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Chapter 22

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chapter 22

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Author's notes: I write when I want to. I won't apologize.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, yada yada yada.

Chapter 21

Harry was thankful that the ministry was excessively wasteful and boastful. They had sprung for an obviously magical and expensive 'tent' for his quidditch stay. It was really just a portable mansion. And, for that reason, Harry's was the place to be for every party. It was during the first party that Harry learned an important lesson: alcohol burns energy. He wondered if he would be allowed medicinal booze at school.

Hermione and Sirius were staying with him, and Remus would be showing up the following week (once the moon had waned). Sirius, at first, was worried that he would be expected to be the authoritive parent figure to Harry, and put an end to the partying, but was relieved to find out that it was a fruitless endeavor.

Luna and her father showed up around the same time as Remus. Harry soon decided that, while Luna was spacey and ridiculous, yet funny and wise, her father was just weird. Still, he was fun at a party.

The Weasleys showed up the day of the match (though the twins had been attending parties for days, now). Mr. Weasley seemed slightly disappointed that he wasn't able to get better seats; he had tried dropping Harry's name, only to find that Harry was already booked.

While they were all walking up to their seats, Harry reflected on his first night at the camp site.

Harry was resting on the sofa with Hermione (both having just discovered that every bedroom was 'occupied'). Harry had spent most of the night dancing and had walked in on many things that taught him some important lessons.

"Hermione, I've made a decision."

"Yes, Harry?" she replied, nearly asleep.

"Before this school year is over, I will lose my virginity."

"That had better not be a proposition."

"Nope. Just a declaration."

"Good. It defeats the purpose of a safety net if you just jump in." They both fell asleep.

Harry was interrupted from his rememberings when a house elf yelled for him not to sit in the seat he was about to sit in. It was then that he noticed that there seemed to be someone sitting there. He couldn't see them, but he could feel them. Their thoughts were odd, though, almost watered down. He was able to tell, though, that the person was fighting a spell that was keeping them from behaving as they would want.

'Could be the Imperius Curse, but there are other compulsion spells. No need to jump to conclusions.' Looking at the elf, Harry asked why he shouldn't sit there.

"Winky is saving that seat for her master." She was hiding her face as she said this, though she was broadcasting her thoughts loud enough that he didn't need eye contact to know that she was afraid of heights.

"And who is your master?"

"Mr. Bartemius Crouch is Winky's master."

Harry then elected to sit in the front row. Sirius wasn't happy to be sharing a row with Lucius Malfoy, but was cordial enough to Narcissa Malfoy. She seemed sincerely pleased to see him out of prison. They were all then distracted by the pre-show entertainment.

"Hermione, remember what I said to you our first night here?"

"About your intentions to lose your virginity this school year?"

"Yes. I am now set on losing my virginity to a veela." Sirius was the proudest godfather in the world. Even Lucius seemed impressed. Hermione and Narcissa both rolled their eyes.

"I don't think that there will any veela at Hogwarts, Harry."

"France has a very high veela population. I think we might get some for the tournament." Harry said this right as Cornelius Fudge walked into the room.

Slightly alarmed, Fudge asked, "How do you know about that?"

Harry just shrugged and said, "Out of my mouth cometh knowledge." That just confused the minister, but set Hermione to giggling.

The game was exciting, but Harry was glad when it was over. He was looking forward to his last night here, and hopefully, his first chance at sexing a veela.

Before that, though, Harry found Mr. Crouch. Harry just introduced himself, and left. With the parting comment that "your son is fighting the spell." Crouch was distressed that Harry had found his secret, grateful that he had given the warning, and anxious about what Harry might want to keep this secret.

Harry's wooing was prematurely interrupted by a bunch of violent drunks. They were hovering a few muggles in the air, making the authorities worry about making them fall. Harry solved that, and impressed the ladies, by transfiguring all the Death Eaters into mattresses. The muggles fell to safety, and Harry got brownie points and an article in the paper.

Sadly, he didn't get laid.

The rest of the summer was spent at Sirius's. As soon as Harry stepped into the house, he felt a familiar sensation. To everyone else, he looked like a dog that just smelled something interesting. They followed him to a case, which he asked Sirius to open. He drained the locket of Voldemort's magic and even managed to leave the magic that wasn't affiliated with the Dark Lord. The then put it in his trunk's second compartment, and vowed to tell the Headmaster about this on the first day of school.
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