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chapter 21

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chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Christmas time had come again. Sirius Black spent the holidays at Hogwarts, laughing it up every Gryffindor who stayed.

Christmas Eve, Harry and Hermione ventured up to Dumbledore's office. "Come in, students."

After a bit of small talk, Harry brought up the vision he had seen. Dumbledore asked to see it in a pensieve. Having never seen one before, Harry thought that the pensieve was a spectacular invention. When the memory was over, Dumbledore was remarkably paler.

"Igor, what have you done? And it is already set, too. I won't be able to call it off."

Harry tired of the Headmaster's mumbling, interrupted, "Call what off, sir?" Dumbledore looked at Harry intently.

"There is to be a tournament at Hogwarts next year. It will be an attempt at revitalizing the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The man in your vision was Igor Karkaroff, Headmaster of Durmstrang." 'Oh'

"But Professor -," started Hermione.

"They're starting the Tournament, again?!" Harry's hair started waving around in his excitement (caused by excess magic).

"You won't be able to enter, Harry. It is unsafe for one as young as you, and you will not be allowed to submit your name to the Goblet." Dumbledore was being remarkably stern, but he wasn't able to deter Harry.

Grinning like a poltergeist, Harry replied, "Try and stop me."


The Headmaster had tried to talk Harry out of the Tournament for ten minutes, with Hermione's help, with no success. Harry had hardly even listened. After seeing the pensieve, Harry had really dived into his Runes class. He had, so far, written it of as an interesting side project, but after seeing the things of which runes are capable, he started to get especially interested.

For Christmas, Sirius got Harry a new pair of glasses (he was appalled that Harry didn't play Quidditch). They were charmed to turn into corrective sun glasses with a tap of a wand. Hermione got Harry a long brown trench-coat that made him feel like an Old West cowboy, and Hagrid got him a dragon hide gauntlet for Hedwig to perch on (Harry's arm was pretty cut up). Harry also got a number of gifts from the fan club that Ginny had started.

Just before the Christmas break was over, Harry told Sirius that the Weasley twins had given him the Marauder's map and were great fans of his. He promised to send them a letter.


The nest semester seemed to pass quickly. Just before the dementors left to return to Azkaban, Harry made a trip to the other side of the wards. He tested his Patronus against five of the demons; then he just started establishing dominance by hunting them down and siphoning energy.

Harry made excellent head way in his animagery and was now in complete control of the dragon in his mind. He'd practice flying and burning, and he did his best to get used to the taste of cow (whole cow). The real surprise was the training in sensory. His readings on animagi indicated that it was at this stage that the person would start to experience heightened senses, even in human state. His eyesight didn't change much up close, but he would see much farther than he could before. More surprising, though, was that his ability to sense magic was suddenly a great deal more detailed. Harry thought that he now knew another reason he had become the first dragon-man: his natural affinity with magic.

As the semester passed, Harry grew increasingly interested in the shape most of the girls were becoming. To him, the school suddenly seemed to have many more girls than it used to. He couldn't figure out where they had all come from, but he was not unhappy with the situation. He spent a lot of time talking and telling jokes. He always seemed to get a laugh.

Hermione, knowing that she wouldn't get invited to the Dursleys, asked Harry to spend the first week of the summer at her house. She insisted that there were just far too many movies that he had to see. After that week, they would go to the World Cup campsite for the fortnight before the Cup (it was, supposedly, just one big party). With Voldemort becoming more active, the Headmaster tried to get Harry to agree to go to the Dursleys, rather than Hermione's, and he explained to Harry that he was protected by blood wards. To which Harry replied, "Blood Wards, Shmlood Shmards."

Dumbledore did, however, convince Sirius to return to his ancestral Home, and to allow Dumbledore to possibly use it as a sort of base if the Voldemort problem grew even worse. That was where Harry was going after the Cup.


At the train station, Harry was introduced to the Grangers. Everything was very cordial. When they arrived at the house, he was shocked to learn that Hermione's sister didn't seem to like either him, or Hermione, at all. Being who he is, he confronted the situation.

"Excuse me, but do you have a problem?"

"What? No, I don't have a problem. I have faith."

Harry just looked confused at that, so Mr. Granger explained, "Before Hermione got her letter, we were a Catholic family. However, we refuse to follow a religion that condemns our daughter to Hell. Especially since it isn't her fault that she is what she is. Jessica, however, continues to believe." Harry didn't believe in a god. At least not a just one. However, he could tell that this was a sensitive issue in this household, so he'd drop it. Hermione changed the subject.

"Harry, are you not going to wear your suppressor?"

"No, I doubt I'll be in danger of accidental magic this summer." The Grangers, confused, asked what a suppressor was. "I am very powerful. Very very. So powerful, in fact, that I'm nearly omnipotent. So sometimes I suppress my power so's not to have accidents." Using the term 'Omnipotent' was probably a bad idea.

"That's it. I can tolerate Hermione's constant studying of her devilry, but this is ridiculous!" 'Well, that didn't last long.' "God is the only all powerful being in the universe!"

Harry looked down, thoughtful. Jessica thought that he was feeling sorry. After a moment, he said, as though coming upon a realization, "You are right." Jessica was now hopeful that she had saved this poor heathen. "I....must be....God!" Just as soon as he said his last word, he created a beam of light around himself, and looked up into the heavens.

Jessica exploded (not literally), "Oh My God! You are so stupid!"

Harry looked scandalized. "Why you blasphemic -"

"You aren't God!"

Here, Hermione jumped in, though she was having a hard time keeping a straight face. "You heretic!"

Jessica started stomping up to Harry, but her parents were holding her back. Harry started acting as though Hermione was holding him back as well.

Jessica screamed, "I swear if you defile God's name one more -"

"What?! You want to try the Omega? I'll go Old Testament on your ass!"

"Try it! I'll burn you at the stake, you satanic little prick!"

"That's it! You are so freaking smote. You better get ready for an eternity in purgatory. Nothing but daytime TV and pinball!" It was at this point that Harry and Hermione cracked up. Neither could hold in their laughter. The adults were clearly hiding smiles, but trying not to take sides. Jessica just stomped up stairs and locked herself in her room.


Harry ended up having to send a letter to the Ministry of Magic explaining that he was the one that did magic at the Grangers, rather than Hermione. They did the sensible thing by appologising to Hermione and then ignoring all magic coming from that residence for the remainer of the summer.

Hermione hardly let Harry get off the couch the entire week. She had him watching movies the entire time, and she surprised him by watching them with him. He never took her for a couch potato. "Honestly, I never used to spend so much time on recreation. But studying seems so useless when you can control what you remember." After watching Star Wars, and having Hermione explain how huge the fan base was, Harry decided to see if he could use runes to make a light saber so he could sell it to some muggle nerd for millions.
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