Review for The Trademark Dispute

The Trademark Dispute

(#) FenrisWolf 2007-10-27

My cat just slunk out of the room, terrified at the insane cackling emanating from his normally unflappable Pet Human.

Hermione vs. Zantana in a full-bore catfight? Not to mention a chocolate pudding wrestling match, sponsored by Honeydudes, no doubt? Get it? Honeys duking it out? Honey-Dukes? Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! Okay, I'll take my meds now...

This fic is insanely funny, not to mention possessing some of the all-time best Ron Bashing I've read to date. I'm almost afraid to see what happens next....

Author's response

Disturbing a cat? Now I feel guilty.

Everyone likes pudding...

I wasn't bashing Ron, just inbred purebloods (of which Ron is one, so I guess I was bashing him. Oh well. If it upsets him, I've got string.)