Review for A Season of Aeons

A Season of Aeons

(#) EatThePath 2007-10-17

I think 'kindergrateny' refers to the usage of 'leaved' as a past tense of 'leave', just tacking on the 'ed' sound to the word, instead of using 'left'. Silly kids, thinking our language logical.

Nice imagery, though not a whole lot happens, but it paints a pretty decent picture. Good stuff.

As to the disclaimer, I think "If you do not get drabbles, do not read it." would work a bit better, but it's really not a major issue.

Author's response

The word in question was actually an old variation of the word "leave" meaning to green; as in "the flowers bloomed, the trees leaved". I forgot to take into account my audience here. :)

Yep, not much happening; but the prompt was seasons, and if viewed in that sense, then I think it speaks volumes. Of course, you need to know the backstory.

Thank you for the feedback.