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chapter 23

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chapter 23

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Author's Note: By this point, Harry has learnt nearly twenty human languages. He can converse with nearly any human in their native language. However, I realize that it wouldn't be fair to expect the reader to know as many languages, so I have taken the liberty to translate everything into English. All translated text will be in [brackets].

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, yada yada yada.

Chapter 23

Two weeks into the school year, Harry remembered his vow. Accompanied by Hermione, Harry paid a visit to the Headmaster.

After describing what he had done to the locket, and that it was almost the same as the diary that had possesed Ginny Weasley, Harry tried to read Dumbledore's face. He seemed to suspect something about the objects, but Harry couldn't get him to voice his suspisions.

Upon leaving the Head's Office, Harry and Hermione ran into Draco. The pureblood had been particularly hateful towards Harry this year, though was still too scared to show it. It turned out that Lucias Malfoy had been one of the Death Eaters that Harry had transfigured into matresses. His money had kept him from even seeing the inside of a cell, but the embarassment had lost him his possision as a school governer.

Harry was, by now, used to having a new Defence teacher every year, but this year's model had turned out even better than the last. With Lupin doing something or other for Dumbledore, an ex-auror friend of the headmaster's had been called in. Every class ended with a duel. Mad-Eye would choose at random someone to face the winner of the last duel. Harry had won six times in a row.


Theodore Nott faced off against Harry and they both bowed. As soon as the duel started, Harry ran in five directions at once (he was using illusions).

With Nott distracted, Harry summoned his shoes and disarmed him.

The next day, Harry was facing Goyle. He used a strengthening charm on his legs and leaped right over the single curse thrown at him and performed a flying karate kick to Goyle's chest.

After that, Harry was pitted against Hermione. As smart as he was, he knew that she was smarter. So ran straight at her while holding a wandless shield that was strong enough to withstand anything she could throw, and rapped her in a bear hug. She conceded.

His fight against Ron was over when he trasfigured the doofus into a puppy.

Malfoy surrendered before anything happened.

Neville Longbottom almost won by throwing a desk at him and following it up with a stunner. Unfortunately, the stunner hit the now floating desk, and Neville was then encased in ice.

End Flashback

One week before Halloween saw Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets. Harry had graced her with the honor of being the sole witness to the first transformation from Human to Dragon. He was large and in charge. He hit his head on the ceiling. Still, it was fun. That night, Harry flew for hours.

The next morning while reading the paper, Hermione spit her juice all over Seamus, who had been sitting across from her. Just as Harry was about to ask what was up, McGonagall came and asked him to report to the Headmaster's office.

"Mister Potter, I'm afraid that I have some bad news. Your relatives have all been found dead in their home." The Headmaster was looking especially grave.

"Well, how did it happen?" He was, to all appearances, morbidly curious, though he actually just wanted the Headmaster to say it.

"I believe that Lord Voldemort orchestrated it. Now, I know that he was only able to get to them because you didn't recharge the blood wards, but I don't want you to feel guilty. You had no idea that Voldemort could bewitch a dragon. Even I didn't know that."

"A dragon killed my relatives? How did it do that without burning down the neighborhood?" Now Harry seemed appauled.

"Well...A dragon has more ways to kill than just its breath." 'Figures he wouldn't say it.' "Anyways, you are free to choose to be absent from school to attend the funeral, if you wish."

"I probably won't."

When Harry finally got a look at the paper, he almost laughed out loud.

Dursleys Drowned in Dragon Dung
Harry Potter Orphaned Again

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement and The Department of the Control of Magical Creatures are baffled by the events at a residence in Surrey. In the dead of night, a dragon flew to Number 4 Private Drive, home to the only living relatives to the Boy-Who-Lived and well outside of any dragon-safe zones, and ripped the roof off of the house. It then seemed to use the house as a toilet....

Hermione gave Harry a lecture on the respect for all living things, and then another on personal hygine. Harry could tell that she agreed that it was the most fitting end to the Dursley line.

The representatives from the other schools arrived on Halloween. Harry personally thought that Durmstrang's ship was more impressive that the Abraxan drawn carriage. Still, the French were the ones he was interested in. And he wasn't disappointed, either. The last one to leave the carriage, besides the half-giant Headmistress, was definately a veela.

That evening, the Headmaster put the Goblet of Fire on display and explained that everyone over seventeen had twenty-four hours to enter their name. Harry already knew how he was going to get around the age line.

Later that night, Harry and Hermione were sitting in the commonroom when Hermione noticed that Harry was a little distracted. As though he was trying to be in two places at once.

Melissa Marcrow was walking through the corridors of Hogwarts. To the objective observer, it would appear as though she had just realized that she had breasts. She almost couldn't stop herself from touching them. It's probably the only thing that stoped Filch from bothering her as he saw her pass by. 'You look like a lady! Oh, oh yeah. You look like a lady.' Once in the Great Hall, she put a piece of paper in the Goblet. It said Harry Potter, Hogwarts.


When Harry seemed to come to himself, Hermione asked, "So what was that all about?"

"I just officially became a Master Legilemencer." When Hermione realized what he ment, she decided to go to bed. The only reason she had stayed up so late was to try to stop him from entering himself into the tournament.


Fred and George had tried to use a potion to age theirselves to get past the age-line. Once Harry saw their beards, he cast an aging charm on himself and jumped across the line. When he had a beard as well, he changed his robes to midnight blue with red polka-dots and trasfigured his glasses into half-moon glasses. The headmaster accepted the offered lemon drop.

Later in class, Harry was being griped at by McGonnagal.

"Mr. Potter, the continued existance of the beard aside, I cannot allow you to continue to flout the dress code. And, no. I will not refer to you as Harry the Grey."

"Come on, Professor. I'm referencing an incredible piece of literature here."

"No, Mr. Potter. Now return to school uniform or you shall not........ or you shall fail." Harry cracked a smile at that.

"Come on; say it Professor."

She rolled her eyes, but relented, "Return to uniform or you shall not pass!" Harry giggled and clapped like a child.


The Headmaster abrubtly cut off his speach as the Goblet's fire turned blue. When a strip of paper flew out, he caught it deftly.

"The champion of Durmstrang shall be... Victor Krum!" The audiance cheered until the Goblet turned blue again.

"The champion of Beauxbatons shall be... .... ...Fleur Delacour!" The male audiance cheered until the goblet turned blue again.

"The champion of Hogwarts shall be... .... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... .....Harry Potter." The young audiance cheered as Harry walked into the side room, but many of the older students looked a bit miffed.

Inside the antechamber, Harry immediatly made his way over to Fleur. [Hello.}

Fleur smiled as she introduced her self. [Hello. I presume you are the Hogwarts champion?}

[Yes. I am Harry Potter.} Her eyes widened at that.

[Really. I was under the impression that Harry Potter was too young for this tournament.}

[I am, but if they didn't want me to enter, then they should have made it harder to do so.} Their conversation was interupted then as the headmasters of the three schools, as well as a whole horde of other people entered the room and made their way directly to Harry.

Dumbledore was the first to speak. "Harry, how many times did you enter your name into the cup?"

Harry thought that was an odd question. "Just the once. Why? Would it had helped my chances if I had done it more than once?"

"It shouldn't have. But you name came out of the Goblet again after you left the Hall." 'I guess that Karkaroff wanted me in this thing.'

Madam Maxim decided to make her voice heard. "This is outrageous! The boy is much too young to compete! I will not allow it!"

Dumbledore replied, "I'm afraid that there is nothing any of us can do about it. Isn't that right, Barty?"

Mr. Crouch actually did know a loophole that could get Harry out of the tournament, but when he looked into Harry's eyes, he knew that it would be better to just let him compete. No reason to upset the only person who knew his darkest secret, after all.

When it was all said and done with, Harry parted ways with Fleur at the Entrance Hall. They had been told that the first challenge will be a test of courage, so they would not be told what it is. Harry was fine with that and didn't even look into anyone's mind to find out what he'd be facing.

He and the rest of the Gryffindors partied all night.


Several weeks later, the champions were all gathered in an unused classroom. There was a reporter there who seemed to want to get Harry off on his own, but Harry was ignoring her presense completly. She tried to literally drag him off, only to find herself stunned and left in a corner with her equally stunned photographer.

The Weighing of the Wands ceremony took nearly two hours to complete. Luckily, there were donuts and drinks available. Ollivander was impressed with how well kept Harry's wand was. He said that most children didn't bother polishing them. Harry could understand that. The only reason he polished his was out of boredom. When the photo session was set to start, Ludo Bagman offered to be the one to hold the camera.

No one woke Rita or Bozo, even when they left the room.


Harry was doing a spectacular job destracting Fleur from her nervousness. She seemed to know what she was going to face in the task, and was terrified. Harry thought that the best thing he could do for her was hit on her. She agreed to accompany him to Hogsmead the next day, assuming that they were both still alive.

Finally, Bagman entered the tent and told them to pull something out of a bag. When Harry realized that they were dragons, he couldn't blame Fleur for her nervousness, though he didn't feel it himself. Even though his was the nastiest one. He also decided against revealing his animagus to everyone (especially after his trip to the Dursleys).



Harry strolled out of the tent looking for all the world as though a giant dragon with a spiky tail was nothing to worry about. He was smiling and waving at the audiance. When he entered the arena, he waved his wand over his head and conjured full plate armour on his person, complete with a sword in his left hand. The crowd ate it up.

"HA! HE SURE LOOKS UP TO THIS DOESN'T HE?! HOWEVER, I'D LIKE TO REMIND MR. POTTER THAT HE ISN'T ALOWED TO SLAY THE DRAGON." At this, Harry gave an exagurated, disappointed snap of his fingers. Then he flicked his wand and all the metal from his armour and sword melting and compiled into a blob at the end of his wand. As he walked toward the dragon, he'd flick the wand again with each step, and the blob would grow.

When he got within the dragon's fire range, it took a great breath and sent a steady stream of fire at him. He just raised his wand and the metal fanned out to make a giant metal umbrella that protected him from the fire. When the dragon was out of breath, the metal flew from his wand and rapped around the dragon's head. It passed out from want of air within moments, and Harry vanished the metal. Then, as the dragon struggled to regain consciousness, Harry plucked up the golded egg, and sent a banisher at the ground, which sent him flying through the air toward the arena enterance, where he fired a cushioning charm for his landing.

Not even Karkaroff could aviod giving him a high score.
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