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Episode Seven: I'm a Real Boy!

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Emo Boy and Scene Girl run into a slight mishap that flips their worlds around.

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Scene Girl crept Mission Impossible style down the deserted hallway in the empty building, humming the theme song under her breath. Emo Boy followed her, just plodding down the hallway. They passed through a door into a room that gleamed with burnished stainless steel.

"We're in a completely empty building, Scene Girl. We aren't going to get caught. That is, if neither of us trips the alarms..." Emo Boy said, stopping in front of a machine, while Scene Girl dodged behind a pillar.

Scene Girl crept over to the console Emo Boy was standing in front of. "What do you think that thing does?" she asked him, pointing to a shining silver globe-like thing in front of them.

"I dunno... But I wouldn't touch it if I we... NO!" he shouted as Scene Girl reached towards the shiny globe, her eyes wide. Emo Boy reached towards her hand, but tripped, and was unable to stop his momentum as he squished both of their hands against the cold metal globe.

Time passed. It was boring, because the only movement in the room was a fly buzzing around, and our heroes were on the ground, passed out.

Scene Girl stirred, and stretched in a very girly way. Emo Boy was already sitting up, rubbing his eyes. His knuckles came away blackened by eyeliner.

"That was some shock..." Scene Girl said, opening her eyes. "Emo Boy?" she asked. He grunted to show that he was responsive, although he was still half-asleep. He is so NOT a morning person.

"Emo Boy, why can't I see out of my left eye?" Scene Girl looked down, and squeaked in panic. She frantically ran her hands over her chest, which had turned flat, and was now covered in black cloth, instead of the pink unicorn print shirt that she had put on earlier that morning.

"I'm a fucking boy! We switched bodies!" Scene Girl squeaked, panicking slightly. She ran her fingers through her... er... his shorter, black hair that was so unfamiliar feeling on her head.

"Ooh, your hair is soft, Emo Boy..." she muttered. Emo Boy paid her no mind, and focussed on the more important issue.

"We did?" Emo Boy asked through Scene Girl's pink-chapsticked mouth. He pulled the front of Scene Girl's unicorn-print shirt away from the body he was currently wearing, and looked inside. He came up a second later, wearing a smirk. "I guess we did switch bodies..."

"Stop looking at me!" Scene Girl shouted at Emo Boy, blushing madly.

"Sorry..." He mumbled, hiding behind Scene Girl's garrulous, brightly colored hair.

Scene Girl stood up, and started pacing. It was her usual combination of pacing and silly dancing, but since she looked like Emo Boy, it was pretty ridiculous. When her back was turned, Emo Boy peeked down the front his shirt, and mouthed 'thank you!' at the ceiling, before taking yet another peek.

"I think that the thing to do is to go home, since there's obviously nothing here. And then we should talk to someone who knows what the fuck is going on. Like my mom. And stop squishing my butt!" Scene Girl snapped at Emo Boy.

"Sorry... I've just... never been a girl before. Don't say that you're not even a little bit curious about what I look like naked." Emo Boy said.

Scene Girl blushed and sputtered for a moment before turning her back angrily on Emo Boy.

"I'm sorry, Scene Girl, I wasn't being completely serious. I might've even been joking a little." Emo Boy said, flipping his brightly colored hair over his left eye, where it usually resided when he was in his own body, with his own hair.

Scene Girl sighed. "It's okay, Emoey. I'm just soooooo confused! I mean, should the author be referring to me as a 'he' or a 'she'? Are we now 'The Adventures of Emo Girl and Scene Boy'?" Scene Girl (Boy?) stomped his (her?) foot.

"Don't..." Emo Boy trailed off as a smelly spray of anti-ghost foam sprayed from the walls. Emo Boy spat out a mouthful. "...touch that. Great Job, Scene Girl," he said sarcastically.

"Whatever. I need a shower." She muttered, and took off out the open skylight down the hall that they had entered through earlier.

Emo Boy glanced down his shirt one more time before taking off after her to go home, and have a shower.
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