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The agony of driving and cats...

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I pouted during all the ride back to Jersey, Gerard choose to ignore me and fell asleep on my shoulder half way there.
I just seriously didn't want his mom to see me looking like this, I don't mind wandering like this around the city but his mom to see me like this was a big deal, I actually cared about what she thought of me.
What would she think of me looking like this? Dirty, tired, smeared make up, wrinkled clothes, messy hair, hungover, probably stinking of booze.
She'll think I'm some kinda homeless slut, unworthy of her son, no, wait, that would be my mother's thoughts...

I shook him off my shoulder when our home town familiar scenes came into view. It was a while since I've been here.
Gerard looked disoriented and his hair was a mass but nothing new there.
"God Gerard", I tried to flatten his hair before presenting him to his mom but he couldn't stand still.
"Deal with it", he shrugged and ducked away from my hand, he knocked on the door 3 times and stepped back, looking at the front yard.
A few minutes later I could hear his mom coming down the stairs, I sent my fingers through my own hair while Gerard rolled his eyes at me.
His mom opened the door and flung her arms around him the minute she saw him,"My baby".
I stepped into the shadow, trying to look decent and smiled awkwardly.
She pulled back and held his face in her hands, "You look so tired".
"I'm fine, ma", Gerard wriggled under her quizzical gaze.
"They overwork you", she shook her head, sending her blond hair flying playfully, "No one can handle that kind of pressure".
"Ma", Gerard whined and pushed past her into the house.
Then she spotted me and pulled into a bone crushing hug, "My goodness, Skyler".
I patted her back awkwardly while Gerard was rolling his eyes from the hallway, I flipped him off and he chuckled.
"You look like hell, honey", she pushed me into the house, closing the door behind me, "You both are", she shifted her gaze from me to him, "I swear…"
Gerard cut her off mid sentence, "Where's dad?"
"Fishing", she rushed us into the kitchen muttering, "Skin and bones".
My stomach grumbled at the mention of food, I haven't eaten since yesterday evening.
She opened the fridge while Gerard and I settled into the so familiar kitchen chair, "Let me see what I have here", she rummaged around the kitchen for a while, "Christ, I have nothing on a go. I wasn't expecting you since you never come around anymore".
"That's OK Mrs. Way", I hopped she didn't see the drooling I was doing.
"I'm starving, ma", Gerard wailed loudly.
"Of course you are, you're nothing but skin and bones. They don't even feed you properly", Mrs. Way looked outraged.
"How about I go to the store and you rest meanwhile?" she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Don't bother", I mumbled, "We'd go to the store".
"I don't wanna", Gerard pouted like he's 5.
"Yeah, that OK, honey, I'll go and you rest", Mrs. Way kissed Gerard and went for her purse.
"Gerard!", I exclaimed, kicking him under the table.
"What?", he frowned.
"We'll go to the store", I whispered.
"But I don't wanna".
"You come unannounced, and now you're stressing her out. The world doesn't just evolve around you, you know", I said through gritted teeth.
"You heard the woman, I'm her baby. And the baby's tired and hungry cause the baby's wife made him sleep in the hall", he explained.
"Save the guilt trips for later", I stood up and dragged him out of the kitchen to find Mrs. Way making a list of groceries.
"Mrs. W let us go", I squealed.
"That's OK honey", she dismissed me with the wave of her hand, "Really. You rest".
"Please let us. We want to see old places anyway", I pinched Gerard's arm behind my back.
"oww. Yeah what she said", he grunted.
She looked at me then at him like she's considering it, "Well OK. You pick up the groceries and I arrange everything, maybe call your brother to see if he wanna come over for lunch", she gave us the list she made, the keys and the money and kissed us goodbye.

"I'll drive", I announced when Mrs. Way closed the front door behind us.
Gerard shrugged and changed his route to the passenger side instead to drivers, "You should drive more, practice makes perfect".
I buckled my belt, buckling was the easy part, unbuckling is what I struggled with, "What do you mean?".
"You know cause you're a shitty driver you avoid driving", he yawned, "You know just because you suck at something doesn't mean you should give that up".
I stared at him, taking in what he just said, "I'm a good driver!"
He snickered.
"I am Gerard!",I hit him with the keys.
"Stop with the domestic violence", he exclaimed, rubbing the spot where I smacked him with the keys, "I'm just saying just because you're not the best doesn't mean you have to avoid doing it".
"I'm not avoiding anything", I flipped my hair, "I just hate driving".
"I wonder why", he smirked.
"Just because I'm not speeding like some idiot doesn't mean I'm a bad driver", I started the engine with a roar. I mean the engine roared not me.
"Cause you're scared", Gerard cooed at me, laughing at the glances I snick at the road.
"I am not!", I protested loudly.
"You are", he shook his head at the window, "and you adjust your mirrors funny".
"My mirrors are fine", I grunted.
"Whatever does it for you", he shrugged.

For the rest of the drive I tried to prove Gerard just how good I drive.
I sped up and tried to be confident about my turns, I even flipped some jerk that cut me; Gerard didn't seem all that impressed and kept snickering and smirking.
I decided to have my revenge at the supermarket and run him over with the trolley or something

"hmm babe?", Gerard hesitated.
"What?", I refused to look at him, I had this horrible belief that the minute I got my license the cats of New Jersey are in mortal danger.
I don't know why I was extra scared to run over cats in Jersey, maybe cause I named them all, like this cat used to hang around my house when I was like 10 so I used to feed her leftovers and ended up naming her Prepuccino.
Prepuccino had it so good she ended up having all her babies there, so all Prepuccinos's kids and grand kids and grand grand kids used to hang around my house all the time and I named them all, I was really creative too.
I had Eddie and Baby and Dollie and snow flake (aka Flakie) and Fifi and Lily and Nike and Doom and even a Bob cause the kitten looked so much like Bob no matter how much Bob denied it.
I even got in a fight with Frank cause he used to run around shouting just to scare them. Any other guy wouldn't punch a girl but Fwankie didn't have that problem and we ended up wrestling on the ground. Both out mothers were discussed by our behavior.
All these memories came back, things I forgot I did came back to me as I was driving around my home town, and it caused me to be extra freaked out, I didn't want to run over old Flakie.
"Are you sure you're on the right way?", I could hear Gerard stuffing a huge grin.
"What other way there is", I snapped.
"I don't know. The store is like 10 minutes from my house and you were driving around for like half an hour now", he shifted in his seat, looking amused.
I felt like hitting him again but I couldn't possibly take my hands off the wheel and risk hitting Flakie or Doom, "So now I can't find my way around here too?"
He rolled his eyes, "I'm just saying.."
"Yeah you were questioning my driving skills then my GPS skills", I turned left.
"GPS isn't a skill", he chuckled.
"I know!", I exclaimed, "It's just a fucking expression!".
"Never heard of it", he was getting on my last nerve and he knew it and he loved every minute of it.
"Ugh!", I bit my bottom lip hard.
"Ooh I love when you do that, makes me wanna do it too", he rested his hand on my thigh and squeezed.
"What getting pissed at you", I said sarcastically.
"No, bite you lip", he purred.
"Shut up", I smiled.
He moved his hand up my thigh.
"Sugar, I think you missed that turn", he looked back.
"No, I didn't", I got defensive, "I know a short cut, just fucking trust me", the truth to be told, I had no idea what the fuck was I doing, by the time I realized I'm lost I decided to just drive around until I find some supermarket and prove to Gerard I'm a damn good driver.
"No, seriously I think you did", he scanned the streets with his eyes, "we're like on the other side of the town, how the fuck did you manage that!?".
"Well, if you had a better GPS skills…", I tried to turn around the tables and blame him instead of admitting I'm god's punishment on four wheels to cats.
"It's not a skill", he waved his hands around like I'm so unbelievable.
"I know!", I gritted my teeth, "It's just an expression".
"Just take the next right turn if you don't wanna end up shopping in New York", he sighed heavily.
"I know a short cut!", I shrieked.
"Stop being so fucking stubborn and turn left", Gerard removed his hand from my thigh and leaned forward in his seat.
"Just let me show you the short cut", I whined and turned right, I don't know why I did that.
I had no idea if there is a short cut and I sure as hell didn't know how to get there but I just had to do it my way.
We ended up in a dead end ally, I stared ahead, not believing my luck, why couldn't we ended up in some little store and I could say I just mixed up that store with the supermarket.
Nooo we had to prove Gerard just how bad my GPS skill is. And yes I know that's not a fucking word.
Gerard puffed and opened the door on his side.
"Where are you going", I asked in a small voice.
"Shopping", he said sharply, "See that mini market?", he pointed at the wall, "I'm gonna shop till I drop there", he slammed the door shot.
I winced.

I watched him pull out his cigarettes and look for the lighter; he crouched, taking a long drag.
I slumped in my seat and watched him like he watched me; I could see him watching me.
He finished his smoke and returned to the car, "No more short cut, OK sugar?".
I nodded gently, looking at the wheel.
"You don't have to prove anything to me", he returned his hand back on my thigh, "OK?".
I nodded again.
"I love you", he said simply.
"Me too", I muttered.
"Why do you never say it to me?", he removed his hand again.
"What?", I looked up at him.
"That you love me. You always say me to, I do too. Kinda like you try to avoid saying it", I couldn't decide whether he was sad or angry. Mostly he looked tired.
I never noticed I do that but now that he mentioned it…"I thought it's obvious I love you, Gee. I'm here, don't I?".
"Yeah but…", he trailed off.
I tried to unbuckle my seat belt but I had little success, I swear these things are evil, I tugged and pulled but nothing, I had to wait until Gerard gets the hint and help me out.
Once he freed me I climbed into his lap and straddled him, "Gerard way", I cupped his face, "I love you more than anything in this world".
He run his hands down my back and to my waist and down my thighs, "You probably just want me for sex".
I chuckled into his neck, it smelt of cigarettes.
I inhaled him and kissed his ear lobe.
He snuck his hands under my shirt and up my bra, it sent chills down my spine and I shuddered.
he paused on my tattoo, trailing it with his fingertips, what was surprising that he trailed it in amazing accuracy like he studied it's shape and outline by heart.
He moved his hands along my belt and unbuckled it gently while kissing me and his tongue invading my mouth like it haven't done in weeks, he unzipped my pants and his hands went wandering around my panties line. Meanwhile, I found my way under his hoodie and teased him with the tips of my fingers, he threw his head back and I felt him harden, I fiddled with his zip now.

I lifted myself a little to allow both of us to free ourselves from the jeans and underwear.
When I finally could see his manhood saluting me I positioned myself and sat on him, he let out a gentle moan and closed his eyes while holding my hips tightly, guiding me.

It was kinda uncomfortable because of the limited space we had but after weeks it felt so good to feel him inside of me, to hear him moan, to hear him say my name in that husky voice filled with longing, to have him touch me like only he could, send me to places I could only visit with Gerard.

I came a few minutes after him but didn't let go, I kinda just set on him, panting.
He stroked my face gently without saying anything, little bits of sweat formed on his forehead and made his hair stick a little to his forehead, I rubbed myself on him one last time before getting up, causing him to close his eyes and smile, "I'm so glad you didn't turn left".

so OK most of my sex scenes are awkward so i need your feedback on it!
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