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Modern fairy tale.

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About sleeping beauty and two stupid gnomes.

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I woke up in Gerard's room/basement. It was actually weird, I remembered it being the restrict zone, the room Mikey and I were forbidden to enter.
It was like an urban legend, Mikey used to tell me about ghosts and vampires living there, it turned out no ghosts or vampire lived there just one really lonely guy.
But I really couldn't shake off the feeling that I'm not allowed there, that my life until this moment was a dream and any minute now, 16 years old Gerard gonna scream at me to get the fuck out of his forbidden dark kingdom.
Minutes passed and no 16 years old Gerard made an appearance, only the present one was sleeping away next to me.
I loved watching him asleep, he was so peaceful and calm, his hair in his eyes, his soft lips are pressed lightly together and his breathe steady, in...and out, in...and out, in...and out, in...and out.
It was my secret fetish and it always relaxed me.
I swear that if sleeping beauty was a male, she would be Gerard.
The trouble with him was that if I watched him more than 5 minutes, he would wake up startled.
I decided to get up and snick upstairs.
I climbed out of bed, pulled on Gerard's skeleton PJ and made my way up to find Mikey in the kitchen.
He was stuffing his face with pancakes, "Morning".
Mikey handed me a cup of coffee without even looking up from his paper, he knew there's no point talking to me until I had my coffee.

"What are you reading?", I emptied my cup and licked my lips.
"Just an article about us", he shook his head, sighed and tossed the paper aside, "Such bullshit. I don't get it why mom buys that shit".
"What does it say?", I propped my chin on my hand.
"The usual emo shit", he waved his hand in annoyance, "Oh and by the way apparently Gerard is gay again".
I giggled, "I know".
Mikey frowned and stared at me.
"What?", I chuckled, "I was kidding".
"No", he shook his head slightly, "There's something...Where's your dog tag?".
my hand shut to my neck, I tried to feel my chain but there was nothing to feel. I gasped, gripping desperately around my neck for it, "I couldn't possibly lost it".
"He's gonna freak", Mikey gave me a sympathetic look.
"It's probably somewhere in the house", I bit my bottom lip.
"Then you better find it fast", Mikey bent to look under the table, "Stand up, maybe it fell into your PJ".
I did as I was told and shook my body in hope to hear something metallic hit the floor, "Aw fuck", I crashed on my chair.
"You gotta find it", Mikey pushed his glasses up his nose and brushed his fringe aside.
"What's the big deal?", I shrugged, going to refill my mug, "It's gotta be somewhere in the house. I'll just stumble into it".
"No, Skyler", Mikey stretched his arm in front of me and stopped my quest for the holy coffee, "You don't understand. You HAVE to find it before Gerard notices".
I stared at him for a second, "Why is that so important?".
"Trust me", he pulled his arm back and placed it on the table, "You absolutely have to before he notices it's gone".
"But why?", I insisted while refilling my mug.
"Have I ever lied to you?", Mikey stood up. He looked dead serious.
I pretended to think hard about it.
"Skyler", he sighed, "You gotta find it before Gerard notices".
"But why?", I whined.
"Cause why?", I insisted.
"Sky, just trust me", he widened his eyes at me.
"OK", I shrugged. I trusted him more then I should.
"Where you last saw it?", he sat on the counter, staring at me.
"Mmmm I don't remember", I scrunched my face, thinking.
"When have you noticed it's gone", he kept grilling me.
"I didn't. You did", I pointed out to him.
"Do you ever take it off", Mikey brushed the fringe out of his eyes again.
"No. Not really", I wrinkled my forehead.
"No or not really?", Mikey jumped off the counter and closed the kitchen door.
"What's the difference?", I frowned.
"Work with me", Mikey dropped his voice to an whisper, "Do you ever take it off? In the shower? When you work out?"
I chuckled, "I don't work out".
Mikey breathed out, "Focus. This is important".
"Yeah but why?", I whined childishly.
"I thought you were trusting me", Mikey gave me a look and then glanced at the kitchen door.
"I just don't see the big deal", I shrugged and slumped on the chair.
Mikey ignored my hint for wanting more information, "So you don't take it off", he muttered, "Where were you yesterday?".
I rolled my eyes, "In the supermarket, the hall, the train, the train station, Starbucks, your mom's car, Gerard's room, your room, kitchen, living room, pretty much all over your house".
"So we're gotta look there first", Mikey concluded after nodding to everything I just said.
"Are you kidding me?", I chucked on my coffee, "What if we don't find it? You plan on visiting places I've been to all through the years? Cause it's possible I lost it months ago and didn't noticed".
Mikey surprised me by giving me a really dirty look, "That's how you take care of it?".
I rubbed my eyes in frustration, "I do take care of it but I'm used to it just being there. And I don't get your dirty looks".
Mikey looked down, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. It's just that you have no idea what a big deal it is to Gee, he would be devastated beyond belief".
I frowned again but nodded.
"Go get dressed", Mikey's tone went back to just above whisper.
I got up and went for the door but then remembered that my clothes are still in the washer. 5 inches from Gerard's room. Where he slept. Not supposed to know I lost his dog tag, "Mikey, my clothes are still in the washer".
"Fuck", Mikey announced to the room and got up , "We gotta get them".
"No kidding", I rolled my eyes at him.
"Follow me", he opened the door and began to gently tip toe to the basement, I followed him closely.
He stayed close to the wall, turned around corners carefully, you could've mistaken him for fucking James Bond if it wasn't for his fringe, glasses and metallica hoodie. It reminded me of the games we used to play.
We finally reached the washer after he shushed me about 830490 times while we crept down the stairs, he stood silent for a while, waiting to hear some kinda noise from Gerard's closed door.
Then he crept to where the washing machine stood and opened the lid, we both winced when it cracked.
We froze...Well Mikey froze, I wasn't moving, to hear any noises coming from the silent room.
Mikey reached in and pulled out my clothes...I think...
I came closer to look, Mikey stretched them in front of him and a gigantic grin broke on his face.
My jeans were tiny, my shirt was tiny, my hoodie was tiny and my jacket was beyond tiny. My clothes shrunk!
"What did you do?", Mikey giggled quietly.
"We wanted to wash them", I took them from him, "We got distracted. Fuck!".
A little shriek of laughter escaped Mikey throat so he covered his month and continued to laugh hysterically.
"Shut up", I hissed, smiling myself. If only he knew what distracted us he would never eat off the dining table ever again.
My clothes were fitting a 10 year old, but I didn't know what 10 year old would wear them, I mean, maybe I'm ignorant but I was yet to meet a 10 year old who's a fan of nightwish, but you may never know.
Mikey still chuckled into his hands when I dragged him to the kitchen again.
"What now?", I tossed the tiny clothes on the chair.
He shrugged, "You could borrow mine. Or do some dieting".
I laughed, "I loved that hoodie".

Mikey made his way to his room upstairs, "Most of my clothes are back home but I'm sure I left some t-shirts behind".
While he looked for clean clothes for me, I cuddled on his bed, it was really soft and smelled like Mikey.
"Here", he threw some t-shirts at me.
I sat up and looked at them, one was his scooby doo green t-shirt, the other was his white middle school uniform, I made a face.
"What? I'm pretty sure they're clean", Mikey stared at me, holding a pair of skinny jeans he left behind.
I smelled the t-shirts, "But I hate the colors".
"Ooh", he cooed, "You don't wike the colows?! Why didn't you said so before, I would've pulled my designer rack earlier".
I rolled my eyes and smiled at the same time, it didn't occur to me before how much I missed Mikey, "Shut up".
He threw the jeans at me and turned his back so I could change into them, I crawled under the covers just in case.
"I'm ready", I popped my head from under the covers, "But the jeans are falling off".
He spun around to face me,"I'm sure we can find some rope to tie around you".
"Why go all medieval on my ass", I got out of the bed, "Don't you have a belt for me?".
"Nope", he shook his head, "But the tee is covering half of the jeans anyway"
You could say that again, the t-shirt was so roomy I could feel a gentle breeze.

"Where are you going?", Mikey grabbed my forearm after he tied a robe around my waist to hold up his jeans.
"I'm going to get my shoes", I said.
"Shoes. Like the shoes that you left in Gerard's room?", Mikey narrowed his eyes at me.
"Umm yeah", I smirked. This is getting ridiculous, the whispering, the sneaking around.
"Are you crazy?!", he folded his hands over his chest.
"No. But I'm beginning to think you are", I mirrored his pose.
"You can't", he threw his hands in the air.
"Going barefoot- that I can't do.", I twisted my hair in a messy ponny tail and rested my hand on my hips, "And besides maybe I lost my chain there".
He seemed to consider the possibilities and the risks, "But you gotta stay hidden".
"What like behind these moving bushes", I snickered.
"No", Mikey looked like he was considering it at first and then decided against it, "You gotta stay on the floor".
I threw my head back, laughing when I glimpsed at Mikey, he looked like he meant business.
"Oh please Mikey, it's getting out of hand", I threw my hands in the air.
"No. Gerard that's who would be out of control after he'll discover you lost your motherfucking chain".
"Look", I stopped by the door on my way out, "I know how to distract Gerard in case he wakes up"
"Fine",he shook his head in disapproval, "Be careful, I'll check the rest of the house for your chain".
I shrugged and walked out of the kitchen, I trusted Mikey but I wondered why it's such a big deal. If it's a prank, it had Frank's name all over it but Mikey would never prank me that long.

I walked silently down the stairs to the basement and pushed the door of Gerard's room open, I peeked in, he was still sleeping, only his head changed position.
I crouched at the doorway and scanned the room for any hints of the metallic chain, I couldn't see anything, it was still really dark and Gerard scattered clothes blocked my view of the floor.
I bent and went in, slowly and quietly, I should've took a flash light or something.
I waited a while until my eyes adjusted to the dark and moved deeper into the room.
Because I couldn't see anything but shadows, my next bright thought was to feel the floor, so I got down on my knees and hands and touched every inch of Gerard's dusty floor.
I smiled thinking that I looked like a human vacuum cleaner, I even checked under the bed and closet and drawers and tables but nothing but dust bunnies greeted me.
I got up and dusted myself off, smelling the dust that brushed off me.
Then my gaze fell on the bed, gleaming white in the dark, my chain could be there.
I can save Mikey and myself long hours of searching and Gee could find the chain there and raise hell for whatever reason unknown to me.
I crept at the bed and bit my lip, thinking how could I do this without waking up Gerard.
I assessed the situation, Gerard's bed was a little king size bed, he was kinda at the center, I slept on the left.
I went back down on my hands and knees and crawled over to the left side of the bed and waited to hear any sign if his awakening. Nothing.
I lifted the covers gently and glanced, lucky it was white so anything could be visible, I saw nothing but naked Gerard, I decided to check anyway and brushed my hand through the whole area, finding nothing.
I went to the other side and did the same with similar result.
I stood up and bent a little over Gerard to see if by any chance the chain was there when all of the sudden he stirred.
I held my breath, praying that he didn't wake up. Mikey scared the living shit out of me with the whole talk about how Gerard gonna lose it if he found out the tag went bye bye.
I looked down at Gerard and smiled, how could my sleeping beauty raise hell, I mean look at him, all peaceful and calm. I had a deep urge to kiss him so I bent even lower and my messy pony tail got loose because it had nothing but a strand of hair holding it together, it whipped Gerard across the face and he moaned, pulling me to his chest, muttering something.
Fuck!! What do I do now? He wrapped his arms around me so tight it was alarming for a sleeping guy.
I tried to wriggle away but he only tighten his grip around me, like a freaking octopus.
I sighed without a sound, Mikey would kick my ass, he told me to stay low but nooo I had to do things my own way yet again.

I don't know how long I lay like that trapped in Gerard's arms but my legs went numb.
One leg was hanging over the edge of the bed in a weird angle and the other was twisted like I don't know what underneath it.
The darkness and Gerard's warm body were about to consume me and I felt like I was drifting to sleep when I heard a slight crack of the door and a silent whisper, "Skyler?".
I coughed a little but Mikey didn't hear me, he was about to leave and there goes my only salvation, the next time I would be able to move is when Gerard would wake up and see I lost the chain and then what? I don't know cause Mikey refused to tell me.
I pulled my arm out of Gerard grip only for him to pull me even closer to him, I swear a little closer and they would have to surgically remove us.
I waved my arm at the door and heard Mikey mutter 'Fuck'.
I saw his shadow crept closer to us and I could just tell he was about to make fun of my pose and situation, "Told ya".
"Shut up", my tone was only for the dogs to hear, "Get me out"
"How?", he bent to examine us, I guess.
"I don't fucking care", I cried softly, "Tickle him or something".
Mikey took a moment to giggle without a sound, "I won't".
"Mikey", I stressed out his name, "Tickle his side. Do it gently though".
I saw Mikey throw his hands in the air but prop his knee on the other side and lean toward Gerard, he stuck out his index finger and touched Gerard's shoulder for a brief second before pulling away sharply.
I shut my eyes in frustration, "Oh even I felt that", I said dryly.
Mikey shrugged like what you want me to do.
"It's common knowledge that the shoulder isn't ticklish", I barked, as much as I could without actually speaking up.
Mikey shrugged again, "Sorry I didn't read the manual about ticklish spots".
Gerard shifted again, squeezing the fuck out of me, "Try the fucking side".
"Like the one under the blanket", Mikey sounded repulsed.
"No, like the one under the ear", I said sarcastically, "It's either that or blow in his ear".
"Skyler", Mikey breathed out.
"Do it!", I commanded, even though I was in no position to command, Mikey could just leave me there and walk out.
Mikey held up the blanket carefully and stuck his index finger in Gerard's side, causing him to squeeze me even tighter and wrap his leg around me.
I sighed.
Then Mikey took a deep breathe and blew in Gerard ear.
Ha! Victory! Gee released me and turned to the other side to strangle Mikey with his embrace.
I climbed out of bed quickly, almost tripping over my own numb leg.
"Help", Mikey's hoarse whisper carried through to me.
"OK don't panic", I ordered.
I leaned carefully to Gerard and licked his ear lobe, making sure I stayed away from his octopus hands, he groaned and pulled Mikey even closer.
I did it again and again, until he opened his eyes, "Motherfuckers!", he shrieked when he saw Mikey in his arms and me standing over him.
"Go back to sleep honey, we just wanted to kiss you goodbye before we went on a little morning trip", we didn't give him the chance to reply but scrambled to our feet and ran, going back only to scoop my shoes.

Once in the kitchen, Mikey grabbed the car keys and we ran like madwomen to the car.
When we were about good 5 blocks away, we allowed ourselves to laugh like there's no tomorrow, reliving and replying the whole scene.
"We'll still have to explain why you were in his arms", I banged my head on the dash board, trying to stop the insane laughter.
"Threesome?", Mikey wiped his eyes under his glasses, wiping tears.
"Ah man", I roared, "You should've seen yourself all 'help'", I imitated his hoarse shriek once Gerard got him, "That was awesome! I wish I could take a picture".
"Poor Gee, you sexually abused him in his sleep", Mikey giggled.
"He's used to me....", I had to stop cause I was so breathless", But you blew in his ear gently and softly", I irrupted in yet another laughing fit.
"Where we're gonna look first?", Mikey giggled and switched gears.
"The supermarket I guess", I leaned to put my shoes on. One fitted well but the other was so huge my foot just kinda floated in it.
I frowned and stared at them hard only to notice that was one converse was my blue one and the other was Gerard's black one, I irrupted in laughter again.
Mikey made a face at me, "What?"
I lifted my feet to show him, he just chuckled and shook his head.
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