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Meeting fans for coffee.

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Meet & greet and than go visit your mother in law...

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The next morning I woke up to whispers. I opened my eyes and saw Gerard propped against the wall in a white t shirt, sleeping. His lips were parted and kinda bluish, his hoodie was wrapped around me, and my head still in his lap, he was clutching my ring finger.
"That's an interesting place to doze off", I lifted my pounding head to meet Ray's amused face.
I grunted.
"They're up", he yelled into the open front door.
Gerard's head jerked in horror, he looked around and when he saw where he was he rubbed his eyes with his hand, "Fuck".
"Now that you're up and about I can only wonder what the fuck?", Ray shook his fro and cocked his eyebrow.
"Don't ask", Gerard moaned.
Mikey's head appeared in the door way, "How was your night?".
"How does it look like", Gerard sounded irritated.
"Interesting", Mikey shook his head as well and disappeared shortly followed by Ray.
I got up slowly to a sitting position, I ached all over, was cold and stiff, "Why did you do it?".
"What?", Gerard massaged his neck.
"Stayed with me on the floor in the corridor?", I handed him back his hoodie.
"Cause I love you", he snapped.
"You do?",I pouted a little.
"Of course I do, stupid", he put on his hoodie and pulled me over to him.
"I'm sorry", I felt stupid for insisting on sleeping in the corridor.
"Don't be, I actually planned on waiting until you fall asleep and carry you in … but it was a long flight".
I kissed him on the lips again and again, "I missed you soo much".
"oh I can tell", he kinda stiffened, "Coming back late and wasted with some guy"
I frowned.
"Don't give me that, Skyler", he loosed his grip on me, "Who was that guy?"
"A friend", I muttered.
He gave a look and studied my face, "A friend?".
I nodded, "How do you know there was a guy with me?".
"I saw him out of the window", he kissed my forehead.
"So now you're spying on me?", I teased him but he took in the wrong way, "I was worried sick! 3 in the morning and you're not home! What were you thinking?!"
"I was out with friends!", I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah right", he murmured.
"I was!", I stood up sharply, my whole body screaming with pain and anger.
"Whatever", he didn't look convinced.
"Oh fuck off! You're my husband not a prison guard", I mimicked the tone he used weeks ago.
"Is it some kind of a fucking revenge", he pushed the hair out of my face. His voice softed.
I closed my eyes, I didn't want to answer.
"I don't want anything ever happening to you", he climbed to his feet and put his arms around me, "And when I didn't find you in your bed horrible thoughts came to my mind and that dream….", he whispered in my hair.
"That stupid dream again?", I grunted.
"It's not just a stupid dream, Skyler", he paused, brushing his lips on mine. I closed my eyes, I realized how much I missed him, "It was realistic, almost like a warning, please promise me that you be careful when I'm not around".
"No", he shook his head, "Promise".
I nodded, "Fine. It's not like that though".
Gerard gave me a wondering look.
"Cole is not Billy, we were just hanging out", I explained.
"Be careful. Don’t trust people that easily, sugar, most of them aren't worth it", he stroked my shoulders gently, "Let's go grab some coffee".
When we stepped into the street and bright sun greeted us, I felt the full blow of the hangover mixed with a night on the floor and I had a terrible headache too.

We walked into the nearest starbucks, I can only guess how pretty we looked with our clothes wrinkled, red and puffy eyes, the whole package.
Gerard ordered our coffee while I rested my head on his shoulder with my eyes shut and leaned on him for support.
He tried to multitask, pay for the coffee and keep me on my feet. From what I saw during the few times I actually opened my eyes the cashier gave us some really dirty looks.
Gerard placed the coffee in my hands and steered me to a table.
Once we set I rested my head on him and closed my eyes again.
"Your coffee is getting cold", I heard Gerard's soft whisper and felt his hand moving a few straying hairs from my face.
I grumbled.
"Babe, drink up", he brought the cup closer to my lips.
"Oh I already did", I moaned as little hammers on both sides of my head picked up their pace.
Gerard practically shoved the coffee at my lips.
"Fine", I took the cup from him and sipped only to spit out what I drank back into the cup, "Ewwww ewwww. What the fuck? I hate black coffee".
"It would you make you better", Gee insisted.
"So does being run over to death. You don't see me doing that", I slapped his hand away with the evil coffee.
"Just drink it", he looked annoyed.
"skyler, don't be like that", he sighed.
I pouted, staring into his eyes with a determination not to drink.
"Baby, just a few sips. For me, sugar", he smiled and I melted. Damn him!
I took a deep breath and drank at least quarter of the cup.
"That's my girl", he kissed me.
I heard some giggles and excited whispers behind me; I caught 'Gerard' and 'my chemical romance' among other giggles. Gerard casted a worried glance behind my back and fiddled nervously with his cup.
"Excuse me", I lifted my eyes to see a teenage girl of about 15, dressed all in black, blushing madly, "You must get that a lot but you look like Gerard Way".
"Umm yeah, I get that a lot", he smiled awkwardly.
I kicked him under the table and smiled to the girl. He widened his eyes at me like what the fuck are you doing, I just stared at him, cocking my eyebrows, so now he's too busy for his fucking fans?!
He heaved a sigh, "I'm Gerard Way".
"Oh my god", the girl stuffed a squeal and tried to act all cool but grinned so widely it was scary, "Can you sign my CD?".
"Sure", Gerard stretched out his hand for the CD , "Do you have a pen?".
The girl nodded violently and passed him a pen with a trembling hand. He signed the CD and gave it back along with the pen.
"Thank you", she shrieked and returned to her dumbstruck friends.
"It IS him!"
"He's SO hot!"
"He looks so tired!"
"Poor Gee"
"And who is SHE?!"
"Fucking whore"
Gerard's shoulders tensed and he glared at the girls over my shoulder.
I kinda slid back in my chair, how could they say I'm a whore? They don't even know me and I tried to be really polite to that girl even though I slept on the floor this entire night and didn't felt extremely friendly. I mean I didn't say she was a whore just because she approached guys she didn't know. That entirely brought me down and Gerard noticed so he reached out and squeezed my hand that lay limply on the table, I flashed him half a smile and shrugged like everything's ok. Like that saying goes…fake it till you make it.

Minutes later another 5 teens burst through the door, looking flushed.
"Aw fuck", Gerard looked like he's about to run away, screaming.
Soon enough, pens and shit was shoved under his nose and camera phones were pointed at him by more fans who found their way into starbucks, he signed every CD, every hoodie, and every back. I slipped away, stealing his coffee so the fans won't kill me with deadly stares and boy did I get more than a few.
My fucking husband ended up having an unofficial meet and greet right there in starbucks. He laughed with them and joked around, posed wearing stupid faces for the camera and he was natural. I was really proud of him for following his heart and dream, he truly loved these people even though he didn't know them, but he loved them for understanding his art. That came with a heavy price tag and I could see how tired he was and sense of guilt washed over me for giving him night from hell but it's not like I meant it, it's not my fault he got back a day earlier and it's not my fault he didn't leave me to sleep in the hall alone.

At about noon we managed to leave all the teary eyed boys and girls behind and step into the warm sunlight.
I found myself dragged to the train station, "What the fuck, Way?".
"We're going to visit mom, Way", he felt his pockets for his wallet.
"What?!", I chocked, "We can't go looking like that!".
"I don't know about you but I think I look pretty", he finally found his wallet and was looking for change.
I gave him a look.
"What? Andy told me so, didn't you hear her?", he gave me his cocky smile.
"Well, but I look like I slept on the floor after a wild night out", I tugged his hand.
"It's surprising since that's not what happened", he smirked.
"Gerard", I yelled a little, "I'm not going to your mom looking like that".
"You're beautiful, babe", he stopped fishing for cents around his wallet and kissed me.
I pouted and dropped his hand, crossing my arms on my chest, "I'm not going".
Gerard patted my head like I was a kid, "my little wifey fears the mean mother in law?"
I looked away, "You're mom doesn't even know she's my mother in law"
Gerard shrugged, "she'd understand. I hope".
"What about the ring?", I twisted the engagement ring that used to be his grandma's.
"Mikey already squealed everything to them. They know it's a promise ring", he shrugged again, "I talked to mom the other day and she was like you need to settle down, have a family and Skyler is so good to you and blah blah".
"I like your mom", I muttered.
"She thinks that once I get married everything would fall into places", he grimaced, "That's not how it works".
I nodded.
"So that means you're coming?", Gerard stuck his wallet back into his pocket.
"No", I grabbed his hand again.
"So why do you care about whether she sees the rings or not?", he flashed a smile and pulled me closer.
"curiosity", I answered, "But seriously, Gee, I don't want your mom to see me like this".
"I'm home for like two days, babe and I haven't seen her for god knows how long, she'd kick my ass for not dropping by", he kissed the top of my head.
I grunted into his shoulder to display my annoyance.
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