Review for The Adventures of Emo Boy and Scene Girl!

The Adventures of Emo Boy and Scene Girl!

(#) i_heart_cliches 2007-10-02

hahaha awesome!!!

I liked how you said "Scene Girl stirred, and stretched in a very girly way" when it was refering to Emo Boy. haha.

The whole thing was incredible. I love reading your story :D I can't wait to find out what happens! ;)

Author's response

I give credit for the mind-switching idea to Nancy and Jesika, who dressed up as Emo Boy and Scene Girl for their school's super hero day.

Anyways, I really don't want to have to switch their genders, so I'll be referring to them as their original genders, not their external genders. If that makes any sense at all.

Thank you so much for continuing to review even though I really never bug anyone to review. I really appreciate it that I get reviews because I'm loved, not because I'm annoying. But I would like some rates, too, so that even people with their filters on can see my story. ^_^