Review for Harry's Return

Harry's Return

(#) luinloriel 2007-10-29

great story so far. I love cunning, independant, muggle weapon using Harry.

i noticed a couple fix ups that are needed. sense and they're/their/there.

there: place "we're heading over there now."

they're: contraction for they are

their: possesion. they were in the process of putting on their boots when the phone rang."

Sense is used when refering to smell.

i think what you were trying to say was since as in "he offered her a ride since he was heading to the dance as well"

would you be interested in a beta? i'd love to help if you are. i'm currently working on a couple other peoples right now, so i do have experience. depending on how long the chapters are and if i'm bogged down by RL i usually have them looked at, fixed and sent back in less than a week. let me know if your interested.

well i'm going to go wait for the next chapter. ^hint hint^ jjk

Luinloriel ^_^

PS if you're going by my review for an opinion about my betaing skills please don't. my own writing is crap. check out HIM by Kiogokoro-Love, or Unsolved Mystery (chap 6 and on) by Debtheslytherinsnapefan on ffnet if you'd like to see what i do. i didn't start until later chapters though..