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chapter 4

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A trip to Diagon Alley

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A/N: Sorry it took so long. Once again this chapter is unbetaed. I am not very happy with the way this chapter went, but it does give some options for the future.

Chapter 4

Three weeks, it had been three weeks since his arrival and if weren’t for Tonks, Sirius and Remus, Harry would have left two and a half weeks ago. The last three weeks had been spent arguing with Dumbledore and Mrs. Weasley. Tonight would be different. “Harry if would give your key to Molly she will purchase your school supplies for the upcoming year.” Dumbledore said as if fully expecting Harry to comply.

Harry looked at Dumbledore as if he had grown a second head. Harry had come to the conclusion that Dumbledore must be the stupidest person or at least of the stupidest people he had ever met and that was saying something especially everything that has occurred over the past few weeks. Apparently most of the others, in the room, where thinking along the same lines as Harry as they where looking at Dumbledore the same way. Only Molly, Hermione, Ron, Percy where looking at Harry as if they also fully expected him to comply with the Headmaster’s request.

“Um no” Harry replied with a shrug.

“Excuse me” Dumbledore responded slightly surprised that he was refused.

“I said no. After you have made repeated attempts to gain access to my money and you know I know of these attempts. You really can’t expect me just to give the key to my vaults who clearly works for you.” Harry responded

“Mr. Potter I was hoping to put those unfortunate events in the past, but I see that is not possible” Dumbledore sighed trying to make Harry feel guilty, which of course was not working.

“You have yet to prove to me that you can be trusted Headmaster.”

“Very well then give your key to someone you do trust and they will get your supplies.”

“And just why would I do that when I can buy my own supplies?” Harry asked rising one of his eyebrows.

“It is too dangerous at this time for you to be out at this time. It would be too much of a distraction for the adults, if they had to worry over you and the other students if an attack where to occur. Dumbledore said as if that explained everything. Looking down his nose Dumbledore continued. “Therefore you will be staying here with the other Hogwarts students.”

“No offense, but Harry has more combat experience and training than everyone in the room combined, except for maybe the Headmaster and Moody.” Tonks informed the group at large

Snape snorted “You honestly expect us to believe that.”
“Well yes, after all we have all heard of and discussed Harry’s experiences with fighting deatheaters and their allies, who have been confirmed, add to that the fact that Harry has received special training in muggle and magical combat from the magical division of our own SBS and the American Navy Seals.” Remus stated.

Hermione, Dumbledore and those that worked as Aurors looked impressed, while the others had a look of confusion. Ron spoke for the confused unfortunately for them. “So what he trained with yank seals there just large lazy animals”

“Shut up you idiot” Moody scolded Ron

“There is no reason to insult Ron just because he doesn’t know who the American Navy Seals and the SBS are.” Hermione scolded moody before turning to Ron “The Seals and SBS are special combats units for the American and British navies, they train in counter terrorism, hostage rescue, reconnaissance, and other specialized combat.”

“So there commandos” Ron responded

“Exactly and not just any units two of the best along with SAS and German GS9” Moody answered

Hermione turned to look at Harry and the others. “Who is on your team and where are they” she demanded

“What ever do mean” Harry responded with innocent look

“Oh don’t give me that the training you would get from those organizations would be team based and if you have been getting as much training as I expect you must be part of a team.” She responded

“I can’t as that information has been determined to be top secret” Harry responded with smile.

“As the head of the Wizagmount I must insist that you disclose all information concerning your training and who is on your team.” Dumbledore demanded

“Then get that order in writing from the IWC, I will not disclose that information. Now then we have wasted enough time I will be going to purchase my own supplies, I will not give my vault key to anybody, and before you ask yes Tonks, Sirius, and Remus will be joining me.” Harry responded

“How dare…” Molly started

“Molly let it go.” Moody interrupted


“I said let it go. The information Albus wants cannot be discussed in this room only three of us, in the room outside those four have the security clearance needed.” Moody explained.

“Great now that is taken care of lets go” Harry said excitedly, exiting the room followed by his friends

Diagon Alley

Twenty minutes later found Harry, Tonks, Ginny, Ron and Hermione entering Gringotts, Harry was not happy with this arrangement. Entering the wizarding bank they walked over to the preferred customer section, Harry needed to make a withdraw and take care of some business, Tonks wanted to see the black family vault which she could do now that she was Sirius heir, the other three where tagging along because of Dumbledore. Entering the private area they were greeted by sound of Lucius Malfoy yelling at the clerk, with Draco standing next to his father

“I demand to know why my son has been denied access to the black family vaults!”

“Mr. Malfoy only the head of family and his heir are allowed into the Black family vaults” the goblin replied comely

“You idiot I am the black heir” Draco said angrily

“I am afraid that not true anymore”

“What do you mean my son is not the Black heir anymore? He is the oldest living male with Black blood. I demand to know who the current heir is and who put him there.” Lucius asked angrily

“Me, and Sirius did” a voice sounded from behind them.

Both Malfoys turned around quickly to see Nymphadora Tonks, and strange young Man with black hair, the two youngest Weasley brats, and the mudblood Granger.

“What are you doing here Nymphadora and what do you mean you are the black family heir? Andromeda was disinherited so by default so where you.” Lucius asked angrily.

“I am here to see the Black family vaults, Sirius as the Head of Black family reinstated mom into the family and made me his heir, oh and he also disinherited Narcissa and Belltrax, and therefore Draco by default of his mother being kicked out of the family.” Tonks said smiling

“He can’t do that!” Lucius and Draco both yelled at the same time

Laughing Tonks replied “He can and he did”

“We shall see about that” Lucius

“I’m afraid that everything is true” the goblin said in a mock caring voice.

Lucius and Draco both sneered at the goblin and started to leave.


“What do you want boy!” Snarled Lucius

“Just thought you would like to know that Harry Potter is back in England, and that he will show the same mercy to Voldemort’s and his deatheaters that he did in Germany, Russia, and Albania” Harry said in a deadly tone

When Lucius Malfoy left Gringotts the Malfoy in him was extremely angry ‘how dare that blood traitor deny Draco his rightful claim’ he thought trying to control his anger, but the Slythern in him saw a golden opportunity to not only get rid of one of the dark lords greatest adversaries and a way to get rid of both Nymphadora Tonks and Harry Potter and their claim on the black family fortune.

“Draco I need you stay here and watch for Potter and his blood traitors.” Lucius told his son

“Why?” Draco asked indignantly

“Watch your tongue boy” Lucius sneered at Draco grabbing him roughly by the arm. “I shall return shortly with some the Dark Lords followers. If we can eliminate Potter and that bitch, we can gain favor with our lord and with them gone we may be able to get you reinstated as the Heir to Lord Black.” Lucius answered in a harsh whisper

Draco smiled “I am sorry father I should have known better of you”

Lucius merely nodded and set off on his task.

Twenty minutes later Lucius returned with ten fellow death eaters. “Potter and his whore should be appearing any minute now set up and do not fail me.” Lucius sneered at the men before him, before leaving to wait for Harry and Tonks to exit Gringotts.
Harry stepped out of the bank ahead of the others, recognizing several known Deatheaters in a classic ambush positions. Quickly stepping back inside “Malfoy is a bigger idiot than I thought”

“What’s up lover” Tonks asked smiling at Harry

“Oh not much just Lucius Malfoy and ten of his buddies waiting outside for us” Harry replied with a smile.

“Oh is that all” Tonks shrugged off the information as if it where unimportant

“Is that all death eaters are outside waiting to attack us and all you can say is ‘is that all’” Hermione Shrieked

“Jesus girl a little less shrieking please” Harry said rubbing his outer ear in mock protest, before continuing “Yeah it’s really no problem provided you three do exactly what we tell you.” Harry told them

The three waited for Harry to continue excited that they may finally be allowed to fight. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, actually only about two seconds passed. Harry looked at the three teens.

“Ok Ginny go tell your brother what happening, you two stay right here and try not to get in our way.”

He then turned to Tonks ignoring the protest of Ron

“So did you bring your Glock, because I was thinking of sending them a message and taking them out the muggle way.”

“Um no” she replied meekly

Shaking his head in mock disgust “How many times do we need to discuss this always carry a sidearm.”

“Hey how was I to know that you combat wizards in Diagon Alley the muggle way” Tonks replied in mock indignation

“Well I do” Harry said while pulling out his pistol

“AHH you’re going to use a gun” Hermione Shrieked

“Would please stop with the shrieking, and yes I’m going use a muggle weapon in magical combat” Harry replied

“He’s a dead man there is no way muggle weapons can complete against magic” Ron said thinking that Harry Potter was about to get himself killed

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that Harry is carrying a semi-automatic pistol, He could fire it several times before they had a chance to think of much less complete a spell” Tonks said correcting Ron

“I’ll be back”

“Ok honey try not to get killed and try not to kill all of them this time a prisoner would be nice” Tonks ordered

By this time Ginny had returned with Bill, who had sent word to the rest of the order, had arrived just in time to watch Harry step out.

“Where is he going?” Bill asked

“Waite and watch” was Tonks reply

As soon as Harry had stepped out of the bank he saw the first of two curses heading towards him and, dived behind a pillar, aiming his gun he spotted and shot the first two deatheaters, wheeling around he spotted two more dropping them before they had a chance to react. Spotting three deatheaters bunched together out of the corner of his eye, he cast a wandless reducto curse at them, while simutanesly shooting two more, who were rushing him, the result left one badly injured deatheater who probably would not survive the night and eight dead deatheaters. Harry then proceeded to transfigure the last death eaters hiding spot into a cage effectively trapping him there. Finally he shot Lucius Malfoy in the butt, though he had to watch in disappointment as Draco and Lucius disappeared using a portkey.

A smirking Tonks and stunned looking order members appear.

Seeing Hermione and few others about to chastise him, he held up is hand to stop any arguments. “I realize that some of you didn’t like the way I handled the situation, but here and now is not the time. We can disuses this back at Grimmauld place” with these final words he disappeared with the wounded deatheater.

Grimmauld Place

Harry sat for twenty minutes listening to Dumbledore, Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione, yell scorn, screech and belittle Harry for his actions. Hermione and Dumbledore both chastised Harry for not using more humane ways, while Mrs. Weasley ranted how he put her children in danger.


Everyone turned in shock to the little redheaded girl.

“Ginny! Watch your tongue” Molly scolded

“No you will shut up a listen. Did you know that UK is the only country that decided to try and capture deatheater no matter what the consequences and did you know that UK has the highest Aurora and civilian mortality rate, combined this with the fact deatheater requiting in UK has gone up fifty percent and is down by almost seventy-five percent everywhere else.” Ginny chastised.

“How did you come about this information Mrs. Weasley” Dumbledore asked concerned that this particular bit of information had gotten out.

“It’s a matter of public record and I just showed her where to look” Harry said answering the question. Then looking around the room he continued “The question we need to answer next is what you are going to do from here?”

“And just what would you suggest killing anything that moves” Molly sneered

“No I never suggested that we do anything of the sort”

“But …”

Harry held up his hand to stop Molly Weasley’s rant

“Please let me finish” Harry said glaring at Mrs. Weasley. “Thank you, now as I was saying I would never suggest that we go around killing anything that moved, but I do suggest that we continue to help those who Voldemort and his followers are trying to kill, we take prisoners when possible, but from now on we go into battle with the mindset that we are going to kick their arses.”

At the end of his little rant Harry sat down and the little group hammered out a new strategy for fighting Voldemort.

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