Review for Spencer did what?

Spencer did what?

(#) deaths-destruction 2007-10-06

hahaha, love it.
it's awesome. :]

...the other hand writing on a lined notepad, that was recognized by all as the ‘Sacred Notepad’, a thing not to be touched.

“Dude,” Brendon said in a slightly dreamy voice, “You’re Granny is Hot.”

Brendon, Ryan, and Jon exchanged glances.
“T” from Brendon,
“M” added Jon hyperly, forming the letter with his arms as one would during the YMCA dance,
“I” Finished Ryan.

those are pretty much the bestest lines in the story.
the rest of the lines are flipping amazing as well. :]
hehe, love it!
you write very well. :D

Author's response

WOW over six months and i haven't responded shames self


i also love the bits you pointed out there ^^ they were fun to write. thank you for reading and commenting XD