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A Season of Aeons

by Rous 3 reviews

Challenge for "Weather". Drabble. Please see warnings about this genre. If you do not get it, do not read it. Thank you.

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With the last ring of steel against steel resounding yet, the world slowly relaxed. The evil lord vanquished, his power, tied to a small ring, now resided in the dubious protection of Isildur. The peoples of Middle Earth could turn their hands towards more productive endeavors: healing the land.

As the ground greened and the trees budded, gardens were furrowed and harvests planned. All was well and the fruitful began multiplying.

Most ignorantly blissful that peace would reign eternal, one race kept vigilance.

Thus began the aeons-long journey from the spring of renewal grinding inexorably towards the winter of war.

©2006 rous
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