Review for Spencer did what?

Spencer did what?

(#) Lizzard 2007-09-26

Ewwwwww, Brendon/Grandma shippings are not my thing.... But this was amazing! As I've always said: Spencer and Jon need more love. When I meet them (and I will, and I'll definitely bring you....) I shall hug fisrts Jon, then Ryan, then Brendon, then Spencer, and I wouldn't let og of the last one, because he's just SOOOOOO amazing....

Anyways, these were just a few of the lines that made me laugh...

the other hand writing on a lined notepad, that was recognized by all as the ‘Sacred Notepad’, a thing not to be touched.

“Dude,” Brendon said in a slightly dreamy voice, “You’re Granny is Hot.”

And where is Grandma Smith! I wanted some of her cookies!” He added as a sullen afterthought.

Brendon, Ryan, and Jon exchanged glances.
“T” from Brendon,
“M” added Jon hyperly, forming the letter with his arms as one would during the YMCA dance,
“I” Finished Ryan.

That was fripppindey dippin amazing!

Author's response

awwwwwwwwww thank you so much for the superdyduper review! lol it's funny because all of the lines you noted were some of my favorite to write XD

I love jon. he definitly needs more love (from me?). lol you can never let go of spencer, i'll never let go of jon....ever. XD (okay that sounds stalkerishly...scary. but you know what i mean :)) Lol if you meet them i am SO with you stows away in on of the suitcases