cole".
He beamed, "I got back there and it was still on the bench".
"The thing is", I started to laugh and struggled to finish the sentence, "I followed Haley's advice and lost the other boot".
Cole stared at me with a dumbstruck expression and then started laughing too," Then I'm going to need that box again".
"You know what?", I caught Ali's confused frown, "Let me buy you a muffin for rescuing my hopeless boot".
He stuck his hand in front of him and shook his head," There's no need. I didn't do anything special, I just happened to pass there and it was on the bench".
"Don't be modest", I jerked my head In the direction of the box, "You wrapped it for me, in pink but still".
"That's cool", he laughed, "I've gotta go anyway", he got up and winked at me before disappearing into the street.
I smiled and set the box with the boot on the chair Cole left. I lifted my gaze to find one smirking Alison, "What?"
"You know, you could've been cute together", she looked at me seriously," If you weren't already with GERARD, remember him?"
I frowned, "Don't be stupid. Cole and I are just friends"
"Oh really?", she stirred her tea with passion, "Cause it didn't look like it".
I rolled my eyes, amused, "than how it looked?!".
"Like you were all over each other", she shrugged.
"Are you out of your fucking mind?", I cried, Ali wasn't the same since Ray broke up with her.
"I mean, it's cool", she fussed with her spoon, "I think Gerard is not good for you but don't do it like this".
I touched my dog tag with his name, "I'm not cheating on Gerard, it would take more than not seeing him for almost 2 FUCKING MONTHS",I said through gritted teeth.
"Fuck, at least you're not bitter about it", she chuckled.
"It's hard but it doesn't mean I'll go looking for a dick somewhere else", I pouted, "it's kinda upsetting you'd think that of me".
"I'm sorry but you were defiantly flirting with that sex god", she put another sugar spoon in her tea.
"Sex god?? Cole??", I giggled, "And I wasn't fucking flirting".
"Yes Cole, a qualified sex god", Ali sighed at his name, "And you were fucking flirting".
I caved in, "Even if I was flirting, there's nothing wrong with harmless flirting".
"Does Gerard feels the same way about flirting?", she cocked her eyebrow.
"I'm sure he doesn't sits in his bus drawing all day", I never felt jealous, if there's one thing I knew Gerard would never do is cheat on me, "He has a lot of pretty chicks around him, I'm sure he puts his rock star moves on them from time to time".
"You'd be surprised", she put even more sugar in her tea.
"About what?, I encouraged her with my eyes.
"Nothing", she put 2 sugar packets in her tea.
"Come on", I nibbled on my cup again, maybe Gerard was unfaithful, honestly if he was I'm going to kick his rock fucking star ass and feed it to the dogs.
"Well, Ray told me he in fact sits in the bus all day completely oblivious to chicks and other human creatures with boobs", she sighed, "However, it's a different story with Ben".
I smiled, "God, for a second I thought… I don't mind him making out with Ben. Or other boobless dudes. It's just for kicks, nothing more".
"Oh well if you're sure", she shrugged, "It's just that I know plenty of guys who crossed over after being with guys".
"He made out with Mikey too and Frank", I grinned. It was kinda hot but anything seemed hot these days, "Mikey is straight and so is Frank".
"Are they?", Ali licked her lips.
I choose to ignore that, "Bullshit".
"Don't bullshit me", she tasted the tea and made a face, "Too sweet".
"I'm trying not to", I broke a little piece of my muffin and put it on my tongue.
"Huh?", she eyed my cup now.
"I'm trying not to bullshit you", I copped my cup with both my hands to protect it from her greedy stares.
"Anyway, sex god definitely has a thing for you", she stared sadly into her cup.
"No he isn't", I grinned.
"Definitely is", she insisted.
"We're fucking friends", I rolled my eyes.
"Then why does he carry your boot around?"
I bit my lips, "I don't know. Maybe he was planning on giving it to Haley to give it to me or shit". That was weird, I lost that boot months ago, why would he even bother? And wrap it no less.
"So you wouldn't mind me having a piece of him", she blushed.
"Oh so that's what it all about", I slapped my forehead for being so stupid, "You want me to check if Cole wants you!".
She flushed again, "Just to get him off your case".
"He's not on my case but I bet he would like your case", I bounced on my sit like a hyperactive kid after a dose of chocolate.
"Just don't make it too obvious", she buried her face in her hands.
"I swear", I put my hand across my heart, "Cole and Ali sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g", I sang like the immature idiot I am.
"Let's hope it would be more like f-u-c-k-i-n-g", Ali winked.
"Spare me the details"
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