Review for The Power

The Power

(#) Infin1x 2007-10-26

First I have to say I really like this story. Now I have to give the criticism the first couple of chapters, probably all of them up to hogwarts, felt like they were badly parphrased from the book with minimal changes. It would go from following the book almost word for word and then skip whole chunks, it just didn't flow at all.

Second your main character shares very little with canon Harry Potter besides the name, which while normally a very bad thing I did enjoy the lack of the indecisive slightly emo boy of the books but he is missing one of the better qualities of HP, the kindness and humbleness along with the saving people thing that was so endearing of the character. Your Harry Potter felt more like what I would imagine James Potter would be like crossed with the bookishness of Remus along with a nifty power.

Still the later chapters were very interesting and I really hope you continue this. I really want to see your take on the rest of the series.

Author's response

Not to be rude, but all those things that you say you don't like about my character are my favorite parts of him, so too bad.

I know that the story is too close to canon, but oh, well. I am not very creative, it seems.