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Monsters lurking in isles.

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Soup dilemmas, balloons, preachers and us...

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"There", Gerard pointed lazily at an empty park space, "You can park there".
I turned quickly to the space he was pointing but some little green car got there first, "Motherfucker".
Gerard made a face and scanned the parking lot for more empty spaces, I didn't want to go shopping anymore, all i wanted is sleep
We finally managed to park Mrs. W car after racing with some old lady.
I picked a cart and we rolled through the supermarket's automatic doors, "Where's the list", I mumbled at Gerard.
"What list?", he looked puzzled.
"Ya know the list of the food we came here for", I motioned at all the shelves packed with food.
"Oh you have it", he reached for bottles of water.
"No, I don't", I leaned on the cart for support.
"Yes you do, Sky", he unscrewed one bottle and sipped.
"I don't, Gee", I said softly. I don't know why but having sex softened us, I think that if we didn't, we would have this conversation in much more louder tones but now he was all gentle and soft. Maybe he was just tired, I know I was.
"Check your pockets", he told me and drifted to the cereal section.
"Gee", I moaned and pushed the cart after him, "You pretty much checked every pocket I had".
He grinned widely while reading the stupid facts that are usually written on the cereal boxes, you know these kind that tells you why you should buy this cereal and why you'd die if you won't, "I don't have it".
"Just check your pockets", I rested my chin on his back, "Don't make me do it for you".
Gerard's grin grew wider, "You don't scare me".
"I don't?", I smirked and placed my hands on his back, sliding slowly down to his jeans pockets, first groping the back, then sliding my hands in his front pockets, Gerard gasped when my hands felt the inside of his front pockets, rubbing his dick in the process. I sucked his neck slightly, then bit him and removed my hands and he opened his eyes.
"You're right, it's not there", I turned around to see a familiar woman of about 50, staring at us and shaking her head in disgust.
I gasped.

It was my mother!
She had a loaded cart in front of her, and was paralyzed with her jaw hanging wide open, her eyes narrowed and her hands on the trolly's handle.
I gulped and heard Gerard turning around and muttering 'fuck' under his breath.
I turned 4798 shades of red, shades that were unknown to man kind until that moment.
I mean, I groped Gerard in a public place and my mother saw it!
Fucking hell she was supposed to think I'm a virgin until I die not witness the groping!
"Skyler", she said in a sharp whisper like step away from his private areas.
"Mother", I mouthed without a sound.
"Mrs. Olsen", Gerard said, I couldn't see his face but I bet he wasn't as embarrassed as I was, after all it wasn't his mother.
"Gerard", she gave him a death stare and a brief nod.
We stood in silence for a few minutes but they seemed like ever during which my mother scanned Gerard from head to toe with annoying expression, like something died under her nose, than she browsed my image and tighten her grip on the handle of the cart, "I didn't know you were in town".
I shifted my weight from my left foot to my right, "I...I didn't know...I didn't plan...Gerard was visiting his mom.."
She cut me off with her ice cold voice, "Off course, Gerard visits his mom. Even HE has respect for his mother".
I turned another 4839 shades of red, she basically dissed Gerard.
He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it like hang in there.
My mother didn't like this gesture, she looked at his hand for a minute and then turned her gaze on me, "Can I have a word, Skyler?".
I nodded but didn't move, Gerard squeezed my shoulder again, "I'll check out the cereals".
My mother frowned, "You do that".

After my mother made sure he was out of ear shot she exploded, "What on earth were you doing? Didn't I teach you not to throw yourself at men..."
"I wasn't throwing myself at men", I hissed. Who does she think she is? So maybe groping him wasn't the best idea but I was just having fun.
"Well, yes you were throwing yourself at HIM, for some reason that doesn't make me feel better!", She spat, "After all I've done for you, after all the sacrifices I made, you're still insisting on acting like a whore!"
"I'm not...", I tried to protest but she cut me off, "I thought it's an age thing, you rebelled but you're 22 years old and still act like a whore. As much as it hurts me to admit that all my work was for nothing, it seems that you always were one even though I tried to shilled you from this kinda of thing, a whore always finds her way back", she shook her head like just the thought of it caused her pain.
"It's none of your business", tears welled in my eyes, I felt so dirty.
"Than what is my business? I'm supposed to watch all my life go to nothing? I spent my life raising a vulgar slut?", she looked at me like I was a dirty sock and smelled the part.
"Look at you!", she finally let go of the cart and grabbed my sleeve with the tips of here fingers like she might catch a diseases, "Where is the lady I raised, you were such a sweetie back then and now?..", she let me go and dusted off her hands, "Disgusting. No decent guys would ever want you".
I crossed my hands on my chest and she got a glimpse of my wedding ring, "And what's this?"
"A promise ring", I blinked back my tears.
"A promise ring?", she smirked.
"Yes a promise ring", I sniffled, sticking my hands deep in my pockets.
"This is all he can give you. A promise", she waved her hands around.
"I don't need anything else", I looked sternly at her, hoping she sees the hate I feel for her in my eyes.
"You're a child with bunch of stupid romantic dreams. A stupid child too. Promises won't take care of you, won't pay for food on your table", she laughed her cold laugh.
"He has a job", I don't even know why I bothered to explain anything to her.
"Oh yes, I forgot. Playing with that little band of his. The job of a century!", she sighed, "You need some stable serious guy who'll knock the nonsense out of you and make you see the real world, not a boy band member to feed these stupid fantasies of yours and then dump you".
"Are you done?", I snapped.
"Skyler Skyler", she nodded her head, "Just don't come crying to me after this druggie is done with you".
"I won't ever come to you", I spun around to leave.
"So would you stop by later?", she asked innocently.
I froze, "Are you kidding me?!"
"Even people like him has more respect for their mothers"
I just stormed off to find Gerard, pausing only to wipe the tears off my cheeks.

"So how it went", he was still looking at cereals when I found him.
"Basically I'm still a whore", I said, avoiding his eyes.
"I'm sorry babe", he hugged me tight.
"It's about time I get used to it after 22 years", I rubbed my cheek on his t shirt and held him tight.
"You shouldn't, I'm so sorry", he stroked my head gently.
"It's OK", I pulled away, afraid she might see us like that, "Did you find the list?"
"You probably have it", he shrugged, still not releasing me.
"No I don't Gerard", I snapped and immediately felt sorry for snapping like that, "I'm sorry. I just want to get it over with it"
He nodded, "I'll go check in the car".

I needed a moment to myself, to pull myself back together again, I felt so hollow, I stared at the booze section with longing.
If only I could put my hands on a few bottles and make myself numb again, like I did last night.
I had so much last fun night ,with Haley and Cole and the gang.
I didn't have to think much or impress anybody or be anything but the drunken ass I am.
I could remember canned soup on Mrs. W's list, so I tore my eyes from the booze and wondered to the isle where they kept the canned soup.

I couldn't make up my mind between two types of soup cans, one had extra healthy shit in it and the other was made with a special technology that promised it would last longer.
I don't know which one Mrs. W wanted. With the healthy shit or the one that lasted longer.
why would she even add it to the list, she never used this crap to make soup.
I huffed in annoyance and kept staring at the cans of soup, now I noticed a third kind...I swear life was easier when there was only one kind of soup.
Suddenly a balloon appeared in front of me, I shrieked and spun around.
Gerard was holding a balloon and smiling, "For you"
It was a pink balloon and it said 'I love you', "Aww Gee", I threw my arms around him. It was just so sweet!
"I saw how sad you were and I know that you're obsessed with balloons so...", I didn't let him finish the sentence and silenced him with my mouth, I needed him close desperately. I just did.
He pulled away, "Babe I know I can't stop her from saying that shit to you but just know that you mean the world to me and I wish I could stop you from hurting but I can't".
I noticed the hickey I left on his neck and touched it gently, "You're the only thing I'd ever need".
He pecked my lips.
"Did you find the list?", I smiled. As long as I have him with me, I'm safe.
"Yeah. under the seat", he pulled the piece of paper from his pocket.
"Let's shop then".
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